The best varieties of tomatoes for the garden with a photo

The best varieties of tomatoes for the garden with a photo

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Tomatoes are one of the main vegetable crops. They are grown everywhere on an industrial scale, on private land plots, in greenhouses, on balconies and even on window sills. There are so many varieties of this crop that you can get confused trying to make a choice, but today we will talk about the most numerous category of varieties: about tomatoes for growing in the open field.

The best low-growing varieties of tomatoes

The advantages of these varieties are that they do not need support, so they are willingly grown in summer cottages and backyards.

Abakan pink

High yielding medium late variety with long fruiting. The weight of the fruit, shaped like a heart, is usually 200-300 g, but individual tomatoes can weigh half a kilogram. During transportation, the fruits are often damaged, so they are grown mainly for their own needs, and not for sale.

In the photo: Tomato variety Abakan pink


An early ripe, productive, resistant to diseases and environmental factors standard variety with slightly ribbed, round bright red fruits of high taste and weighing up to 80 g. They are eaten fresh and used for homemade preparations.

In the photo: Tomato variety Boni-MM


Ideal early tomatoes for areas with short summers: productive, rarely attacked by diseases and resistant to bad weather. Fruits are flat-round, weighing about 100 g, are used both for food and for conservation.

In the photo: Tomato variety Alaska

Varieties of low-growing tomatoes are also popular:

  • Riddle,
  • Raspberry giant
  • Anastasia,
  • Roma,
  • Watercolor,
  • Rio De Grande,
  • Bobcat.

Harvest varieties of tomatoes

The task of the owners of small plots of land is to grow a lot of vegetables, while occupying the minimum area, which is why large-fruited varieties of tomatoes are so popular.


A versatile early, cold-resistant, undersized and very productive variety, resistant to the vagaries of the weather, cracking and the main diseases of tomatoes. Fruits are oval, dark pink, with a dense skin, weighing about 100 g, with excellent taste.

In the photo: Tomato variety Stolypin

Puzata khata

A versatile, tall, productive variety with fiery ribbed fruits weighing from 150 to 250 g, resembling the shape of a pear. The pulp is sugary, very tasty.

In the photo: Tomato variety Puzata khata

Crimson giant

A large shrub with a powerful stem up to 1 m high. Early variety, high-yielding. Fruits with a small number of seeds, dark pink, almost crimson, weighing from 200 to 400 g, do not crack after ripening.

In the photo: Tomato variety Raspberry giant

In addition to the varieties described, tomatoes are distinguished by high yield:

  • Pink Elephant,
  • Wonder of the world
  • De Barao yellow and pink,
  • Giant 5,
  • Hybrid 35.

The largest varieties of tomatoes

Not only the high harvest, but also the record large fruits cause the envy of the neighbors on the site. In addition, if you are going to harvest tomato juice, sauce, pasta or ketchup for the winter, then it is easier to produce them from large tomatoes.

Bull heart

One of the most delicious universal early ripening varieties, the fruits of which can reach enormous sizes: their weight can exceed 500 g. The pulp does not contain hard fibers, there are few seeds in tomatoes, the skin of the fruits is thin, but the fruits are well transported. The bush is tall, in need of support.

In the photo: Tomato variety Bovine heart

King of Kings

A versatile, medium-early, tall and high-yielding hybrid tomato with rounded red fruits up to 1 kg in weight. The fruits do not form seeds, in conditions of high humidity they can crack, however, the taste of the fruits of this variety is excellent.

In the photo: Tomato variety King of Kings

Honey saved

A tall, versatile mid-season variety with sweet orange fruits weighing up to 200 grams or more. The fruits are well stored and do not lose marketability during transportation.

In the photo: Tomato variety Honey Spas

Varieties also differ in large fruits Alsou and Orange... And about which varieties of tomatoes that do not need pinching can be grown in the middle lane, you will learn from the following video:


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The best varieties of tomatoes for 2019, reviews, photos

Among the variety of varieties, each gardener chooses something of his own. Some people like large-fruited beef tomatoes, others like sweet cherry tomatoes, and still others prefer aromatic cream. The article below describes the best tomato varieties according to reviews for 2019. The information provided will be useful for both beginners and experienced growers, helping to navigate the extensive range of gardening shops.

  1. How do you choose the best variety?
  2. 10 best early-ripening tomato varieties
  3. My love F1
  4. Red rooster
  5. First grader
  6. Azoyushka
  7. Skorospelka
  8. Family
  9. Rajah
  10. Abundant F1
  11. Red Arrow
  12. Aphrodite
  13. The most productive tomatoes
  14. Aswon
  15. Snow Leopard
  16. Rio grande
  17. Eternal Call
  18. Gazpacho
  19. Astrakhan
  20. Grushovka
  21. Little Red Riding Hood
  22. Daryonka
  23. Bonner Beste
  24. Conclusion
  25. Testimonials

Varieties of cocktail tomatoes alphabetically

Fig. 2 Barberry F1 in mid-July: “He is sitting in the middle and is already propping up the ceiling with the top of his head. The covering does not allow you to climb even higher, there are no more sticks, and it seems a bit early to pinch»... Photo Aulchanka

Fig. 3 Barberry F1

Fig. 4 “I liked the variety of tomatoes from Popenko Blueberry ... Tied well - with tassels, medium-sized black tomatoes in my Spartan conditions. The peel is almost black, the bottom, which the barrel looks at the ground, is orange when ripe. Very sweet". Photo shuffle

Fig. five Sveta-nsk: "And I will never plant again Golden drop ... The cute appearance of the fruit is all that is good about it. Indeed, like droplets. When ripe, it is dull yellow. The taste is the most ordinary, the yield is not so hot. But the bush is truly dimensionless. He instantly reached up to the ceiling of the greenhouse and streamed on. The stepsons climb literally from everywhere: from the brushes between the tomatoes, along the entire length of the leaf veins, and from the axils of the leaves straight in bundles, 6-8 pieces at a time. I don’t go up to these five bushes without scissors. I cut my hair like a hairdresser, because it is simply impossible to pull out all this violently growing disgrace. There will be no more of this variety on my site. "

Fig. 6 inveo: « Golden bullet - did not understand humor at all. It seems that the seeds were correct, from the "Priob'e Seeds". The plants are stunted, there are few fruits, the fruits themselves are small and very average in taste. "

Fig. 7 I_Natalka: “I have tomatoes gold fish outgrown me, good tomatoes have grown in a week. Now the main thing is to grow up and ripen. " Photo from August 1 I_Natalka

Sibmams notice that Goldfish it is better to plant not on the street, as it is late. buggies: “I liked the goldfish - delicious, abundant. Beautiful. There is only one drawback - a mid-late variety. There is a lot of ovary that has not matured yet. " Ratta: “This particular Golden Fish does not ripen on the street. Tomato is not early at all, but even closer to late. "

Anton's mom: « Mandarin duck from Gavrish. I did not get sick, there was no phytophthora at all, even after the hail in the OG, I cleaned everything at the end of September (I allowed autumn). A bunch of fruits, oak, taste a la Sukhovsky state farm, however, lay for a very long time. They are too big for salting. In assorted cut only, in lecho, but the peel is tough. It was a pity for the place. But there were Tangerines-pictures in the seedlings. Of course, the summer is not very good, but the Golden domes and Persimmon did not hurt. "
Rimm: Mandarin duck ... It led in three trunks. He is tall in the greenhouse. Orange color, delicious. They have been cultivated for several years, they are also tasty in salting. "

Fig. eight Mandarin duck ... Photo Anton's mom

Fig. nine Mandarin duck ... Photo Rimm

Nadia: “One of my favorite cocktail varieties for taste is Rocket ... It is a determinant. It is possible both in the exhaust gas and in the greenhouse. Elongated, plum-shaped. They are also good in salting, a good size for cans. " Kuzya74: “However, I would like to highlight the Raketa variety, they froze to me, they were black, I thought - that's it. However, they returned to normal and produced a very good harvest. Tomatoes are oval, small, the skin is dense, the inside is just sugar, salted is just wonderful. I decided to take note of this variety. "

Fig. 10 Rocket ... Photo Nadia

UralSZ: « Pink snow, Aelita Agro ... We grew up normally, and our grandchildren had enough food. They ate them right in the greenhouse from the bush. Well, there was still some canning left. "

Fig. eleven Pink snow.

VZH & K: « Yellow cream I didn't like it very much, it is very sour " doves: « Sunny bunny , from Ilyinichna ( Yellow cream ) - sweet when fully ripe, but slightly hollow, and is affected by apical rot.

Fig. 12 Yellow cream (Sunny bunny). Photo doves

JuliaZa: « Chio-chio-san - very productive, in a bunch of 30 or more fruits, it is better to lead in two trunks (I tried only in 1 and 2) and plant in the exhaust gas. "
ZaNa: “I also want to note Chio-chio-san - there is just a huge amount on the bush, the bunches are healthy, you must immediately tie up. The skin is thin. Fleshy. Tomatoes are slightly larger than Red dates. "

Fig. 13 Chio-chio-san... "Half of the brush has already been collected." Photo ZaNa

Fig. fourteen " Wonder of the world - both in the greenhouse and in the exhaust gas. Average taste. But they are so tired, there are no words - they bore a lot of fruit, I was just tired of them, and the fruiting is stretched. But super-frost-resistant! In the freeze in June 2011, I lost a lot of varieties, but at least that! Super salting. Suitable for salad too. The brushes are huge, you can tie it up, otherwise they will break off. Average growth. " Photo Nadia

Share the names of your favorite cocktail tomatoes in the comments to the article! Everybody has a rich harvest!

Photos of seed packages are taken from open sources of the Internet.

The best seeds for open garden cultivation

Seed companies have succeeded in breeding the best varieties of Siberian tomatoes with a high level of survival in the difficult climatic conditions of Russia. Tomatoes for open ground, it is recommended to plant on the territory of Siberia and the Central strip. Vegetable crops are adapted to abrupt weather changes, short summers, drought. The catalog with photos and descriptions for 2021 contains basic information about the varieties.


A tomato named Ultra-early ripening is an ideal variant of Siberians. The fruits are harvested 5-6 weeks after planting the seeds. Determinate bushes. The vegetables are oval shaped. The plant is dotted with tomatoes. The skin is glossy, thickened, the color is scarlet. The core is compacted, not slimy, tasty. The mass of one vegetable is 100-120 g. From 1 m² the output is 12-15 kg.


Variety with limited stem growth. It is recommended to cultivate in the garden bed. The full ripening period lasts 6-7 weeks. The fruits grow in a heart-shaped shape with elongation. The skin is not rough, almost invisible when consumed. The color of the fruit is crimson with a red tint. The pulp is fragrant, fleshy; when cut, up to 9 seed chambers can be observed. The mass of one tomato is 0.3-1.5 kg. From 1 m² the yield is up to 7 kg.

Golden domes

Vegetable culture will delight you with high rates of amicable return of fruits, quick adaptability to bad weather conditions. Vegetables ripen in a short period, full ripeness occurs in 1.5-2 months. Determinate bushes, the maximum height reaches 150 cm. Tomatoes are dome-shaped. The skin is colored, uncharacteristic for tomatoes, yellow with an orange tint. The pulp is not juicy, sugary, sweetish. The mass of tomatoes reaches half a kilogram. Vegetables are used for making salads, adjika, juice. Recoil from a bush 3-4 kg.

King of giants

Medium early variety with indeterminate type of bushes. Full ripening occurs 110-120 days after the germination of the planting material. The height of the bushes reaches 2 m. The tomatoes are round and flattened. The skin is firm, but not rough when bitten. The color of ripe tomatoes is deep red; even after full ripening, a green spot remains on the stalk. The pulp is fleshy with a sour-sweet aftertaste. The seeds are small, practically not felt when used. The average weight of a tomato is 400-500 g. For the entire growing season, up to 8 kg of vegetables can be harvested from one plant.


Low growing tomato with a short growing season. The formation and maturation of vegetables takes 6-7 weeks. The bushes are compact, the height does not exceed 65 cm. The fruits are round in shape with a slight ribbing at the stalk. The skin is dense, which allows vegetables to be transported over long distances. The pulp is sweet, firm and juicy. The cross section shows 4 seed chambers. The seeds are not felt when consumed. On average, the mass of a tomato is 100-150 g. Productivity from 1 m² of plantings reaches 11-17 kg.

Tomato Big Orange Stripe

American variety, medium late.

Recommended for greenhouse cultivation. Medium-yielding, unpretentious in cultivation, resistant to major diseases.

The plant is indeterminate, about 1.8 m high, with leaves of the usual type, requires pinching and a garter to a support. It is best to form into two to four stems.

Fruits are flat-round, large (300-500 g), bright orange in color with numerous yellow or pink-red stripes and strokes. The skin is smooth and firm. The pulp is two-colored, very fleshy, sugary, sweet, juicy, aromatic.

The appointment is mainly salad.

The best large-fruited tomatoes: the largest varieties of tomatoes and their photos

Previously, large-fruited tomatoes included those varieties whose fruit mass was over 120 g. Now, large-fruited tomatoes include more than 200-250 g.

As you can see in the photo, the fruits of large varieties of tomatoes, as a rule, are flat-round or flat, multi-chamber, fleshy, red or pink, tall and late-ripening:

But among this group there are earlier and undersized. The earliest large-fruited tomato is Jane, which combines early maturity, short stature and large-fruited. And already well-known tall hybrids:

F1 Krasnobay, F1 Grandma's gift,

F1 Russian size, F1 Matryoshka allow you to get fruits from 200 to 600 g, and with good formation and care, and more.

With such a huge variety of varieties of good large-fruited tomatoes, the choice is yours.

The largest varieties of tomatoes can also be grown outdoors. Previously, fruits weighing more than 120 g were referred to large-fruited tomatoes, now this is not the limit - it is considered more than 200 g and above. Of course, you can grow large-fruited tomatoes and, moreover, early-ripening ones by planting Jane, Early Russian and some tall ones.

Large tomatoes can be obtained by rationing the inflorescences, that is, by pinching the brushes, leaving 2-3 fruits in them. The best large varieties and hybrids are suitable for these purposes:

tomatoes like F1 Krasnobay, F1 Grandma's gift,

Russian delicious, Jane,

F1 Funtik, F1 Bityug,

F1 Rosemary, Pelageya,

Akulina, Gorlinka,

Blush, Fat, F1 Rosbeef.

The most delicious large-fruited tomato varieties are shown in these photos:

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground

Planting tomatoes on the garden bed is carried out by pre-growing seedlings. This process begins at home around March. Ready seedlings are planted in open ground around May (it all depends on the region and weather conditions). The best varieties of tomatoes for outdoor use are:

Anastasia... This type of tomato belongs to the early and productive varieties of tomatoes for open ground. The approximate yield from one bush is about 10-11 kg., In some conditions, you can collect a little more (up to 13 kg.). This is ensured by the high growth of stems characteristic of the variety, on which many brushes are tied. Each brush is capable of producing 5-7 tomatoes.The fruits have a red shape tapering towards the tip. Weight - up to 180-200 g.

The plant cannot withstand such a weight without additional tying, so every 15-20 cm it is necessary to tie it to the supporting structure (strong stick made of wood, trellis, metal support). The first garter is carried out at a height of 20 cm from the soil surface. This early variety of tomatoes for open ground has excellent taste, for which many summer residents love it.

Riddle. This is a super early undersized new variety of tomato for open ground, since it appeared relatively recently. But, despite this, I have already managed to get a lot of positive feedback. Fruits appear on the 75-85 day. They have a rounded shape with smooth, pronounced borders.

The stems of the bush grow even, neat with large foliage. Their height rarely reaches 40 cm. Considering this, it is not necessary to tie the plant up.

The weight of an average tomato Riddle is about 150 g. The fruits are of medium softness, so they can be easily transported in boxes.

Stepchildren do not need to be thrown away, they take root well, and they can make good, fruitful seedlings. This will provide an additional harvest, they will lag behind the main seedling-parent by only 1-2 weeks in development. If you do not carry out pinching, the fruits on the parent bush will be small.

Raspberry giant. It is not for nothing that this variety has such a loud name. His fruits really differ in huge parameters - the weight of a tomato reaches up to 700-800 g. Therefore, the Raspberry Giant belongs to large varieties of tomatoes for open ground. On average, fruits can be harvested no more than 500-600 g. About 5 fruits grow in each cluster. They are tied in about 2-3 leaves. How do they hold on and do not break off the stems? The fact is that the structure of the stem is very strong, this property is inherent in the genetic level of this cultivated plant.

This tomato is the best in taste, very juicy. Refers to sweet varieties of tomatoes for open ground. The peel of the fruit is of medium fineness. They can be transported and stored without any problems, since they are resistant to damage.

Yielding... Another representative of mid-early varieties. Despite the name, in terms of yield, it can be about 1-3 kg. to yield to the same variety of Anastasia tomatoes. Despite this nuance, under certain conditions of care and timely fertilization, one bush can give about 11 kg. fruits. Ripe tomatoes can be harvested by early August. Medium varieties for open ground tend to bear fruit for a long time. This period can last until later tomatoes are actively bearing fruit.

Roma... This variety is characterized by small (80-100 g) fruits. On one ovary, they can be up to 18-20 pcs. The stems of the Roma variety are very large and can reach a height of up to 2 m. Such a plant needs a garter to a strong support.

Tomato variety Roma is excellent for pickling and preserving. Their taste is excellent. Very often, the fruits are used in various salads. Lovers of lightly salted tomatoes are also ideal. The color is red. They are round in shape and store well.

In addition to the above types of tomatoes, there are many good varieties. Among the large selection and wide assortment it is necessary to highlight:

  • Giant 5... It is characterized by large fruits that weigh about 1 kg. It should be noted that they are delicious. The plant bears fruit well outdoors. It is a mid-season variety that is grown as a salad option. The bush of the plant is not large (up to 60 cm). Despite the small growth, it is advisable to tie it up.
  • Pink Elephant... Small, tiny fruits weighing up to 50-70 g. They are very sweet. Up to a dozen of them can form on the brush. They belong to mid-season varieties. The color of the fruit can be very different - orange, raspberry, pink, red, yellow.
  • Matroskin... The fruits are small, not exceeding 100 g by weight. Bushes can reach 60-100 cm in height. Up to 12 kg can be harvested from one such plant. tomatoes. The fruits themselves have different colors.
  • De Barao... Mid-ripening high-quality tomatoes, one of the most preferred best tall varieties of tomatoes for open ground in Ukraine, Belarus and the Moscow region. They differ in small fruits weighing up to 300-400 grams. The shape of the fruit is oblong. The coloration is red, yellow and black (dark purple) at times with a green tip. The bushes are very tall, up to 2.5 m. The fruits bear fruit for a long time and are stored, since they have a dense skin and pulp, not juicy, excellent in taste. Ideal for conservation. There are also giant De barao tomatoes, weighing one fruit up to 800 g.
  • Orange cream... Very small tomatoes with a crispy skin. Inside, they are very juicy. The weight of one fruit does not exceed 70-90 g. On the brush, up to 8 pieces can form. The plant itself is small - up to 1 m in height.
  • Wonder of the world... Representative of yellow tomatoes. For the similarity of its fruits with lemons, it was named Lemon-liana. One of the most resistant outdoor tomato varieties. Fruit weight reaches 60-100 g, no more. Up to 5 tomatoes can form on one ovary. The plant looks like a long liana, so it will need several supports. Tying the stems of this variety is required.

The presence of a fairly wide range of tomatoes will allow any summer resident to choose a variety that suits them.

The best varieties of tomatoes for open ground, video