Spider mite

Spider mite

The spider mite is a plant parasite that prefers to eat the leaves of ficuses and palm trees, lemon and rose, cacti and many other indoor plants. He is also a great lover to taste all the plants from your home collection, without exception, therefore, as soon as you see this terrorist on your plant, start preparing for the most real and cruel war, because he will not stop at one of the plants.

The first sign of the appearance of a "terrorist mite" is the formation of a thin cobweb between the leaves of plants. As a rule, its appearance is caused by an increased temperature and a lack of the required humidity.

Of course, it's great if you found it in time and sounded the alarm, but remember one rule: spider mite eggs are stored for up to five years, and ripen every three to four days, so when it seems to you that the war is won 1: 0 in your benefit, in fact, things may not be so at all. And no matter how diligently you washed the windowsills and pots, at the first opportunity (for example, at low humidity and high temperatures), he will return from the smallest and most inconspicuous cracks and shelters.

“Well, is there really no way to combat this all-eating parasite?” You ask. There is, and first of all, this is of course prevention, which consists in constant spraying of the most delicious varieties of plants. But even if it is too late to engage in prevention, the mite is already on your plant, you should not despair, because one of the worst enemies of the spider mite is, oddly enough, water.

We will give you several well-known ways to neutralize your new enemy in the face of a spider mite:

  1. Dilute a solution of water with laundry soap, spray the plant with it and cover it tightly with a plastic bag, after a day rinse the plant under cold running water from the shower, and cover it again with a plastic bag, but for two days;
  2. Make a tincture of one kilogram of citrus peels and spray it on the plant for a week;
  3. Buy a medicinal tincture of dandelion at the pharmacy, grind 25-35 g of dandelion roots into it, and mix with a liter of hot water. After insisting for a couple of hours, spray the plant for three to five days;
  4. Grate two or three heads of garlic and insist for five days in a liter of warm water in a sealed container, after insisting, dilute in half with cold water and spray the plant for a week.

We give you folk tips that will definitely help you get rid of spider mites because they are more effective and less expensive. There are, of course, many different chemicals and drugs. They are not very cheap, it is extremely difficult to determine which of them is better, and we cannot tell you exactly what effect will be. There is one very effective remedy, from specialized ones, which will definitely help you - "Aktara", but it is better not to use it at home, it has a very disgusting smell, and in addition to this, it, like any other chemical preparations, has a negative effect on human health ...

We will trust that these tips will help you in this difficult task - the fight against the terrorist of the plant world - the spider mite, and you will again rejoice looking at the fragrant and healthy plants of your home collection. And henceforth, you will be more attentive and responsible for watering and all other components of caring for indoor plants, in order to prevent the appearance of this parasite, "always waiting" for our mistakes, again. Good luck in waging this difficult war, good growth and development of your wonderful plants!

How to get rid of spider mites

The spider mite is one of the most dangerous enemies of plants. To cope with this pest, you must first study the features of its existence. The spider mite is a small insect, no more than 0.5 mm in size, which feeds on plant juices. As a rule, the tick lives on the underside of the leaves, but with an increase in the population, a transition to the upper side is also possible. This pest is not picky: any greens can serve as food for it. The mite has no climatic preference. The pest can start both indoors on indoor flowers and in the garden on the leaves of grass and fruit trees.

Ticks on the back of leaves Spider mite

It should be noted that there is an insect in nature, which is often mistaken for a spider mite. Their shape and color are similar. However, this insect is much smaller in size and does not weave a web. Its length can reach no more than 0.3 mm. To distinguish common spider mites, watch a short video:

This article will discuss in detail how to get rid of a spider mite using the most accessible and popular methods.

How to deal with spider mites on hydrangea

Indoors (on the balcony, loggia) for prevention, periodically spray the hydrangea and nearby plants with infusion of garlic: finely chop two heads, pour 1 liter of water in a jar, close the lid and keep in a dark cabinet for 5 days (use diluted with water 1: 1 ).

Decoctions and infusions of phytoncidal plants also help: dandelion and yarrow, aconite, black henbane, dissected hogweed, etc.

In the garden during the growing season, immediately after identifying single specimens of ticks, two or three times are sprayed with a solution of Ak-Tellik, Fufan-na or Fitoverma (with an interval of 7-10 days). Systemic drugs are more effective, for example BI-58 (one treatment is enough for 2-3 months).

In autumn, the foliage that has fallen near the bushes is collected and burned. When transplanting from open ground, fresh disinfected substrate is poured into containers.

Useful chemistry

There is nothing better than special drugs in this fight. The mite is very tenacious, therefore, the more powerful the drug, the better. Insectoacaricide of biological origin Fitoverm is perhaps the most famous and best drug against spider mites and other insect pests at home. Unlike many other products designed for the garden or greenhouses, it does not have a pungent smell and quickly disappears.
Fitoverm is produced in small ampoules, the contents of which must be diluted in water according to the scheme indicated on the pack. A solution of the product is used to spray the affected plants. Usually one or two treatments are carried out to completely kill the pests. The disadvantage when used at home is that one ampoule is too much for several plants. And you cannot leave the contents of the opened ampoule "for later", just use it immediately or throw it away.
Other biological preparations Akarin, Vertimek, Agravertin, Iskra bio and others have similar properties.
The most famous chemicals include Fufanon, Anti-mite, Apollo and others. These funds also need to be diluted with water according to the scheme and used to spray the green part of the plant.

Important! Within three days after processing, you should not eat any parts of the plants. Wash thoroughly before use.

Dichlorvos: easy and simple

The pungent-smelling aerosol is not only helpful against flies and ants. He is able to get rid of small ticks. If the balcony is small and glazed, proceed as follows. Close the windows and doors, spray generously around the plants, exit, leaving the balcony tightly closed on all sides. In a few hours, the pests should die.
Another variant. Put a bag on the affected plant. Opening a small hole at the bottom, spray it with Dichlorvos. Close the hole and leave the plant for up to half an hour. This should be enough time for the ticks to die.

Important! Do not use Dichlorvos if there is no way to isolate yourself from the processing site further away. Vapors of the drug are toxic and can cause poisoning. It is especially important to isolate children and pets.

The spiral isn't just for mosquitoes

Spirals, which, when burned, release insecticide into the air, are suitable for fighting not only mosquitoes. Many also use them against plant pests. This is an option for a glazed balcony where there are many green mite-infested inhabitants.
It is necessary to close all windows and doors, set fire to the spiral. It is better to leave the loggia closed until the morning. By morning, all the insects that were there should be dead.

Spider mite control methods

Fighting the parasite is easy enough. Today, there are many ways to combat spider mites, including folk methods, exposure to chemicals or mechanical cleansing. The first thing to do is rinse the plant well with soapy water or water diluted with detergent. It will not be possible to completely get rid of the pest, but it is still possible to partially destroy it. After the plant has been washed, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the place where the pot stood, the pot itself and everything that was in direct contact with the infected plant.

Mechanical methods include the following method. The plant is watered and sealed in a bag. After 3 days, all ticks will die. However, care must be taken to ensure that the leaves do not burn from the heat.

Resistant strawberry varieties

At the moment, there are several varieties of strawberries that are resistant to spider mites. Resistance is expressed in increased immunity and the ability to withstand the attack of pests.

  • First grader
  • Purple
  • Cinderella Kuban
  • Anastasia
  • Sunny meadow
  • Sunrise.

Resistant blackcurrant varieties:

  • Selechinskaya 2
  • Summer resident
  • Exotic
  • Dubrovskaya
  • Venus.

  • Apricot
  • Shiny
  • Yellow giant
  • Bryansk cascade.

How to deal with spider mites in garden crops

Tetranychidae is especially dangerous for garden crops. If the pest attacked the cucumbers, the plantings can be treated with a liquid based on laundry soap. But before that, be sure to break and burn the damaged leaves. If the cucumber bushes are completely attacked by ticks, they will have to be removed completely. If the lesion is significant, you will have to resort to treatment with acaricides.

Insects also harm pepper seedlings. Their attack leads to the drying out of the plantings. To get rid of pests, you need to use a solution of laundry soap (1:10), you can spray it with rubbing alcohol or a garlic mixture. Among the store products recommend to use "Akarin", "Kleschevit", "Apollo".

When a tick settles on eggplants, honey is used for processing. alcohol, tincture of black henbane. Among the drugs recommend "Aktar" "Fufanon", "Antiklesh".

Knowing the measures to combat spider mites, it will be possible to quickly eliminate insects, keeping garden or garden crops in a healthy and beautiful form.