Titans - Titanomachy

Titans - Titanomachy


Cronus devouring his children
Louvre Palace, Paris (France)

THE Titans in Greek mythology they were the first divine creatures that appeared soon after the creation of the universe. In all there were twelve, six males (Oceano, Ceo, Crio, Hyperion, Iapetus, Cronus) and six females (Thea, Rhea, Temi, Teti, Phoebe, Mnemosine) and they were all children of Uranus and diGea. Some of them formed pairs that generated other deities. These couples were: Rhea and Cronus, Oceano and Teti, Hyperion and Tea, Ceo and Phoebe.

Gaea shocked by the fate that Uranus had made the Ecantonchiri and the Cyclops also his sons do, making them fall into the depths of the earth terrified by a prophecy that said that his throne would be usurped by one of his sons, tried to convince the Titans to wage war against their father. But only Chrono had the courage to go against his father and one night, armed with a scythe, mutilated him and from which moment Uranus disappeared from history.

The Titans then freed the Cyclops and the Hecatonchirs and proclaimed Cronus lord of the universe.

Later Zeus, son of Cronus, fought against his father to take possession of his scepter. The Titans lined up alongside their brother Cronus from which a called war ensued Titanomachy.

When Kronos was defeated, the Titans were chained in Tartarus, and their custody was entrusted to the Ecantonchirs.