Other outdoor games

Other outdoor games

What are

The most popular outdoor games to entertain your child are the swing and the slide, but there is also a children's playhouse, spring games, carousel, table football, mini golf. Each game has specific characteristics and is obviously suitable for a certain age. Some games, such as table football for example, require knowledge of the rules otherwise you cannot play with them and this forces the child to have to memorize some fundamental things. The outdoor space puts the child in contact with nature, but if there are no games in this space or he cannot engage in activities capable of entertaining him, he would be bored very easily. The outdoor games sector is quite large and allows you to choose between different solutions, obviously the games must also be chosen in relation to the space available. Below we will only analyze some outdoor games. To give an idea of ​​how large the sector is.

Games for children

The outdoor games are divided into categories, those suitable for younger children are essentially spring games, the rocking horse, the carousel, the rocking. Spring games are games that move through a spring located at the base. They are colorful, fun and cheerful and above all they capture the attention of the child. The child bounces on the game and this amuses him a lot by entertaining him for a long time. The game must be fixed to the ground to make it actually stable. The structure is almost always in treated wood and colored with particular substances that are not harmful to health. The rocking horse is another very special game, also because in early childhood children are always fascinated by animals, it is a rocking game that can also be chosen in different sizes. the presence of a parent is always recommended when the child plays, especially to be close if he is in difficulty. The carousel is a game composed of a series of elements that rotate on a structure, in most cases they are horses. Only those who have a large enough space can decide to place it in the garden. The rocking chair for children has been specially designed in the dimensions for children, despite having the shape of a classic rocking chair. It consists of a seat and a sun canopy, but all in miniature. During the winter it is recommended to disassemble it to prevent it from being damaged.

Outdoor games

When the child grows his needs change and he needs different games, then it is necessary to orient himself on the scooter, the minigolf, a foosball or a ping pong table. The scooter is an excellent alternative to the bicycle and the child finds it a lot of fun. For parents who want to start introducing the child to a sporting activity, they can buy a minigolf. The game is inspired by the classic one and the child begins to familiarize himself with the equipment. Obviously, forcing a child to necessarily play with certain games could not help but disinterest him, so it is good that it is also a choice of the child himself. The ping pong table can only be used in the company of friends, the table is of such dimensions that it requires space to place it. In winter, the table tennis table must be in a sheltered place if you want to continue using it. Table football is a rather popular game especially for children, who also organize tournaments. The convenience is that this toy can also be kept in the garden without problems, but showing the foresight to move it to a sheltered place during the winter.


The cost of the games to use in the garden depends on the type of game, although it is important to always buy games in which the child has shown some interest but which are above all suitable for his age.

Where to buy

The garden games proper can be purchased at outlets for outdoor furniture or even in the space dedicated to the garden of large shopping centers. Internet is always a valid alternative also to get more information and maybe compare the game seen in the store with one on the net. When, on the other hand, we refer to games such as table football, they are purchased at children's play stores, where a specific sector is dedicated to each age. If you are looking for something professional like the table tennis table, you can also buy it at sports shops.

Garden games: Other outdoor games

There are many outdoor games for the garden, they can be found in specialized gardening shops and have very affordable costs. The best known games are without a shadow of a doubt, the slides and the swings, because they are used in many gardens, and are made of many materials, from plastic, very popular for children, to steel, which is instead useful to the fun of adults. Other outdoor games can be the horse or rocking, the garden shed, but also simply the sandbox, or the gym for children. They too are made from many materials, and the most important are always plastic, iron and steel.

Outdoor wooden games for children

Outdoor wooden games for children. A guide to choosing the best wooden toys approved according to European legislation: swing, slide, equipped play structure, sandbox and wooden houses.

If you have children in the house and you want to set it up Outer space for their enjoyment, the ideal is to choose games that are of quality and approved.

In this way, spending your days outdoors will become fun and enjoyable.

To best set up a garden for children, the first thing to consider is their age.

Then we will proceed to equip the outdoor area with the chosen elements, to satisfy every type of need.

Wooden garden games

With cheerful colors, i garden games in wood they also boast the pleasantness of the material.

Legnolandia tractor

Nice and attractive towards the little ones, here is the toy wooden tractor handmade allows children to play in the open spaces. Also equipped with a trailer with platform and sides, it was made from whole pine logs from controlled forests and treated in an autoclave.

Garden games

Garden games for young and old, to revive your garden and create new opportunities for fun with family and friends, or to make your children spend many fun days.

The little ones can have fun with the swings, simple or equipped with slides and other accessories, or with the plastic houses of many shapes and sizes, or even with slides, some with the possibility of built-in water features.
For those who want to run and jump you can have fun with the inflatables or climbing games and movement, as well as with trampolines.

For children and adults we offer a wide range of table football, table tennis and trampolines.

All the games offered have the CE mark and comply with the European safety standard EN 71.
Some models of table football and table tennis are equipped with a coin mechanism, suitable for public places.

Slides, salterelli and veschette balls for indoor and outdoor. FROM 37 €!

Birthday parties

All the kids will have a blast! Give an unforgettable party.

Weddings and Baptisms

Entertain the children at your ceremony, and parents can enjoy the party too!

Activities Inaugurations

Provide a baby attraction in your shop, you will attract more people.

Alternative Afternoons

Turn a normal afternoon into an unforgettable day for your baby.

Children will have fun while parents can relax!


Untreated solid cedar wood house, FSC guaranteed. Made of easy-to-assemble pre-assembled panels, 15 mm thick. With 38 mm frame. Pre-assembled doors and windows, colored windows already complete with plastic fake glass that can hardly be broken and keeps games dry, 52 cm veranda. on the front side.

All details are taken care of for maximum safety of children, all models are TUV-GS and CE-EN71 certified

Direct installation on the ground without the need for a special substrate, a perimeter of at least 60 cm is recommended. wide around the house made of soft material (lawn, sand, etc.) to encourage children to play safely.

• Solid wood panels with 38 x 38 mm frames and 15mm thick bead in untreated cedar
• Floor in pre-assembled panels with beads with a thickness of 15mm.
• Complete with all finishes and details as shown in the photos
• Supplied disassembled on a platform complete with all hardware, assembly manual

Product Code AX03003500 Weight (kg) 1,000 Color See description Manufacturer AXI is a Dutch quality brand, specializing exclusively in children's playhouses, all in FSC-certified solid wood and designed for maximum safety. Floor Yes Construction type Paneled Wall thickness (mm) 15 External dimensions (roof included) 172x118x174h. Outdoor treatment Yes, by brush Number of windows (basic kit) 1 Warranty 5 Years In assembly kit Yes

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