How to decorate a tree stump in the garden with your own hands: 6 interesting ideas for skilled summer residents

How to decorate a tree stump in the garden with your own hands: 6 interesting ideas for skilled summer residents

There comes a time when a tree that has been bearing fruit for many years or simply delighted you with its spreading crown has to be cut down. As a result, an unsympathetic stump is formed in its place, with which you need to do something. You can, of course, uproot it, but often such work requires serious physical effort. After all, the root system of an old tree remains branched and very strong. If you also don't want to dig a pit to extract the root, you just have to figure out how to decorate a stump in the garden with your own hands.

Idea # 1 - "tree stump on a spring day"

Of course, the old tree stump will not bloom by itself, but this does not mean that flowers cannot grow on it. This really happens if you plant low annual flowers, herbaceous or even ornamental plants on a stump. Their presence will greatly ennoble and revive the saw cut of a tree.

All these modest flowers look very impressive in a single bouquet, which, like a vase, holds the simplest stump.

To bring this idea to life, you need a minimum cost. We level the surface of the stump, after which we make depressions in the stump. They should be such that the root system of the plant you have chosen can develop unhindered. A landmark can happen, for example, a flower pot.

You can simply make one indentation in the stump by removing the core from it. This is easy to do when we are dealing with rotten hemp. From tools we will need a saw or chisel with a hammer. If the stump has appeared on your site relatively recently, it is better to use the core burning method.

Surely such a stump will become a real decoration of your garden at the very beginning of the last spring month and on the eve of summer

Drill a hole deep enough in the center of the stump so that kerosene can be poured into it. In this case, the side surface should not be less than 7 cm, so that after the removal of the core, our structure remains intact. Fill with kerosene and plug the hole in the hemp with a stopper.

After about half a day, add kerosene and plug the hole again tightly. Leave the tree stump alone for one to two weeks. Then remove the plug and light the core of the stump. When it burns out, the resulting flowerpot should be treated with an antiseptic so that the flower bed will last longer.

Drill holes inside the recess to eliminate stagnant water. Now we put inside the garden soil mixed with nutrients, after which we plant the seedlings or bulbs. When a lush cap of flowers forms on the stump, it will not look old and unsightly at all.

If you are not sure about the strength of the walls of your new flowerpot from the stump and are afraid that they may begin to crumble, you can reinforce them with a net.

You can see a variety of options for what you can do with your own hands from a stump in the country in this video:

Idea # 2 - tree stump as garden furniture

To make an interesting thing out of an old stump, for example, a piece of furniture, you need a good tool and some skills for such work. But tools are not a problem today. And about skills, you can say this: all great masters were once apprentices. So let's try at least. What are you risking in the end? Only with an old stump.

Option # 1 - stump as a chair

Let's say you just mapped out a tree for a saw cut. It would be nice if he had a thick trunk. We remove the branches, moving from the thin upper ones to the stronger lower ones. Now that you have a trunk in front of you, you need to mark it out.

If we want to make a chair, it is more convenient to place the seat at a height of 40-60 cm from the ground. Let's say it will be 50 cm. We put a chalk mark at this height. But the chair still has a back. Add another 50 cm to it.At a height of 100 cm, we also put a mark with chalk. A cut will pass along this mark, which is best done with a chainsaw.

You can learn how to properly cut a tree with a chainsaw from the material:

It is difficult to say to what extent the chair shown in this photo is of natural origin, but it is this that illustrates well the result of the work described in this section.

Now we will shape the back of the chair. To do this, we need to make a horizontal cut at the level of the seat. That is where our first chalk mark is. We make a cut to a depth of 2/3 of the trunk. We saw through from the side into which the chair will be turned in the future.

To form the back, we will make a vertical cut from above until we reach the previous, horizontal one. We remove the piece of the trunk cut in this way.

The base has been created, you can proceed to the decorative finish. For this work, we will need different accessories from a grinder to a chisel. It all depends on how you decide to decorate the resulting chair. In any case, it will no longer be a stump sticking out in plain sight, but a comfortable chair, sitting on the seat of which, you can have a good rest.

Option # 2 - the original table

When you made the chair, you chose not to part with the bark. Now we have to make a garden table, the leg of which will be the stump itself. And this time it is better to get rid of the bark. For this we can use a chisel or chisel. We will work as carefully as possible: after all, we do not want to damage the wood at all.

This photo clearly shows how exactly you need to nail the holders to which the tabletop will be attached in the future.

We stuff two perpendicular wooden planks on the side of the stump. We fix on them in pairs perpendicularly fastened to each other four holders. We make the tabletop from boards, and we fasten them together with planks.

The table top can be made round. To do this, it is enough to draw a circle, using an impromptu compass made of a pencil, rope and nail for this purpose. We drive a nail into the center of the tabletop, to which a rope with a pencil at the end is tied. We outline a circle and delete everything that went beyond its borders.

The tabletop, fixed on a leg, which was once a stump, needs to be treated with special protective compounds, and it is better to close such a table for the winter

We nail the finished tabletop to the holders with nails or fasten it with self-tapping screws. The finished product must be impregnated with a protective solution that will prolong its life.

Idea # 3 - funny compositions

Option # 1 - unusual sculpture

Implementing the following idea is not at all difficult. And now the dry skeleton of your tree is being sawed by little men, similar to green grasshoppers. It is easy to make such babies yourself, using wire, pieces of tin or plastic for this purpose. Similar fairy-tale characters can be purchased in a shop selling souvenirs and toys.

The figures are very cleverly made, and the whole composition leaves an amazing positive impression: the little men must be fixed securely so that they are not damaged by bad weather.

These funny figures can be screwed to the trunk using self-tapping screws, wire or clamps. Such a comic composition will decorate your garden and attract the attention of your friends and neighbors.

Option # 2 - decorative fly agaric

If you think that making a fly agaric from a tree stump is easy, then you are absolutely right. All that is needed for this is an old enamel or iron bowl and aerosol. The bowl needs to be cleaned and painted with red spray paint. After it dries, on a red background, draw white rounds, exactly like the specks on the cap of the fly agaric.

Numerous other objects can be placed next to the handsome fly agaric, which help to revive the composition, to make it complete

The stump also needs to be painted white. It would be nice to draw a funny grinning face on it. But here's how fantasy tells. It remains only to put on an elegant hat on the leg and boldly declare that the fly agaric is ready! By the way, it is not necessary to make a fly agaric. It can also be a porcini mushroom. It's just that the fly agaric looks more elegant.

To complete the picture, we suggest that you put pebbles, for example, green, at the foot of your mushroom. They, like a picture frame, will create a border for your work. However, you can do without them.

Using stone painting, you can also make an original decor element. Read about it:

These porcini mushrooms are also made from hemp, only in a completely different way: both the leg and the cap of the mushroom are cut from the wood of the stump itself and painted in the appropriate colors

Option # 3 - fabulous teremok

If a person is not deprived of imagination, then even from a dry stump he is able to make a whole work of art - a fairy-tale castle or a teremok, inhabited by the most amazing fairy-tale characters. Such a craft can become a source of pride for the owner of the site, if you work on it with soul.

A nice Japanese-style house, complemented by a small hut, most likely intended for a traditional tea ceremony

The stump itself can serve as the main part of the castle, on which all additional decor will be attached. In order not to miss anything, we propose to make a sketch of the future structure and subsequently try to follow it.

Decorating details can be cut from a piece of fiberboard or plywood. They should be attached to the stump with self-tapping screws. All components must be impregnated to protect them from decay. In addition, they can be painted in the desired color.

The material on making plywood crafts for garden decoration may also be helpful:

Children will really like such a cute house with figures, who will undoubtedly immediately adapt it for their fun games.

Sometimes in the trunk of a dry tree, very low from the surface of the earth, there are hollows, growths. All these details, despite their natural origin, are easily used in the composition. For example, small toy ladders with funny gnomes on them can hang from the hollow. And on the growth, you can place a toy grand piano with a squirrel pianist.

Do not forget to pay attention to the roof of the building. For her, an old leaky bucket will do. By the way, artificial or live plants knocking out of the hole in the roof of such a structure will look very attractive.

This video focuses on a wide variety of characters made from tree stumps:

Idea # 4 - decorate the tree stump with potted flowers

We have already described how you can decorate a stump with flowers that are grown in it, but there is another option for such a decoration. If several branches have survived on the stump, you can hang the same flowers on them, but grown in pots. They can look very impressive.

Even if there are no branches, the flower pot can be placed on the stump itself or around it, creating a special aura of flowering and continuing life. Hemp looks great as a decorative stand for plant pots when sanded well to allow the wood to show its texture.

Despite the simplicity of this composition, it looks very impressive and emphasized in a rustic way: for the country style it suits perfectly

But at the same time, do not forget that a tree located in an open area needs protection - impregnations that will resist decay.

Idea # 5 - garden sculptures

Everyone can create garden figurines from tree stumps, but real artists produce wonderful works of art that are striking in their realism. If you are driven by the desire to simply decorate your site, then you can create a simple image that does not require special skills.

Surely this gorgeous deer who speaks in the spring forest is expertly carved from a regular tree stump by a high-level professional.

Making a simple figurine from a tree stump is not at all difficult. Those who sculpted snowmen in childhood can apply the accumulated experience in this case. Twigs will play the role of hands, instead of a nose and mouth we will attach knots, Eyes can be made from brown bottoms from plastic bottles. The cork from the same bottles will play the role of the pupil.

All this is attached to the hemp with self-tapping screws. On the horizontal surface of the saw cut, you can simply spread pine cones that will imitate hair. Here is such a caretaker for the garden, which we whipped up, is ready.

But any schoolchild can make such a funny watchman for a summer residence, and it is for this that such a garden sculpture is appreciated

If it happened that you had to cut down a number of country trees, do not be sad. This situation also has its positive side. But now you have a large number of stumps located close to each other. And that's not bad at all. Make them a fabulous country for your kids, putting into practice all the information that you have already received in this article.

It will be just a great place to play. First, you have to peel each stump from the bark. To do this, you need a chisel and a hammer. The chisel must be inserted between the bark and the trunk of the tree, and then gently knock on it with a hammer. The bark will move away from the trunk and soon the stump will completely lose it. It can now be sanded thoroughly using medium grit sandpaper.

Such an owl could easily become a companion of Baba Yaga herself and settle in her hut, flying out of her from time to time to hunt

Be sure to wipe off wood dust formed during work with a damp cloth. The tree prepared in this way should be treated with an antiseptic, which will protect it from decay.

Now you can start decorating the stump. Let's choose a big tree stump to turn it into a real Baba Yaga's house. Let's take chalk and outline the location of the future windows and doors of the grandmother's hut. Recesses in wood for doors and windows can be made using a chisel and hammer.

We need pieces of boards, from which we have to make doors and shutters on the windows. These details of the future structure can be painted right now, while they are not yet nailed into place. Doors and shutters should be nailed to the places indicated on the stump with nails, from which the caps have been bitten off. Completing the decoration of the hut, you can collect twigs and driftwood of an unusual shape in the area to stick them around the house of Baba Yaga. Let them portray the dense years.

On smaller stumps, you can depict heroes of a variety of folk tales or funny cartoon characters. You can decorate these stumps and draw the planned heroes on them using paints for outdoor work. The images on the outside will wonderfully complement the flowers planted right inside the stumps. How to do this was described in detail at the beginning of the article. You can also limit yourself to pots with plants.

Another wonderful composition, made by a professional artist and sculptor, creates a great mood inherent in a small fabulous corner of your garden.

Let's turn a couple of stumps into children's chairs. To do this, we will not even cut out a massive back. If you still have old chairs, take their backs for this work. They should be carefully freed from the varnish, and then, using ordinary nails, nailed to the seats from the stumps. The only thing left to do is to paint the finished chairs in bright colors that children will surely like.

Just turn the small remaining stumps into a flock of fly agarics, using bowls or basins of the appropriate size as their hats.Now you know exactly how such fly agarics can be made. Everything, the improvisation on the theme of a fairy tale is ready.

Idea # 6 - "green monster"

Another idea of ​​how you can ennoble the stump may also interest you. For this purpose, you need a hefty stump with a powerful root system, which is lurking in a shady place. If you have one on your site, you can consider yourself lucky.

A large moss-covered tree stump looks mysterious, as if it got into your garden straight from Twilight or some other saga

Buy a moss variety from the store that suits your climate. You need to plant the moss on a tree stump. To make it start, you will periodically have to spray it with water. Now it is important that the moss grows. When this happens, you will be able to fully appreciate the grandeur of the resulting creation.

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Unusual stump beds or how to decorate a tree stump in the garden. 60 photos

Hello dear readers! If you are the happy owner of private land, then you probably strive to somehow improve your personal plot - you plant flowers of incredible beauty, fruit trees, bushes, etc. But what if the once beautiful tree did not survive the next season, and simply withered ?! Of course, it must be cut down or even uprooted. And if after removing the missing tree together in the root system, on the site there is no hint of the tree being here, then after the cut there will be an unpleasant stump that will spoil the whole perception of the garden area with its appearance. But you should not despair, such a stump can serve as an excellent decor for the garden, you just need to beat it correctly, and beautiful flowers will help in this matter. So, today the site "Comfort in the House" presents to your attention wonderful flowerbeds of stumps, below you can study suitable photos, and also learn about the secrets of creating such flowerbeds.

Unusual stump beds.

How to decorate a tree stump in the garden. Stump flower beds

On my site near the house there was a huge spreading apricot tree, or rather, kulgi, as they call it here.

(Kulga is a wild-growing apricot, its fruits are only slightly smaller than the cultivated one, but are even sweeter than the latter.)

After moving to my new place of residence, at first I was amazed at how many apricots grow here. You go out into the street, and apricots literally fall on your head from the sky! Fall and fall! Just some kind of paradise!

And before, I saw apricots only on the market and very rarely ate them.

One year we had so many apricots in the Stavropol Territory that I had to throw them away in buckets. It was such a pity! But she simply did not have time to process, and cooked jam, and compotes, and juices, and dried a lot. But still, a lot of apricots were spoiling quickly.

This year is again fruitful for apricots, and this does not often happen. So I remembered this story, a little with sadness, because my beloved tree died long ago, probably dried up from old age and broke spontaneously, leaving behind a large stump.

In this stump, I made a mini-flower bed for a couple of years, planted petunia and purslane in it. It was very beautiful. But now this stump has already rotted.

But, back to the essence of our topic, how to decorate a stump in the garden and make a flower bed out of a stump with your own hands.

In general, of course, a flower bed is a loud saying. A mini-flower bed can only be obtained from a large wide stump. And from medium-sized stumps, a kind of natural flowerpot is more likely to turn out.

How to decorate a tree stump in the garden

So, if there are stumps in your garden and you are in no hurry to uproot them, you can start decorating them.

Depending on the size: diameter and height, type of stump, it can be turned into a fungus, for example, by putting on a hat from an old bowl or bucket.

There are talents who carve various fairy-tale figures from tree stumps and trunks. I even have examples here.

You can stuff small stands on the stump, on which you can place flowers in pots, or just put them on top of the stump.

The easiest option is to hide the stump from sight: sprinkle it with earth, make small slopes, arrange stones around it, plant various plants. Something like a fashionable slide will turn out.

Or you can take an old tire, throw it on a stump, and close it with something on top. Make a nice chair. You can cover the tire with earth and plant flowers on top - that's a good flower bed.

Depending on the location of the stump and your wishes, you can decorate and adapt the old stump in different ways, including making a small flower garden inside the stump.

How to make a flower bed from a tree stump

By the way, even if there are no old stumps in your garden, you can get them in the forest. Some people do just that, because a stump flower bed is a very interesting modern solution in the design of a summer cottage.

It is better if the stump is old, so it is easier to work with it.

It is advisable not to touch the stump from a freshly sawn tree for a while until it dries well.

A flowerbed from a stump can be made in two ways: insert a flowerpot with flowers inside or pour soil into the hole in the stump and plant flowers.

The whole process of creating a flower bed from a stump is clearly visible in the photo.

(I used photos from the sites and

But there are some nuances, which I will tell you about in more detail.

1. From a very old stump, it is enough to simply select the dust, as it was in my case.

If the stump is from a freshly sawn tree, then you cannot do without male hands and locksmith tools.

In the case of making a flower bed from small pieces of logs, you must first prune saw the bottom edge to get an even base.

Then measure out the desired height and cut off the top.

2.In the stump it is necessary make a deepening with a hoe, ax or chainsaw.

First, you should draw the outlines, stepping back from the edge of 5 centimeters or more, it does not matter.

With the help of a chainsaw, they begin to cut through the wood, then remove the chips and break large areas with a hammer.

Working with a saw again. And so on until you get a hole of the desired depth. Usually it is from 10 to 20 cm, depending on what we plan to plant.

Using the same chainsaw, you can drill a hole in the bottom of the stump for drainage.

If you intend to insert pots with flowers into the hole, then they must match each other in size.

3.Then follows process the inner walls the stump with an antiseptic or paint it so that the stump lasts longer, does not rot quickly, and the stump flower bed delights us with its beauty.

I missed this stage at one time, therefore I lost the original flower bed. Although, of course, it still depends on the age of the tree and its condition.

4.We make drainage... If the plants are to be planted directly into the stump, drainage must be done to prevent moisture from stagnating in the stump.

For this purpose, expanded clay, gravel are suitable, you can take a piece of polystyrene from the packaging of some kind of household appliances, and even simpler a tray of expanded polystyrene - the same one in which various products are now packaged.

5.We fill in the soil... It is better to mix two parts of the soil and part of the compost, or take the purchased soil, mix it with the soil from the garden and add sand, I usually do this.

6We plant the plants.

What flowers can be planted on a stump flower bed? Yes, in principle, any flowers with a small root system will do: petunia, begonia, geranium, purslane, flax, oxalis, marigolds, pansies, primroses, as well as daffodils and tulips.

If the flowerbed is large, then it is better to plant erect plants in the middle, and ampelous along the edges.

All that remains is to water the flowers and admire the handmade flower bed made from the stump.

Here in this video are more examples of photos of beautiful unusual flower beds from a stump.

A few creative ideas on how to decorate a tree stump in the garden with your own hands

There are many options for transforming the remains of a tree, the main thing is to use imagination. We offer several original ideas for decorating the garden area.

DIY pot of flowers on a tree stump

By decorating an old snag with flowering plants, you can get a natural vase full of various colors. This is quite simple to do. In the center of the hemp, you need to carve a space that is suitable in volume for a flower pot. If the wood is rotten, it will not be difficult to make a depression.

The walls of the resulting container are treated with an antiseptic. Garden soil mixed with fertilizers is poured into the prepared recess. Seedlings of plants are planted. Water the flower bed carefully, avoiding excessive moisture. Several holes can be made in the hemp body, which will serve as a drainage system, will prevent excessive accumulation of moisture in the soil. If the wood of the stump is dense, the indentation can be made using the burning method. For this purpose, in the center of the saw cut, with the help of a drill, a recess is made into which kerosene is poured. The hole is closed with a plug. This manipulation is performed several times. A week later, after the wood has been sufficiently saturated with combustible material, the center of the tree is set on fire. After the core burns out, a natural depression is formed, which will serve as a future flowerpot. The inner walls of the flowerpot are treated with an antiseptic, plants are planted.

Various vegetation can be selected:

  • flowering annuals
  • weaving greens.

The edges of the stump, if its location permits, can be ennobled with moss, and the center can be filled with lush bushes, for example, ferns. Here, the imagination is limitless, the main thing is to choose the right varieties of plants.

Street lamp

By the principle of a flowerpot, you can make a wooden candlestick. If the stump is located near the recreation area, additional lighting will come in handy. A solar-powered garden lamp placed in the groove of the driftwood will look unusual and have a functional application.

Stump garden furniture

Another option for DIY garden stump crafts is to make an element of garden furniture out of it. The easiest way is to make a makeshift chair for outdoor seating. If the size of the cut tree allows it, a wonderful chair will come out. This option is easier to implement when the tree is just going to be cut down. This will allow you to calculate the optimal cutting height to create a comfortable seat. After cutting the main part of the wood, the remaining snag is processed, the edges are removed from excess bark, and polished. Prepared wood is opened with varnish. A ready-made makeshift chair can be decorated with a colorful fabric seat.

By the same principle, a stump can be used to make a garden table for relaxation. The table top is made from knocked down boards, a solid piece of wood. The structure is fastened with strips, screwed with self-tapping screws to the center of the driftwood. If the tree was large with bulky convex roots, this will add even more uniqueness to the table.

Decorative compositions

Decorating with small figurines of gnomes, grasshoppers or other characters, an old tree stump can be turned into a fabulous island, pleasant to contemplate. With the help of a chisel in the trunk of the driftwood, you can cut out an impromptu window, a door, and lay out a small path of small stones next to it. Decorate the resulting stump houses for the garden with your own hands with an impromptu mini-garden, planting several low-growing, flowering plants.

If it is difficult to work with a chisel, but you really like the idea of ​​how to decorate a stump in the garden with your own hands with the help of fairy-tale characters, turn the stump into a fly agaric, and put small figures of gnomes next to it. It's easy to make a fly agaric. We cover the old iron, plastic bowl with paint, draw characteristic white circles. We paint the polished stump in white, break it up with a lid.

Using a tree stump as a stand for a flower pot and more

The simplest use case. There is no need to burn or saw anything here. By simply sanding the wood and covering it with special anti-rotting agents, the tree stump can be used as a stand for flower pots. By placing a few other pots next to it, a good tiered flower bed will come out. Also, an old tree can be used as a stand for all sorts of small decorative fountains, bird feeders, etc.

Original figures from the stump for the garden

Option six, how to decorate a stump in the garden with your own hands - creating a sculpture or figurine. This idea is easy for people with woodcarving skills. Fantasy plus skill - works wonders. The choice of character depends on the height, width of the remains of the tree. It can be a small bird or a large deer wandering out of curiosity into the garden.

However, less pretentious sculptures can be made. You can make a goblin with the help of improvised means. Attaching eyes made from a plastic bottle, hands - small twigs, decorating the composition with cones, moss - a wonderful goblin will come out.

If the stump is in a damp, semi-shaded area of ​​the garden, it will make a beautiful islet of a moss garden. Having planted moss on wood, you need to take care of the planting for some time, moisten it so that the moss spores take root. Then the plant will do its job on its own. Covered with a thick layer of moss, the stump looks mysterious, attractive, fashionable.

Finally, I would like to recommend to all novice garden designers, thinking over the idea of ​​how to create crafts from tree stumps for the garden with your own hands, pay attention to the general concept of the garden plot. The made jewelry should organically complement the existing image, become a part of it.