Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Cranberry in sugar

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Cranberry in sugar

The "Cranberry in sugar" tomato is a rather interesting and unusual variety, which, according to its description and characteristics, is distinguished by its aesthetic appearance and tasty fruits. Against the background of green ornamental bushes, scarlet tomato clusters stand out beautifully, attracting attention from afar.

Description and characteristics of cranberry tomato in sugar

The cranberry tomato in sugar was created by Russian breeders who work at the Aelita agricultural company. it early maturing a variety that does not have any restrictions on the region of cultivation and the method of caring for seedlings.

There are the following ways to grow a sugar cranberry tomato:

  • in greenhouse conditions;
  • in the open field;
  • in roomy containers on the window or balcony;
  • outdoors in boxes or flowerpots.

This is a high-yielding, small-fruited variety, the growing season of which is 70-75 days from the moment the seed germinates. From 1 m2 indoor it is possible to obtain 2.6-2.8 kg tomatoes.

The fruits are distinguished by amicable ripening, during which compact bushes are completely covered with brushes with small tomatoes. The fruits are distinguished by an even round shape, bright red color and weight 12-15 g.

When growing fruits in a greenhouse, the height of shrubs often varies within the limit of 1.6 m, so the plant must be tied to a support and a single pinching should be carried out.

Positive and negative sides of the variety

The advantages of this type of tomato include:

  • beautiful fruits;
  • sweet and pleasant taste with a slight sourness;
  • does not need pinning;
  • when grown in boxes, flowerpots and on the windowsill, there is no need to tie;
  • resistance to various diseases;
  • a small amount of care;
  • resistance to adverse conditions.

Some gardeners note the following disadvantages of the variety:

  • thick skin, which can sometimes be harsh (this is often noticeable when eating fresh fruits);
  • insignificant acidity, which is not to everyone's taste.

These minor disadvantages are fully compensated for by the high yield and excellent consumer properties. Increase the yield of tomato Cranberries in sugar are obtained by observing the rules for feeding and watering shrubs.

Planting seeds for seedlings

As mentioned above, it is possible to get a crop of Cranberry tomatoes in sugar even in an apartment on the balcony. But regardless of the method of growing tomato, agricultural technology will be one homogeneous.

The key to a successful harvest is growing seedlings, for which you need to sow seeds in March.

To do this, you first need to prepare easy, But at the same time nutrient soil, which is a mixture of humus, earth and river sand, previously washed.

To get good yields, it is recommended to soak the seeds in a growth stimulator for half a day before sowing, then sow them in a seedling container with well-moist soil and cover with foil. The seeding depth is 2 cm.

Tomato seeds Cranberries in sugar sprout together, 4-6 days after planting, and the optimum temperature for germination is 23-25 ​​degrees.

After the appearance of strong sprouts, the film is removed, and the seedling containers are installed under bright light or under special lamps.

After 2 real leaves appear on the sprouts, the seedlings transplanted into separate containers... Until the seedlings are planted in a permanent place, you need to feed it 2 times with complex fertilizers.

Transplanting seedlings into open ground

They begin to plant seedlings in a permanent place at the age 60-65 days... First, you need to prepare the soil for planting, and spray the seedlings with the following solution - 1 g of boric acid must be diluted in 1 liter of water. Thanks to this, it will be possible to reduce the stressful situation for the bush so that it does not lose the inflorescences.

It is necessary to plant tomato seedlings in loamy and fertile soil, while wood ash and superphosphate must be added to each hole. The interval between the holes should be 45 cm, and between the rows - at least 60 cm, moreover, it is desirable that they be staggered.

Shrub care

Cultivation of cranberries in sugar is not much different from other types of tomato. Basic care measures include:

  • watering;
  • loosening;
  • top dressing;
  • weed removal.

Since these are rather compact bushes, they do not require pinching and pinching... To make the bushes better ventilated, you can remove the lower leaves on them. Watering is moderate, preferably in the morning and only with warm water.

Watering should be weekly before buds appear.

Every 2 weeks the plant needs feed with complex fertilizers... During the growth period, the plant needs nitrogen-containing fertilizers.

During the appearance of ovaries and the development of fruits, feeding is carried out with an aqueous solution of potash and phosphorus fertilizers. Phosphorus is poorly absorbed at temperatures below +15 degrees.

If you follow agricultural techniques, then the first crop of tomatoes will appear in July and will delight gardeners until mid-September.

Diseases and prevention

The Cranberry variety in sugar is practically not affected by the main diseases of the nightshade - late blight and fusarium, but it susceptible to mosaic.

When sick bushes appear, they must be immediately removed from the garden and burned, since the disease is transmitted by insects. A small crack on the leaves or branches of tomatoes is enough for a healthy plant to get sick.

To prevent the occurrence of viral diseases, you need to carry out preventive measures:

  • calcining the soil before planting;
  • planting on beds after legumes, greenery;
  • can not be planted after potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants;
  • spraying the bushes with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, phytosporin and other biological products.

In greenhouses and apartments, tomatoes can damage spider mites or aphids, which helps to cope with the treatment of plants with insecticides. However, it can be carried out only before the beginning of the ripening of the crop.

To protect the bushes from damage by slugs, regular spraying with ammonia solution, which is easy to prepare at home, will help.

Tomato Cranberries in sugar are often chosen by lovers of garden experiments. After all, its fruiting bushes will become a real decoration of any garden or apartment. Compliance with all growing conditions and careful plant care will make it easy to get a large harvest of these tomatoes. After all, many appreciate them precisely for the opportunity to decorate their dishes and give food an exquisite taste.

Cranberries in sugar are an early ripening variety of tomatoes. Fruit can be harvested on average 75-80 days after the first shoots appear... Tomatoes are versatile and can be eaten fresh or used for canning whole fruits. They are intended for cultivation both in open and closed ground in all regions of the country. The marketable yield of the variety is 2.3–2.8 kg / m 2. Plants are resistant to late blight and bad climatic conditions.

The sugar cranberry tomato was registered in the State Register in 2012. Agrofirma Aelita LLC is engaged in the production of its seeds.

Description of the vegetable crop

The characteristic and description of the tomato variety Countryman allows you to accurately study how to properly care for it so that many tasty fruits grow. This species belongs to varieties from Siberia. Many people prefer just such fruits for their rich harvest, unpretentiousness, immunity to diseases.

Ripening of vegetables occurs three months after germination. The bush is not very tall, about 60-70 centimeters. Accordingly, he does not need to be tied up. The foliage does not grow densely, the inflorescences are simple.

Fruits are oval, plum-like, smooth. They have a stalk. Fruit color is red, different shades. They have a small weight of 50-70 grams, but a sufficient number of them ripen on one brush. Taste sweet and sour, tomato, delicate aroma. They can be cut into a salad, salted, pickled, and juiced. The pulp is fleshy, juicy. The skin is firm.

The compatriot tomatoes are grown in seedlings. They grow best in greenhouses where special conditions are created for them. They love good soils, only then they give a wonderful harvest of fruits.

Tomato Cranberries in sugar: variety description

Cherry tomato Cranberries in sugar are classified as early ripening varieties - 45-50 days pass from the moment the seeds germinate to the collection of small fruits.

This tomato variety is a low determinant bush that most often does not need to be formed and tied to strong supports. The height of well leafy shoots can reach 0.6 m. After the plant reaches its maximum height, the last bunch with fruits is formed at its top, and the shoot does not grow further.

During the period of intense fruiting, small red fruits ripen on the clusters.

Tomato bushes Cranberries in sugar are of the standard type, which are small trees on which side stems are not formed. Gradually, foliage appears on the plants - small, sparsely located, wrinkled, with a characteristic gloss and rare large teeth along the edges, of a rich emerald color.

Tomato Cranberries in sugar - video

On the bushes, complex inflorescences are formed, racemose, on each of which up to 6-10 small fruits can form. The first brush is formed above the fourth to fifth leaflet, and each subsequent brush is formed after two leaves.

Ripe cherry fruits are small in size, rounded, similar to cranberries, which is why the variety got this name. Weight of ripe fruits of tomato Cranberry in sugar - no more than 15-20 g... The skin is quite dense, bright red in color, smooth, shiny, not prone to cracking. It is characteristic that the fruits of this variety are approximately even, after full ripening, even in the region of the stalk, no green spot remains.

The pulp is firm, tender, with walls of medium thickness, in each fruit there may be 2 or 3 seed chambers with a small number of seeds.

The taste of ripe tomato fruits Cranberries in sugar is sour, with a small amount of sugar, while a large amount of acid is found in the pulp of the fruit. Many people say that these fruits taste like cranberries without sugar.

The harvested crop can be transported to any distance, thanks to the dense skin, it is calmly stored in a cool place for at least one and a half weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The tomato of the Bezrazmechny variety treats unfavorable weather conditions calmly, it can easily endure the heat and is stable in strong winds. But these are not all of its positive qualities.

The large-fruited variety Dimensional is its plus, but it is also considered a minus due to the poor keeping quality of tomatoes.

  • good germination of planting material
  • unpretentious care
  • no need for pinning
  • high yield and extended fruiting
  • excellent taste of tomatoes.
  • under the weight of the fruit, the stems can break, so the bush needs to be tied
  • on the same plant, tomatoes are different in size and weight
  • fruits are unsuitable for long-term storage
  • due to the increased sugar content, tomatoes are not considered universal
  • transportation is possible only for unripe fruits.

Tomato Cranberries in sugar. Waiting for the harvest

I continue to test the "Cranberry in sugar" tomato.

tomato seedlings Cranberries in sugar planted in open ground. The plants were tied up and mulched. Until the end of June, the weather was warm, the plants took root, and they began feeding with herbal infusion based on the "Shining-3" preparation. Seedling growth was practically not observed.

From the beginning of July, cold and rainy weather began, night temperatures reached +6 degrees. The seedlings turned yellow, their growth stopped. I thought it was temporary, as the long-term forecast promised a warm summer. I had to install an arc greenhouse with Spunbond covering material over the tested plants. Unfortunately, I did it late, the time was lost.
I do not have a photo with yellow-purple tomato seedlings Cranberries in sugar in this period.

21.07.19 The long-awaited warmth returned. Seedlings noticeably cheered up, turned green, but there was no serious growth. I removed the lower yellowed leaves. I continue weekly watering with herbal infusion.
15.08.19 The seedlings have recovered, the first flowers have appeared. At this time, we are already holding indeterminate tomatoes to accelerate the ripening of the crop, and my determinant plants have just begun to bloom.
01.09.19 on tomato seedlings Cranberries in sugar the first ovaries appeared, it is a pity that it is late, despite the expected "Indian summer", the fruits of the tomato Cranberries in sugar will not have time to ripen.

01.09.19 - on tomato seedlings Cranberries in sugar the first ovaries appeared

15.09.19 ovaries on tomato seedlings Cranberries in sugar have grown up, but most of the fruits are not yet ripe. "Indian Summer" is over, it gets colder.
I had to urgently remove the tomato crop Cranberries in sugar and complete testing.

15.09.19ovaries on tomato seedlings Cranberries in sugar grown up.

Tomato testing Cranberries in sugar completed.
One plant was tested. Plant height 75 cm.Collected 15 grams of tomato Cranberries in sugar.

Fruits of various sizes and even the largest ones have not even reached technical maturity.

15.09.19 from tomato Cranberries in sugarcollected 15 grams of fruit.

I put the collected fruits on ripening between the layers of sphagnum moss, but I doubt that such small fruits can ripen.


Tomato testing Cranberries in sugar the vagaries of the weather prevented.
With timely planting in the ground, the cold summer delayed the process of growth, flowering and fruiting of seedlings. Despite good care, get the long-awaited tomato harvest Cranberries in sugar failed. But already in the process of growing seedlings, it was established that the growth of the plant did not match the parameters declared by the manufacturers.

Despite all the difficulties of testing, the variety continues to interest. I will definitely repeat the cultivation of this variety of tomatoes, I hope that in more comfortable conditions.

Transplanting seedlings

Transplanting Cranberry tomatoes in sugar into open ground can be carried out when the threat of frost has completely passed. The seedlings should be between 50 and 60 days old. For disembarkation, a 40x60 scheme is chosen. A distance of 40 cm is left between the bushes, and 60 cm between the rows.

Before planting, you will need to dig up the soil and add peat and superphosphate to it. The soil is dug to a depth of approximately 20 cm. Superphosphate is applied at the rate of 50-80 g per 1 m², and peat - 3 kg per the same area. Then be sure to water the soil.


Peat acidifies the soil, which tomatoes do not like. Moreover, it does not have good nutritional properties. It is used to impart greater moisture capacity to sandy loam soils and to lighten heavy clay and loamy soils. Enrich the soil for tomatoes by introducing humus or compost.

After that, holes are dug in the ground with a depth of 15-20 cm. Plants are planted in them, evenly distributing their root system over the hole. The seedlings should not be buried too deep, the growth line of the lower leaves should be on the surface.


They try to transplant tomato seedlings by transferring them into the ground from seedling cups or cassette cells, without destroying the earthen coma entwined with roots. It is not necessary to straighten the root system.

Immediately after planting, watering is performed daily for the first 5 days. It should not be too frequent, but abundant - 1-2 times a week will be enough. In extreme heat, watering tomatoes with Cranberries in sugar is increased up to 3 times a week, and in rainy periods it is not required at all.

It is important to monitor the condition of the soil and prevent both its drying out and waterlogging.One bush consumes 5 liters of water with a temperature of 23-27 ° C.


The plant does not require pinching and a garter, but you must not forget about feeding. Since the variety is early maturing, it is fed three times per season. The first feeding is performed 10 days after planting with nitrogen fertilizers - ammonium nitrate or urea. (15-20 g per 1 sq. M.)

The second top dressing of tomato Cranberries in sugar falls during the flowering period, a solution of chicken manure (0.5 liters per 10 liters of water) is used for it with the addition of 1 tsp. potassium sulfate. To fertilize one bush, 1 liter of solution is used.

The last dressing allows you to extend the fruiting period. It is performed using such a solution: 10 liters of water are diluted with nitrophos (1 tbsp. L.) And mullein (500 g). Consumption of the substance per bush is about 1 liter.

Bush formation and tying

Formation is carried out in 1-2 stems. It is important to monitor the condition of the shoots. If necessary, remove dry leaves or leaves thickening the bush. When grown in a greenhouse, bushes can grow up to 1.2 m in height. In this case, you will need a support in the form of stakes, to which you can tie the shoots.

Prevention of diseases and pests

A tomato of the Cranberry variety in sugar is highly resistant to diseases, but prevention (especially of tobacco mosaic) will not hurt it. To do this, use a solution of Bordeaux liquid. The plant is sprayed with it 2-3 times during the growing season. For its preparation, it is necessary to dilute 100 g of vitriol and 75 g of lime in 10 liters of water. The consumption of the substance will be 2 liters per 10 m².

To prevent the invasion of slugs, wood ash is used. You need to sprinkle it on the soil, the consumption per bush will be 50 g. You can also use it for spraying. In this case, 100 g of the substance is diluted in 10 liters of water and infused for several hours. Consumption - 0.5 liters per bush.

Garlic tincture is used to scare off other pests. In 10 liters of water, dilute 1.5 tbsp. chopped garlic, and then add potassium permanganate (2 g). 0.5 liters of funds are spent on the bush. Plants should be treated with this solution during the period of ovary formation and after it every 14 days.

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