Wooden slides

Wooden slides

Characteristics of wood

Wood is a material used in gardens, because it has certain characteristics that make it quite durable over time. The use of substances that amplify these characteristics make it even more resistant and even the action of rain is indifferent to it. Most of the garden furnishing accessories remain exposed even during the winter period to the elements, which is why the choice must always be oriented on elements that are able to withstand for a long time so that the expenditure carried out proves to be quite valid.

Children's area

When it comes to garden furniture, we must consider not only the space dedicated to adults but also the space to be dedicated to children. Children need a green area where they can run freely and where there are no dangers that could hinder their games. Usually this area is furnished with plastic games, but nothing prevents you from including wooden game elements. Plastic is preferred above all for its practicality and for its easy cleaning, wood, in the specific case of children's games, is often neglected.

The wooden slides

In reality, wooden slides are seen above all in parks, but those who want to complete the outdoor space by placing games for children in this material, will also find wooden slides in specialized shops. The wooden slide it is certainly a different presence from the plastic slide. In most cases, while the plastic slide is quite cheerful and colorful, the wooden one is left in its natural shade and this allows it to integrate perfectly into the green space. Obviously it is advisable to make the choice directly to the child so that he can be happy to use that particular game.


The wooden slides, in most cases, are quite large, but companies make them of every size and usually, also for the cost, it is always preferred to choose a wooden slide of such dimensions that can be exploited by the child from the very beginning. early childhood. The wooden slide certainly has a considerable weight and this necessarily requires fixing the game to the ground. Anyone who buys a rather large slide will also require assistance from the point of sale. Alternatively, you can place the slide yourself in the garden. Before orienting yourself on this specific purchase, it is necessary to evaluate the space available, considering that a rather large slide will need not to be surrounded by too many trees but to be placed in an area where there is also a bit of d ' shadow. The space dedicated to wooden games must be established with certainty, because, compared to the plastic one, it does not disassemble and move so easily.


When you decide to buy a wooden slide, you have the possibility to choose it among many different models. The classic wooden slide consists only of an inclined plane where the child, reaching the top, slides, but there are also much more complete models that allow the child to develop different motor skills. Usually the top of the slide is reached through a ladder, in some cases this is replaced with an inclined plane, as if it were a summit to climb, where the child climbs with the help of a rope and reaches the top of the slide. For safety reasons, side protections are always placed on the top to prevent the child from falling. It is always necessary to check, when purchasing the wooden slide, that these are present so that the child can also use it alone in total and complete safety.

Various accessories

On the top there could also be a small house: in this way, with only one slide, the child has three different games available: the slide, the house, the summit to climb. It is certainly one of the most complete models that will delight the little ones and others, because when they are tired of using only the slide they will have the opportunity to play on the other two games. For those who really have a limited space to dedicate to the children's play area, choosing this variant of wooden slide manages to satisfy all their needs.

Safety and maintenance

Naturally, the wooden slide, like the other slides, must comply with certain safety rules so that the child can safely use it without getting hurt. The wood, after a few years, may require maintenance with protective oils, which are used to keep it intact for a long time. Usually a wooden slide accompanies the whole growth phase of the child, so it is certainly an excellent game for the garden. Moreover, leaving it in the garden, it can also be used by the children of relatives and friends, and often, obviously when the size of the slide allows it, it also becomes an excellent way of fun for adults.

Garden games: Description of wooden slides

Wood is a material used in gardens, as it contains certain characteristics that make it quite durable over time despite all the climatic agents it can encounter such as too much rain or too much sun during a whole year. The wood is of a fairly resistant material and can be made even if there is the negative part that the price is quite high and for this reason it is often found more in public gardens and less in private ones. Many times it is recommended to make such a sacrifice because it will be suitable both for small children, under the attention of the parents themselves, of course, or for older children who can play with it assiduously.

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