Several garden flowers with an unusual appearance that can be grown in our climate

Several garden flowers with an unusual appearance that can be grown in our climate

Almost all owners of summer cottages and household plots dream of making their garden different from others. Here are some ornamental plants growing in temperate latitudes that can make even the most ordinary environment brilliant and original.

Aquilegia green-flowered chocolate soldier

This plant is renowned for its ability to collect and retain rainwater. The greenery of the aquilegia is carved and quite dark, the flower is located on a long stem.

The petals themselves are small and have a modest greenish tint. But the shape of the flower head is completely original thanks to the figured outgrowths with microscopic channels inside.

Molucella irish bells

This original plant is attracting more and more attention of lovers of ornamental horticultural crops. In addition to very beautiful leaves, Irish bells have unusual cupped bracts. Tightly assembled into a spike, powerful structures are able to amaze the imagination.

Tall emerald-colored candles rise above the lawn, exuding a light aroma and look very presentable. The plant loves light soils and a southern side with little shading.

Nigella oriental transformer

The appearance of a blooming nigella is extremely unusual: in the center of an elegant golden flower is the core of the original form. After the end of the flowering period, the bushes of the plant will be decorated with curly seed fruits, in which black seeds will ripen.

The greenery of nigella eastern vaguely resembles dill leaves. It seems to envelop the flower with an invisible air cloud.


This plant is often called mouse hyacinth. Its inflorescences are dozens of tiny bells. Miniature flowers adhere tightly to each other and form a small cylinder or cone.

Muscari exudes a rather pleasant scent, reminiscent of musk. The shade of the inflorescences is blue and purple, but there are species with lighter colors.

Calceolaria Slippers

This cute and very peculiar plant is often planted in summer cottages. The thing is that the calceolaria flower consists of two halves or lips. The upper lip is barely noticeable, but the lower lip is inflated, like a capricious lady.

The bred varieties have several basic colors: orange, red, purple and combined striped.

Peacock tigridia

The wonderful tigridia flower has elegant simplicity. Its three petals are open and curved, and the greenery has an unusual texture.

Oddly enough, the plant is a rare guest at our dachas. Indeed, in addition to decoration, tigridia is used in cooking: its bulbs are edible and very tasty.

Radiant guide

The plant belongs to orchids and invariably surprises the viewer with the shape of the flower. The petals of the leader are bizarrely curved and most of all resemble a crane hovering in the sky.

Everything is elegant in this representative of the subtropical flora: the stem, leaves and the original flower. Growing a lead in the country is not particularly difficult, you just have to make a little effort.

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The most popular garden flowers: photos, names, descriptions

It is difficult to imagine a gardener who does not dream that his garden plot is distinguished by originality, colorfulness and, at the same time, simplicity and unobtrusiveness. At all times, harmoniously selected garden flowers, which play an important role in landscape design, gave a special uniqueness to the garden.

Flowers will preserve the picturesqueness of the garden from early spring to late autumn, giving a unique flavor to the site and not blocking other plants.

Replacing each other with flowering, garden flowers only bring variety and revitalization to the appearance of the site, while the main tune in this orchestra still plays foliage... And the main task of the gardener is the correct placement and selection of neighbors for each plant, taking into account the requirements and conditions of their cultivation and the rules of composition.

Knowing the main plant characteristics (the period of their flowering, height, amount of greenery, breeding conditions, etc.) the gardener, like an artist-painter, draws his garden and creates a special mood in it.

When forming a flower bed, it is necessary to take into account external natural factors and choose flowers in accordance with it. So, by place of growth flowers are divided into:

  • Drought tolerant
  • Moisture-loving.

In our article we will talk about different types of flowers, as well as give examples with photos and names.

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Shade-loving plants

Lily of the valley is a perennial that prefers shade. The plant stands out for its wide leaves. The flowers are small white bells evenly distributed on a twig. Lily of the valley blooms usually in May.

Daylily is a perennial plant that looks like a lily. The plant blooms in the second half of summer. Its bushes are thriving.

Primula is a flower that will delight with its flowering even in the shade. For planting, gardeners usually use ready-made seedlings, but primroses can also be grown from seeds. Flowering occurs in early spring. The colors and types of this perennial are varied.

Astilba is a perennial with many small flowers of various colors, the inflorescences of which resemble the shape of a candle. Flowering is observed throughout the summer. Astilba prefers shady places and is very resistant to diseases and pests.