Diseased clivies

Diseased clivies

Question: diseased clivias

I am fond of clivia, I keep several pots of it, I have a problem in all the pots the leaves

they are not more beautiful fleshy plus the tips of the leaves dry up what is the cause?

Answer : clivie sick

Clivia is a plant that needs a lot of organic substance. It is usually advisable to change the pot once flowering has occurred. Fertilize periodically, about every 15 days, with a good liquid fertilizer for flowering plants.

In his case, most likely there are both a lack of relative humidity and a lack of nourishment and this causes necrosis of the apical parts of the plant and a withering of the same. I advise you to place the plant outside in a non-sunny position, obviously as long as the temperatures allow it. Carry out the transplant by increasing the size of the pot by 2 - 4 centimeters, it is very important that you use high quality soil, usually a good soil cannot cost less than 5 - 6 euros for a 50 lt bag.

Water periodically and every 15-20 days add a fertilizer for flowering plants.

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