Copper Garden Design – Tips On Using Copper In The Garden

Copper Garden Design – Tips On Using Copper In The Garden

By: Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban Agriculturist

Gardeners who are looking for something unique and exciting to set their landscape apart might try garden design with copper. The combo is surprising, yet it really works and can translate into fun whimsy or elegant serenity. Today’s copper gardening trends run the gamut in use and can play a part in seating, planting, fire pits, lighting and much more.

Using Copper in the Garden or Home

Copper has unique properties in its shiny surface. Not only does it have a warm glow when new, but it becomes a rich verdigris green with age. This changeling ability is perfect to accent the green spaces of our homes. The rich tone is a perfect complement to flower and foliage plants, softens the harsh edges of a patio and creates a reflective surface to display the garden’s lush beauty.

When we would talk about gardening with copper, it used to refer to the use of Bordeaux mix, a fungicide. Today, using copper in the garden means much more than disease control. The material is featured as decor items, planters, furniture, borders, frames, etc. It may come in the form of a stainless-steel copper effect, which won’t patina, or true copper, which weathers to a soft blue green. Either way, the addition of some copper garden design will add warmth and contrast to any part of the landscape or home.

Copper Gardening Trends

One of the most popular ways to garden design with copper is at the entertainment patio. There are many pieces available to provide the right bright copper accent to your outdoor seating or dining area. Copper is incorporated in chairs and tables, solar lamps, fountains, sculptures, bird feeders and baths, containers, and almost anything else you can imagine.

The tone is much less sterile than stainless steel and picks up outdoor lighting, turning it golden and warm. Many DIY projects are available that will see you running to get some copper sheeting. The material is fairly easy to work with and only your imagination limits your projects.

Landscape Garden Design with Copper

Off the deck or patio there are still plenty of ways of gardening with copper. Landscape lights are especially appealing in copper tones. Solar, stationary, or even hanging lights twinkle that much brighter when housed in copper.

Flashy spinners and other garden accents catch the sun and create a sparkly backdrop. A fountain or small water feature in copper will reflect the cool water.

Copper fence toppers, trellises, benches, gazing bowls and plant containers are all available in this rich alloy. Your new copper accents will feel right at home in the regal beauty of your backyard or bring indoors for additional appeal.

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