Salad recipes from Galina Alekseeva

Salad recipes from Galina Alekseeva

And again it is March, and again men are rushing about in search of worthy gifts for their women. Traditionally, we contribute to this bustle by offering original recipes for the festive table.

Salad "Come on, take away"

You will need: 2 processed cheese,
2 boiled carrots,
2 pickled cucumbers,
200-300 g of boiled pork,
1 can of whole pickled mushrooms,
2 medium boiled potatoes, 1 large onion,
3 boiled eggs, mayonnaise, herbs, salt, pepper.

The salad is stacked in layers in a deep salad bowl, greased with vegetable oil.

On its bottom, you need to put the mushrooms with their caps down, then the onion (cut it in half rings in advance, marinate in weak vinegar, squeeze) soak with mayonnaise. Next comes a layer of carrots, grated on a coarse grater. Then - pickled cucumbers cut into thin circles, soak them with mayonnaise. After that we spread a layer of minced meat with mayonnaise, then a layer of grated processed cheese curds in mayonnaise (so that they rub well, put them in the freezer for 15 minutes), then a layer of grated potatoes with mayonnaise. The last are grated eggs in mayonnaise. Season the layers to taste with salt and pepper (except for cheese and cucumbers). Put the salad in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Before serving, you flip it onto a flat dish that is larger in diameter than the salad bowl, and the salad turns out to be mushroom caps facing up. Decorate it with greens.

Royal salad

You will need: 1 head of onion,
beef or veal - 400 g,
boiled potatoes - 3-4 pcs., pickled cucumbers - 4 pcs.,
1 large beet.

Finely chop the onions and marinate in mild vinegar, squeeze and put in the first layer on a large dish. Cut the boiled meat into small cubes, put on the onion. Pour mayonnaise over the meat. Cut the boiled potatoes into cubes and lay out the next layer, sprinkle everything with vegetable oil, put finely chopped cucumbers on top, put the chopped beets on them. Grease the salad with mayonnaise on top and sides, decorate to your liking.

Miller salad

It is necessary: 300 g champignons, fresh or frozen,
1-2 heads of onions, 200 g of cheese,
300 g of any boiled meat,
3-4 pickled cucumbers,
4 boiled eggs
1 boiled carrot
2-3 boiled potatoes, mayonnaise.

Mushrooms, onion, finely chop and fry, put in a salad bowl, then put a layer of grated cheese, mayonnaise, a layer of finely chopped meat, grated pickles, grated eggs, mayonnaise, grated carrots, grated potatoes, mayonnaise. You can rub the cheese and egg on top if you wish.

Salad "Delight"

Required: 1 boiled chicken leg
300-400 g frozen mushrooms,
300-400 g frozen green beans,
1 large onion, mayonnaise, salt.

Finely chop the mushrooms and onion, salt and fry in vegetable oil. We throw the beans into boiling water for a few minutes and put them in a colander, let them dry a little. We disassemble the boiled meat from the bones and finely chop. We mix all the products, add mayonnaise, if necessary, salt to taste.

Salad cake

For him you need: 1 cup boiled rice
2 chicken breasts,
2 cans of canned corn,
250 g pickled mushrooms,
250 g crab sticks
whites of 5 eggs,

Boil chicken breasts. Put a circle of foil on a salad bowl, grease the bottom and sides of the foil with mayonnaise (a little), then lay out a layer of rice (salt a little), fill it with mayonnaise, then lay out a layer of grated crab sticks (you can use crab noodles), fill it with mayonnaise, the next layer of corn, fill with mayonnaise, chop the mushrooms and spread the next layer, fill with mayonnaise. Lay out the chopped chicken meat with the last layer, fill it with mayonnaise. Carefully remove the foil, grease the sides of the cake with mayonnaise. Grate the squirrels and sprinkle them over the whole cake (top and sides). You can decorate the surface of the cake with yolks, as well as greens.

To the attention of men: for those of you who do not shine with culinary skills, but still want to surprise and please your lady, we offer the simplest Japanese dishes for cooking.


To prepare sashimi, you need to buy fresh fish fillets (salmon, trout). Cut the fillets into thin slices and store in the freezer. Defrost and place on a plate before serving. Eat with chopsticks, after moistening a piece of raw fish in a rosette with soy sauce (preferably from Heinz or similar, but not cheap).

You can also surprise your loved ones with oven-baked mussels. For this you need to buy a package of mussels in shells. Separate the leg of the mussel from the shell with a knife, leave the mussel in the sink, pour over with soy sauce, brush with mayonnaise on top (a little) and place the shells with mussels on a baking sheet in the oven for 25 minutes. Then put the shells on a plate.

You can also make a seafood salad. To do this, you need to buy 400-500 g of frozen sea cocktail. Scald it with boiling water, put it in a colander, add boiled salted rice (2 instant bags), mix with mayonnaise. You can add salt and pepper to taste. Put in bowls (or in a salad bowl). Decorate with parsley and a thin lemon wedge.

Galina Alekseeva

Winter harvesting of vegetables with beans without oil

  • 1 kg of beans in pods,
  • 0.5 kg of onions,
  • 0.5 kg of carrots,
  • 2-3 bell peppers,
  • 1 liter of tomato juice or mashed tomatoes,
  • 3 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar
  • 7-8 Art. spoons of 9% vinegar,
  • salt, parsley and ground red pepper to taste.


  1. Boil the green beans in boiling water for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Chop the onions and carrots and simmer a little under a lid without oil.
  3. Add finely chopped bell peppers and simmer for a few minutes.
  4. Add beans, chopped parsley, all seasonings, pour over tomatoes.
  5. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.
  6. Arrange in sterile jars, cool under a blanket. Keep refrigerated.

I. Lapina's recipe

Assorted salad

  • 2 kg of red tomatoes,
  • 1 kg of onions
  • 1 kg of fresh cucumbers,
  • 1 cup 9% vinegar
  • 3 tbsp. tablespoons of salt
  • 0.5 cups sugar
  • 2 liters of water (for four liter cans).


  1. Cut everything into circles and put in layers in jars.
  2. Prepare the brine by boiling water with salt and sugar.
  3. Remove brine from heat, add vinegar and stir well.
  4. Pour the salad with hot brine, cover with lids.
  5. Sterilize for 10-15 minutes, roll up. Store in a cool place.

T.Polyanskaya's recipe

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Children's garden on the window

What is the main thing in a children's garden? In order to quickly, clearly and ... not spoil anything with awkward children's hands)) We tried peas, peanuts, and zucchini ...

And here I am, by pure chance and generosity Galina (Galina, thank you very much for the seeds.) I get, among other things, watercress seeds from "Gavrish".

Young gardener with his first watercress crop

I was far from salads with my petunias and eustomas)) But children demand participation in my gardening and seedling affairs, and with full immersion))

I studied it, poured the soil into a box, gave seeds to the children. Children have sowed! Oh, and their hands are light!

November 15 - the day after sowing, there they are! The first fluffy roots))

The kids watched every day!

November 16 - 2 days after sowing

Fortunately, there were only 4 of them from sowing to harvesting)) The children themselves removed and ate the salad! Watercress))

November 18 - literally an hour ago, the salad was collected and eaten. With your own hand!

The harvested garden was "dug up" with children's rakes

And the children sowed their Field of Miracles again))

And here is the harvest)) Not rich, but its own! Self-grown and MOST DELICIOUS!))

And I also gave the children a salad a la lettuce. I don’t sow salads even in summer, they turn out bitter or not ... In general, I buy one or two of these packs in the store:

3 lettuce bushes in one small pot

In the summer, I plant each of the 3 bushes separately in the beds. But now everyone went to one 1.5 liter pot.

The pot is easily removable

I transplanted it into a pot and gave it to the children "for salad"

First harvests

Since summer, the child has been taught to collect the lowest leaves in an amount sufficient for a salad. The rosette will grow upward, the lower leaves will be picked off. This can go on for a month or two.
Rather, it was so in the open ground in the garden. That is, I will take off the leaves from that salad 10 times more than was in the original outlet. In general, until it blooms))

These are plans and assumptions, but for now we are watching))

Delicious window sill decoration

Variegated constellation

In a large flower garden, it is a little dry, but in some places there is castle clay, where, on the contrary, it is humid. Therefore, we planted reliable plants: echinacea, liatrix, daylilies, loosestrife, loosestrife, marsh and net irises, white and purple
calimeris, monarda, decorative wormwood, hyssop, cinquefoil. Daylilies and hosts cover the faded bulbs of crocuses and tulips, net irises are friends with daffodils, onions - with geyher. There are also two gumi bushes, by the way. It is a warm place, sheltered from the wind. They manage to grow and flourish, and give fruits with a mixed taste, in which notes of felt cherry, red currant and sea buckthorn are guessed.

The flowering of yellow-leaved clematis coincides with loosestrife and phlox. There is also a decorative openwork forged umbrella, over time, large-flowered clematis will grow on it.

This year I will be changing tulips. I don't dig them out every year, I don't see the point - the varieties still degenerate after 3 years, it's easier to plant new plants, especially since interesting varieties appear every year. I love species tulips, small ones, with stars-flowers. Their flowering is reminiscent of the childhood spent in Central Asia. I used to strive to choose varietal primroses with large flowers of unusual colors, now I prefer specific primroses as more resistant and rapidly growing.
In a shady corner live doronicums, dicenters, aquilegia, pachisandras, podophylls, primroses, brunners. New variety of hydrangea paniculata - ‘Polar Bear'Obtained by crossing varieties'LimelightAnd ‘Grandiflora’. A beautiful terry basil was growing here ‘Hewitt’s Double’, but once it did not come out after winter, it's a shame, but now another is growing here.

Latest news from Galina Polskikh

Recently, Galina Polskikh has been paying a lot of attention to her family. She is in complete control of her grandson's rehabilitation.

On June 30, 2018 in St. Petersburg there will be a performance with her participation "I want to buy your husband." In Moscow, you can see the actress in this production in the Teatrium on Serpukhovka and in the Palace of Culture named after Zueva.

In numerous photos, fans celebrate a noticeably rejuvenated actress. When asked whether she resorted to surgical procedures for face plastics or is it just cosmetological care, Galina Polskikh is meaningfully silent.

The last films with the actress were released in 2018. For this year, according to the latest news, no pictures with her participation are planned.

Now Galina Polskikh is preparing for the construction of a country house. A building plan has already been developed and a site in the Moscow region has been selected. We wish our beloved actress strength, health and new wonderful films.

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