What kind of fruit are you according to your zodiac sign?

What kind of fruit are you according to your zodiac sign?

The signs of the zodiac are all different in character and temperament. But you can always see similar people in behavior and manner of speaking. You will be surprised, however, fruits, like the signs of the zodiac, have their own character.

Aries - peach

Peach is an unforgettable sunny fruit that everyone loves. It's ruddy and sweet, juicy and big.

Aries is the same, he is passionate and impulsive. Loves to be noticed and always in the spotlight. He admires those who admire him. Aries is self-confident and sometimes extremely selfish.

Taurus - apple

An apple is the tastiest and simplest fruit at the same time. There are many varieties of apples, but they all share an extraordinary juiciness and brilliance. An apple can have a different skin color (yellow, green, red), but inside it always remains the same.

This is Taurus. Even if outwardly he is in different masks, then inside he will remain a simple and gentle person. With such people it is easy and you can trust them.

Gemini - cherry

Cherry red sweet and sour berry. Color alone conveys passion and love. Gemini is just like that. They will never love without passion or want without love.

They are eccentric people who are always open to new acquaintances and one-day relationships. They don't care about the fuss over romantic dates. The logical end of a love relationship is important to Gemini. They want to see a partner here and now, and not wait for him to think over every step.

Cancer - orange

Citrus fortified orange is always a joy on every table. This is also Cancer. He will always be helpful and offer his help.

Just as there is an allergy to an orange, from an excess of vitamin C, there is also an excess of communication with Cancer. So obsessive with his desire to help that many refuse, just not to have common affairs with Cancer.

Leo - durian

Durian is the most fragrant fruit in the world. But its taste leaves no one indifferent. That is why no one is stopped by a bad smell on the way to eating this incredible fruit.

This is Leo. He is unapproachable in appearance and always on his mind. Never takes into account someone else's opinion. Leo rarely arouses admiration and one does not always want to be friends with him. But, it is worth getting to know him better, you find a best friend or even a life partner.

Virgo - a bunch of grapes

The grapes are fragrant and colorful. Always so welcome on the festive table. Walking past the grapes, one cannot help but take at least a small bunch for a delicious dessert. Virgo is like that.

A versatile personality who always knows his own worth. In any company, Virgo will be an adornment that is pleasant to contemplate and with which it is pleasant to communicate. In order to have a Virgo as a friend, you should not ignore conversations and requests. Otherwise, you may never enjoy such an interesting person.

Libra - watermelon

A gorgeous berry that is full of sweet juice. Most people enjoy the taste of watermelon. Everything is glad to him on the table. But, as with any fruit, a flaw can be found. These are bones. This is exactly what Libra is.

It seems to be a wonderful bright person with whom it is interesting to communicate and be friends, but there are pitfalls. This is overly resentful. Even for a minor joke, the resentment can be so great that Libra may stop being your friend altogether. With Libra, you need to be careful and tactful. Only in this way can you earn their favor.

Scorpio - lemon

Lemon is sour and at the same time a very healthy fruit. Its smell is pleasantly dispersed throughout the room. But it is worth eating a slice of lemon, the joy of the smell immediately leaves in an unknown direction. This is also Scorpio.

He is very specific about friendship and work. In order to become a good conversationalist with this sign, it is necessary to speak only the truth and it is desirable to look only in the eyes. This way, the Scorpio will make sure that you are not dodging or hiding anything. This is the only way to become a friend to him.

Sagittarius - papaya

The sweet juicy papaya fruit always awakens the imagination and makes you dream. Sagittarius is just that.

He is interesting externally and internally. Always restrained, but his mere appearance is delightful. It's a pleasure to deal with this sign. Sagittarius is a very good friend and loyal ally in marriage.

Capricorn - apricot

The soft and juicy fruit brings joy to everyone. It is sunny, orange and delicious. Capricorns are kind, purposeful and problem-free people.

However, similar to the conflicts with apricot, it shows its hard bone, which is very difficult to crush. You can build a business with them. They will never let you down and will not be the initiators of the conflict.

Aquarius - strawberry

Delicious berry will not leave anyone indifferent. This is also Aquarius. It doesn't matter who is the owner of this sign, man or woman, he will always be in the spotlight. Even if it is a partner for one evening, no one can resist him.

Aquarius is attractive and resourceful in bed. Therefore, both sides are always satisfied.

Pisces - pear

Pear is a savory fruit that can be used in salad and fried liver. This is also the sign of Pisces.

They can be friends with everyone. Active friendly, but at the same time always have their own point of view. In order not to become their enemies, you just need to be soft in your statements and not be rude for no reason.

Regardless of which of the above fruits matches you, you are a real person. Individual and unique. You don't need to wear a mask to become the highlight of the program. It is enough to be yourself. And let everyone see what a wonderful apricot or an attractive strawberry you are.

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Fruits corresponding to the signs of the zodiac

Moon calendar
gardener and gardener

The calendar helps to determine the optimal time for sowing, planting, diving
and transplantation of vegetable, fruit and berry, flower and horticultural crops,
harvesting and other agrotechnical works

The lunar month lasts approximately 29 and a half days. During this time, the Moon, making a complete revolution around the Earth, successively goes through four phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter.

With a young (growing) moon
(from new moons before full moon) the most intensive plant growth occurs: the juices rush up the stems and branches to the fruits. As the moon approaches the full moon, the most active phase of plant life begins.

On full moon days any intervention in the life of plants requires caution: it is not recommended to prune and transplant. However, the nutritional value of fruits and berries harvested at this time will be the highest.

Closer to the new moon you can do weeding of beds, destruction of pests.

On the days of the new moon planting work is not recommended.
In addition, great care should be taken when working with cutting and injurious garden tools.

On the days of lunar eclipses it is better to refrain from any manipulations with plants.

On the growing moon, it is recommended: sow and plant plants that produce fruits and other edible parts above the soil surface, the so-called "tops": eggplants, beans, peas, herbs, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, strawberries, pumpkin, corn, sunflowers, etc. etc., flower crops, as well as lawn and medicinal herbs.

On the waning moon, it is recommended: sow and plant plants producing fruits and other edible parts below the soil surface, the so-called "roots": potatoes, carrots, rhubarb, turnips, radishes, radishes, beets, Jerusalem artichoke, onions and garlic on the "onion", as well as most fruit trees and shrubs.

The lunar calendar has long been used in agricultural work.
The calendar helps gardeners and truck farmers determine the optimal timing of soil cultivation, sowing, planting and transplanting vegetable and fruit crops, harvesting and other agricultural activities. It has been observed that different plants grow better when planted in different phases of the moon. Each of these stages affects the vegetation on the planet through an increase and decrease in moisture in the earth and in plants.

Aries Lunar Days

Aries days are Days of Fruits with rising strength.
Very good in the days of Aries:
• sow and plant anything that needs to grow quickly and is intended to be consumed quickly
• wind up fruit trees (with a young moon)
• harvest grain and store grain.
Good in the days of Aries:
• plant fruit plants
• sow grain (with a young moon)
• fertilize cereals, fruits and vegetables (mandatory with a defective moon or full moon, from April to September)
• cut off fruit trees and shrubs (with a defective moon).

Taurus Lunar Days

Taurus days are days of the Roots with rising strength.
Well in the days of Taurus:
• plant trees, shrubs, hedges, as well as root crops (if you did not have time to do this
on the days of Fruits - Aries, Leo or Sagittarius), everything grows slowly, but the harvest can be stored for a very long time
• pile up manure or compost (with the sinking moon from May to October)
• fight pests living in the ground
• fertilize flowers with humus from the roots
• make homemade root crops.
Bad in the days of Taurus:
As a matter of fact, there are simply no such works, however, everything is growing more slowly than usual.

Lunar Gemini Days

Gemini days are also Days of Flowers, and the turning point between the rising and falling forces.
Very useful on Gemini days:
• sow, plant and plant everything that winds (with a young moon).
Useful on Gemini days:
• sow and plant flowers
• fight pests.

Lunar Cancer Days

Cancer days are Leaves days with descending force.
Very good in the days of Cancer:
• sow or plant leafy vegetables (lettuce planted with a flawed Moon has very good heads of cabbage!)
• in case of a defective moon, to fight pests living on the earth
• prune plants and hedges if you want them to grow in breadth.
Well in the days of Cancer:
• mow lawns (even better when the moon is young)
• watering indoor and balcony plants.
Bad in the days of Cancer:
• plant or sow plants that need to grow tall
• prune fruit trees and shrubs
(with a young moon, especially in spring, but Cancer is especially harmful on a full moon!)
• do homework.

Lunar Leo Days

Leo days are Days of Fruits with descending force.
Leo is the most fiery, drying out sign of the zodiac.
Very good in the days of Leo:
• collect heart-strengthening herbs
• cut off fruit trees and shrubs (with a flawed moon, find suitable days for winter pruning!)
• sowing grain in wet fields (with a young moon) is the best time
Well in the days of Leo:
• sow grass on lawns (with a young moon)
• sow and plant vegetables and fruits, but not water-loving (tomatoes, potatoes)
• plant perishable vegetables
• wind up fruit trees (with a young moon in spring).
Bad in the days of Leo:
• use artificial fertilizers, as well as natural fertilizers for dry soil
• weed weeds
• salt the cabbage (it dries out).

Lunar Virgo Days

Virgo days are days of the Roots with descending force.
This mark plays a special role in horticulture and agriculture. If on a day like this
if you plant or transplant plants in the garden, in the field and even in the forest, then you are guaranteed success.

Very good in the days of the Virgin:
• to carry out planting - the earth at this time is such that everything rises wonderfully
• plant single trees if you want them to be tall
• plant shrubs and hedges if you want them to grow quickly
• replant old trees (in spring or autumn)
• transplant and plant balcony and indoor plants
• sow grass on lawns (with a young moon)
• plant cuttings.
Well in the days of the Virgin:
• pile manure or compost in heaps (with a defective Moon)
• fertilize the soil (with a flawed moon in the sign of Virgo)
• fight pests living in the earth (in the fall, with a defective moon).
Bad in the days of Virgo:
• plant a cabbage lettuce (it will all go into arrows)
• do homework - they will instantly become covered with mold.

Lunar Libra Days

Libra days are also Days of Flowers with descending force.
This is a neutral sign, perhaps, it does not affect either positively or negatively any work in the garden.
It may be worth planting flowers and medicinal herbs these days.

Lunar Days of Scorpio

Scorpio days are Leaves days with descending force.
Very good in the days of Scorpio:
• sow, plant, harvest and dry medicinal herbs
• fight snails (when the moon is young).
Well in the days of Scorpio:
• plant and sow leafy vegetables
• mow lawns
• watering indoor and balcony flowers
• fertilize flowers and meadows (it is not very good to fertilize vegetables).
Bad in the days of Scorpio:
• prune fruit trees and shrubs (especially in spring when the moon is young)
• cut down trees (high probability of bugs appearing).

Sagittarius Lunar Days

The days of Sagittarius are Days of Fruits, the turning point between the rising and falling forces.
Very useful in the days of Sagittarius:
• sow and plant fruits and tall vegetables (barley, beans), as well as single trees that need to grow quickly.
Well in the days of Sagittarius:
• cut off fruit trees and shrubs (with a flawed moon in spring)
• sow grain
• fertilize crops, vegetables and fruits in spring (be sure to have a defective moon or full moon!)
• fight pests that live on the ground.
Bad in the days of Sagittarius:
• loosen the soil and weed (weeds appear again)
• plant lettuce (arrows appear).

Lunar Days of Capricorn

Days of Capricorn are days of the Roots with rising strength.
Very good in the days of Capricorn:
• weed weeds (with a flawed Moon)
• lay garden paths and erect fences (in case of a defective moon).
Good in the days of Capricorn:
• plant or sow root crops and winter vegetables, if you were unable to do so on the days of Fruits
(Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)
• uproot the territory and clear the edges and hedges (with a defective Moon)
• pile manure or compost in heaps (with a defective Moon)
• fight pests that live in the ground
• feed the flowers with humus from the roots
• canning root vegetables
(but with a flawed Moon, you can also salt cabbage
with a young moon, the fermentation process proceeds very quickly).

Lunar Days of Aquarius

The days of Aquarius are Days of Flowers with rising strength.
They are not very suitable for gardening, so try to do only the essentials during this time.
Aquarius is an infertile sign for forests, fields and gardens.
It is useful these days only to loosen the ground for weeding (weeds should be left for humus).
It is not recommended to carry out a pick on the days of Aquarius, because the transplanted plants will not take root.

Lunar Days of Pisces

The days of Pisces are Leaves days with the power of the rising moon.
The harvest that you harvested in the days of Pisces must be used immediately.
Well in the days of Pisces:
• sow and plant leafy vegetables
• watering indoor and balcony flowers
• mow lawns
• fertilize flowers
• plant potatoes with a defective moon.
Bad in the days of Pisces:
• prune fruit trees and shrubs (when the moon is young, especially in spring)
• do homework (the entire crop must be used immediately).

What trees are suitable for zodiac signs

From time immemorial, people endowed all trees with certain properties, attributed healing properties to some, on the contrary negative qualities to others. Since they carry such a strong energy, you need to know which trees are suitable for the signs of the zodiac.

Aries matches oak, fir-tree, pine.To get the maximum positive energy from them, you need to approach a lone tree with large, lush branches, and this is best done at the beginning of summer.

For Taurus there is a division by sex, because chestnut corresponds to men, and walnut corresponds to women. Also, in general, a poplar fits the sign, but you need to be very careful with it, it is not around for a long time. This tree is not only able to charge energy, but also to take it away.

Gemini maple, apple and pear are best. Most of the benefits from communicating with them can be obtained at the end of summer, with the exception of the pear, which will give the maximum effect during its flowering.

But at Cancer by the sign of the zodiac tree the talisman is willow, alder, which in May and August will help cleanse their aura.

Leo cypress and elm are ideal for strengthening your spirit, and the best time for communication will be September, April. It is also worth noting that for men of this sign, an oak will become a stronger talisman.

And here Virgo, in order to stabilize your emotional state, you need to spend more time in October and August next to a plum, alder, and also an apple tree when fruits are hanging on it.

Libra birch will help to strengthen your psychological and physical health. Also the tree of this sign is linden.

To get the most out of your trees, Scorpions, you need to come to them in early spring, when the buds are just beginning to appear. These are wild rose, mountain ash, chestnut.

Hornbeam and cedar in March, August, October, can significantly improve mental and physical health Streltsov.

Capricorn after the first snow or at the end of summer, it is worth talking to your trees: beech, birch, which have healing properties for this sign.

Late spring Aquarius, for a positive charge of energy, you need to go to a poplar or linden.

Pisces to restore your strength in the summer, you should often visit viburnum, honeysuckle, yew.

In order to have such a valuable talisman with you for a whole year, you should keep a small branch of your tree at home.

"Aerial" plants of Gemini

Considering that Gemini is the lightest, most airy and changeable sign, is it any wonder that the patron saint Mercury endowed him with climbing plants and lush foliage. They are designed to help those born under this sign improve their health, cleanse the atmosphere in the house.

This zodiac sign symbolizes companionship and friendship. Therefore, plants "sympathetic" to him can become good amulets of warm relations with people close to you in spirit and interests. Many writers, journalists, scientists are born among Gemini, therefore the plants of this sign are good as a talisman for representatives of intellectual labor, as well as schoolchildren and students.

Let's call them: palms, zebrina, chlorophytum, asparagus (densely flowered, asparagus or pinnate), tillandisia, narrowly dissected philodendron, ferns, tradescantia, ivy, netcreasia. But for those born under this sign it is better not to have arrowroot and codiaum (croton) at home or in the office.

The best days to plant tomato seedlings in 2018

Tomatoes are one of the most favorite vegetable crops for almost all gardeners. Therefore, they are grown everywhere. In order for the tomato crop to please with its abundance, it is necessary to grow seedlings of these vegetables on your own. When to plant tomato seedlings in 2018?

Tomatoes are quite whimsical plants and require constant care. One of the most difficult steps in growing them is getting seedlings. It needs to be planted and grown, relying on the lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener. It is believed that the planting of cultivated plants is best done when the moon is in the most fertile signs of the zodiac. These signs include Scorpio, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn. But the most successful among them is Cancer. These days are the most favorable time for planting vegetables.

The most favorable days for planting tomato seedlings in 2018

  • February 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 25, 26 and 28
  • March 1, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28.

On other days, landing is undesirable.

However, not only the correct timing of planting tomato seedlings has a positive effect on a good harvest. It depends on many different factors. One of these is variety selection. It is necessary to choose the right type of plant that will bring you great benefit.

Tomato varieties are early-ripening, mid-ripening and late-ripening. For different climatic conditions and soils, you need to choose the appropriate varieties. For example, in colder areas, where the number of warm days is quite small, it is better to plant early varieties. They will have time to ripen, and the harvest will be good enough. It is also important to consider where the tomatoes will grow: in a greenhouse or outdoors. Self-pollinated varieties are suitable for the greenhouse, that is, those that will bear fruit without the participation of insects.

The variety of varieties is currently so great that it is not very easy to make a specific choice. But some of them are time-tested and are suitable for different types of soil and growing conditions: Siberian early maturing, Summer resident, White filling, Dubok, Volgograd early, and so on.

When to plant tomatoes for seedlings in 2018