Flowers mascots of the zodiac sign Leo

Flowers mascots of the zodiac sign Leo

Calendar of mascot plants of the zodiac sign Leo

July 24 to August 23 The sun goes through zodiac sign Leo... For people born under this sign, as well as having a strong Sun in their horoscope, success in creativity and love is especially important, recognition of their merits and merits is important. Leo flowers invisibly help to find the way to happiness in love and recognition of creative achievements. They are important for actors, artists, entrepreneurs, jewelers, entertainers, stock brokers, civil wives.

Balsam (touch-me-not)

Balsam is a herbaceous shrub with a height of 30 to 60 cm. The flowers are red, pink or variegated with a long, curved spur, located in the leaf axils. With proper care, it can bloom all year round. Specimens grown from summer cuttings can bloom all winter on a light windowsill.

It is good to have balsam in a house where disagreements occur between family members, leading to conflicts, where quarrels arise due to rejection of someone else's opinion. This flower frees the atmosphere from the energy of harsh rejection and neutralizes the energy of conflict. As a result, the energy in the home becomes softer, and family members do not take disagreements so personally.

In emotional and psychological terms, balsam is good for those who have lost interest in life. He develops in a person the ability to notice a guiding light in the darkness, can generate interesting ideas. In business contacts, balsam helps to measure your personal interests with external circumstances. The person begins to understand how to make the agreement mutually beneficial.

For the health of household members, balsam is important in that it protects them from heart attacks and from the onset of any forms of rheumatism.

Hibiscus (Chinese rose)

An evergreen shrub with shiny leaves. All summer blooms in large funnel-shaped flowers, simple or double, red, pink, white or yellow. Flowers replace each other almost daily. Chinese rose loves bright diffused light, but also tolerates partial shade well. At the end of winter, the plant is pruned to increase branching and replanted. Hibiscus can live up to 20 years or more. Chinese rose energizes the surrounding atmosphere. She absorbs the energies of depression, and radiates the energy of creation. The very atmosphere makes a person get up and do something. For health, Chinese rose is useful in that it stimulates the work of the heart, increases low blood pressure.

Zantedeschia Ethiopian (calla, calla)

This is a tuber-rhizome marsh plant, very moisture-loving. Homeland - South Africa. The leaves are shiny, arrow-shaped, 60-80 cm long. The type of flower is peculiar. The flower arrow ends with a yellow or white asymmetrical bell, which contains several small, densely set flowers. In June-July, calla is propagated by layering. The optimum temperature is +11 + 18 ° С. Calla can serve as a talisman of happiness for family members. It is also good to have it in a house where disputants live, painfully reacting to the fact that others do not understand them. The energy of the atmosphere, transformed by calla lilies, increases immunity against emotional exhaustion and despondency, from misunderstanding by other people. With calla lilies in the house, people feel happier. Calla strengthens the emotional and mental state of the creative person, protects against premature disappointment in his works, helps to act creatively, regardless of the circumstances. Calla lilies bring health benefits by protecting the body from the emergence of new diseases and from the development of existing diseases.

Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs:
Aries, calf, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Larisa Pavlova, astropsychologist


The cons of this zodiac sign are as follows:

  • Is slow, thinks long, wastes time and misses opportunities
  • Fears change much more than hopeless permanence
  • Stubborn due to adherence to principles, as a result of which he harms himself
  • Stingy - afraid to spend money, cares about savings more than about the quality of life
  • He does not know how to enjoy life: he lives boringly and does not as he wants, but as he should.

He himself suffers most of all because of the failed plans, which he built for too long, but too late he began to act.

Flowers-mascots of the zodiac sign Leo - garden and vegetable garden

Most often, the main work in the fields and in the garden begins in the spring with digging up the earth, then sowing and planting plants. Meeting the deadlines for this work is of great importance for their growth, maturation and resistance to weeds and pests. With a flawed Moon, the juices rush to the roots, the earth is ready to accept everything that we offer it, it is in the process of inhaling. When the moon is young, on the contrary, the juices rise up, ground growth begins, the earth in the process of exhalation.


    Planting or sowing terrestrial plants should be when the moon is young.

Exceptions to the general rule are dug lettuce and other vegetables that can move as arrows. Here, the optimal time for sowing and planting is the flawed Moon on the days of Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Then the leaves will grow quickly, beautiful heads of cabbage will form.

  • Vegetables growing underground should be sown or planted with a defective moon.
  • Using the lunar calendar (link at the bottom of the page), it is not at all difficult to find out the phase of the moon and its position in the zodiac. As for the sign of the zodiac, its choice depends on what qualities you want to get, what part of the plant should get the best chances.


      Fruits such as tomatoes are best planted in the days of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).

    Leafy vegetables (spinach, onions, lettuce, etc.) are best planted or sown on Water days (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). The same can be said for cauliflower and radish (leafy vegetables planted on the day of Virgo or Sagittarius are especially often followed by arrows).

    When planting root crops (celery, carrots, onions, radishes), no one is interested in their beautiful leaves, so it is better to choose the day of Fire (Aries, Leo. Sagittarius), but always with a flawed Moon. The days of the Earth (Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn) serve as an alternative. The exception is Potatoes: the flawed Moon is useful for him, but the sign of Pisces is ideal (especially if it is the third day after the full moon).

  • For planting flowers and medicinal herbs, the days of Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) are best suited when the moon is young.
  • If you have grasped the basic principle, then it is not at all difficult to make yourself a schedule of gardening work for the year. Of course, sometimes problems may appear that prevent you from working in the garden, sometimes it cannot be done due to weather conditions. But to pay attention to the fact that not everything affects negatively, it is very simple - nature offers ample opportunities for this. In the plant world, along with the phases of the moon, an important role is played by whether it is on the decline or on the rise, which can also be used for its own purposes, most often as an alternative with a lack of time in the main time frame.
    13 days when the moon is on the decline (the signs of Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio pass), a very important time for sowing and planting. Do not forget that the concept of "Moon in decline" has nothing to do with a flawed Moon. But if you look closely, you will notice that these rhythms overlap and affect each other.
    So there are several possibilities and alternatives for everything. The lunar calendar can be of great help, but it is by no means a shackle.

    Only zinnia can express the rich inner world, experience and wisdom of Pisces better than other colors. Light these beautiful and sophisticated "daisies" in your garden, and they will give you peace and harmony.

    As you can see, each sign has its own helper plant. But this does not mean at all that nothing else should be grown apart from him. Rather, add another gorgeous plant to your flowering garden or home garden. It certainly won't get any worse.

    The cardinal sign of the zodiac is ambitious and ambitious, active, independent. He tries to completely control any situation. He does not tolerate rudeness and attempts to manipulate himself, sometimes he is tactless. Responsive, knows how to reciprocate a kind attitude towards himself. Appreciates spiritual freedom.

    Relationships with others

    Aries easily makes contact and makes acquaintances quickly. The need for communication among the representative of this fiery zodiac sign is high, but he does not care in what society to spend time. Talking about anything doesn't interest him.

    Aries is caring and pays attention to everything that happens to his loved ones. Sometimes he is too demanding, but it is worth noting that Aries has much more claims to himself than to other people.

    Business qualities

    Aries is a responsible employee and a talented leader. This person feels most comfortable being among people, that is, working in a large team or constantly communicating on duty with clients. Aries knows how to competently negotiate and convince them that they are right.

    The representative of the fiery element refers to his occupation from a practical point of view, therefore he does not suffer if the main part of his activity is not to his liking. Career growth and decent earnings are important for Aries.

    Attitude towards money

    Aries strives for good material wealth, and prefers to achieve everything with his own labor. This person will never look for a sponsor, and will feel extremely uncomfortable being financially dependent on someone.

    A representative of the fiery element does not know how to save. He can spend his last savings on pleasure, but he does so not out of irresponsibility. If financial difficulties arise, Aries will find a way out of the situation, and will do it quickly.

    Family life

    Aries is responsible for creating a family. This person agrees to sacrifice all his free time so that his loved ones live in comfort and prosperity. At the same time, Aries is very demanding and sometimes tends to behave in an authoritarian manner. Usually he does this not out of a desire for power, but on the basis of good intentions, but the spouse and children are sometimes afraid to be frank with him.

    As a rule, Aries get married or get married once. If, for any reason, the marriage falls apart, it will be difficult for a representative of the fire element to re-arrange his personal life due to mistrust and resentment towards the opposite sex.

    Attitude towards sex

    Aries is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, but he does not intend to be content with casual relationships. He only needs a loved one with a similar level of sexual activity. Whether the intimate life will be diverse, for the most part, depends not on Aries, but on his partner. Aries is not inclined to spend hours creating a romantic atmosphere or pondering the details of a meeting, he generally does not plan such things in advance.

    In bed, Aries loves to be in charge. At least, it is important for him that the initiative for intimacy comes from him. With an insecure sexual partner, Aries can behave rudely.

    What signs will never forgive an offense

    Vindictive signs remember the insult for a long time, and then painfully take revenge. A rating of such signs of the zodiac that every person should know has been compiled.

    12. Libra is the most unforgettable of all. They will first weigh everything, and then decide that there is nothing to bother with all sorts of nonsense. They will never take revenge.

    11. Aquarius is too positive a person to take revenge, spoil his mood. It is better to forget hurtful words or actions, and then think about something pleasant.

    10. Gemini value communication, so they hardly take criticism. They believe that everyone should have their own opinion, so it is difficult to offend them. And if someone touches Gemini, they will prefer to just forget about this trouble and stop communicating with the offender.

    9. Pisces are generally not vindictive. In fact, Pisces are creative natures, and anyone can offend them. True, they do not take offense for a long time, having switched to something more pleasant. They are too kind to take revenge.

    8. Capricorns understand people for too long. Not every person manages to earn his respect, affection, and even more trust. Therefore, it is rather difficult to offend a representative of this sign. And if someone does him harm or even tries, then Capricorn will instantly break all ties. But there will be no revenge.

    7. Aries take revenge very rarely, quickly forgetting petty dirty tricks. If they are seriously hurt, they will be remembered for a long time.

    6. Cancer will remember all grievances for a long time. If cases related to revenge do not threaten him with anything, then he will take revenge without fail. If the dirty tricks are insignificant, then Cancer will not pay attention to them. Risking your comfort is not for Cancer.

    5. Leo is better not to offend, otherwise he will not forgive. Lions take revenge at once. But if there is no way to take revenge now, then wait, it will be later. The answer will certainly be very strong.

    4. Sagittarius almost never forgive. They take revenge immediately, without waiting for anything. They believe that every evil must be punished. Forgive the offender if he is dear to them or if the person, without realizing it, caused them trouble.

    3. Taurus falls into the top three most vindictive signs. Taurus are usually very kind people. But if the resentment pierced their heart, they will remember it for a very long time, although they will not harm the offender.

    2. Virgos are touchy and vindictive. They remember every insulting little thing, every insult and banter on themselves. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, they will take revenge. They will not take revenge if later they themselves feel bad.

    1. Here who is better not to hurt, it's the Scorpions. The most vindictive sign that never forgets offense. They take revenge right there. Even after taking out the offense, they will keep evil on this person for a long time and, if possible, will pay off again. The dangerous thing is that Scorpio's methods of revenge are the most sophisticated.

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