List of insecticides

List of insecticides

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Insecticides (literal translation from Latin - I kill insects) - special chemicals designed to destroy plant pests. Below is a list of drugs that will help get rid of any harmful insects.

"Aktara" for indoor plants: instructions for use, reviews

Summer residents are often faced with such a concept as insecticides. These chemicals (emulsions, solutions) are aimed at the complex destruction of pests. These are mainly insects, since other substances are used for slugs and weeds.

The most popular drug is "Aktara" for indoor plants. It can also be used in the country. In this article we will look at the main benefits of this drug. Why do many buyers choose it? Chemical properties, correct use, spectrum of action of insecticides - all this is necessary to know in order to have a beautiful garden or vegetable greenhouse without parasites and pests. How to dilute Aktar for watering indoor plants?

Agrochemical Calypso effectively treats such crops as:

  • apple tree
  • cherry
  • peach
  • cherries
  • currant
  • grape bushes
  • potatoes
  • tomato
  • garlic
  • onion
  • cabbage.

Spraying with working solution is carried out against:

  • leaf rollers
  • flower beetles (apple, rapeseed)
  • scabbards
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • thrips
  • beetle larvae
  • small aphids
  • cherry fly.

As practice shows, parasites do not become addictive after treatments with Calypso. But for greater efficiency, it is recommended to use different agrochemicals.

Composition of Confidor

The drug is available in the form of water-soluble granules, emulsion and concentrate. The advantage is that it is sold in packages of different weights of 1 g, 5 g and 400 g, which allows you to choose the most suitable option.

Due to the increased demand for the drug, many fakes have appeared on the market, especially for granular powder. This "Confidor Extra" has a dark brown tint and has a fine fraction. A fake can be recognized by its light color, large granule size. In addition, real Confidor Extra dissolves easily in water within a few seconds.

On sale you can also find another type of product - "Confidor Maxi", which can also be used against a number of pests. It is considered the previous generation insecticide, but no less effective.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the list of benefits of using bioinsecticide, you can see the following:

  • the ability to treat any plants with a product (growing in the garden, garden beds, as well as home flowers)
  • the effectiveness of the agent in the fight against various parasites, including spider mites
  • absence of chemical substances hazardous to the human body and processed vegetation
  • rapid decomposition of the drug in the ground (after 30 hours) and on the surface of foliage and fruits (3 days)
  • there are no cases when resistance to the effects of a biological product would arise
  • the ability to combine an insecticide with organophosphate fertilizing, as well as a growth stimulator
  • the ability to choose the most suitable packaging of bioinsecticide, depending on the size of the treated planting area.

Fitoverm has few drawbacks. Among them you can see:

  • weak contact of the solution with the surface of the sheet plate (in order for the product to last longer, it is advisable to combine it with substances such as shampoo and soapy water)
  • instability of a biological product to precipitation
  • the need for repeated treatments to obtain the desired result
  • a ban on the simultaneous use of Fitoverm with other chemical compositions with insecticidal properties
  • a ban on treatment with a biological product during the period when plants are blooming
  • toxicity of the product for bee brethren
  • the presence of a pungent odor in the emulsion
  • overpriced.

Intavir application in the garden and vegetable garden

The tool is used according to the instructions for use, which is printed on the back of the package. The working solution for spraying with Inta-vir is applied immediately before use. Processing is carried out in the evening, in order to avoid getting burns from liquid residues on plant leaves, or in cloudy weather. Another reason for this use may be a decrease in the activity of the drug at temperatures above +25 degrees.

Spraying is carried out by uniformly spraying the preparation over the surface of the leaves. Moreover, not only damaged areas are treated, but also those where there are no obvious signs of pests. Be sure to carry out repeated treatments 2 weeks after the previous one. Inta-vir treatment is carried out no more than three times per season. If you notice that there is no effect from the use of this drug, then use analogues. Since pests can become addictive to Inta-virus.

Treatments are stopped one month before the expected harvest time. If necessary, drugs with a shorter waiting period are used to destroy pests.

Consumption rate for vegetables

To process potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle, dissolve 1 tablet in 10 liters of water. And for vegetables (cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes) - 1 tablet per 5 liters. The treatment is carried out by spraying during the period of mass accumulation of pests and 2 weeks after the first treatment.

Against onion or carrot flies, the agent is diluted in a proportion of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water and the plants are watered at the root.

Berry processing

To protect strawberries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries - the product is diluted at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water. If a lot of pests have accumulated, the concentration of the solution is increased by dissolving 1.5-2 tablets in a bucket of water. Processing is carried out only before flowering and after harvest. The consumption rate is approximately 1 liter per bush.

The same solution (1 table per 10 liters of water) is induced for the processing of cherries and cherries. Spraying is carried out during the coloring of the berries. 2.5 liters of funds are spent on one tree.

The grapes are sprayed with a solution prepared at the rate of 2 tablets per bucket of water. Processing is carried out twice: the first time during flowering, the second - during the setting of berries.

Floral decorative crops

Treatment of flower crops from aphids, thrips, leaf-gnawing caterpillars is carried out with a solution prepared from 1 tablet and 10 liters of water. Plants are sprayed at the rate of 2 liters per 1 sq. m.

Ornamental coniferous crops are sprayed at the beginning of the growing season, spending 2 liters per young plant and 5 liters per adult.

The effect of the drug on indoor plants

Fitoverm drug has a complex effect:

  • insects swallow the agent, particles of the solution remain on the legs and body
  • after the penetration of agrosmectin C into the pest's body, an active effect on the transmission of nerve impulses begins (blocking signals), which leads to paralysis of a tick or insect
  • gradually all organs of the pest fail, the insect cannot breathe, feed, problems appear with all vital processes. After a while, the parasite dies.
  • Fitoverm agent based on agrosmectin is detrimental to different categories of pests: not only for grown-up and adults, but also for many types of larvae and eggs. It is important to treat the soil, where young mites and harmful insects are often found.

One of the positive points is the average level of toxicity, the lower risk of human poisoning when processing plants in open and closed ground, all types of indoor types of green decor.

Helpful hints

Not all summer residents comply with the regulations for the use of an insecticidal drug, forgetting about the danger of overdose with uncontrolled use of the product.

Major errors and violations:

  • excess dosages
  • improper treatment of plants (the composition flows down to the soil, foliage is sprayed on only one side)
  • use of an expired product
  • permanent treatments with Aktellikom without alternating preparations
  • spraying at temperatures above +30 ºC.

It is allowed to process premises or greenhouses only after cleaning, thorough preliminary washing, removal of garbage, plant residues.

According to the instructions, the plantings are sprayed 1-2 times, then the drug must be changed. If only one control agent is used for a number of years, resistance appears. Instead of destroying pests, an uncontrolled increase in the insect population is obtained.

The shelf life of the insectoacaricide (unopened package) is three years. Temperature range: 0 ºC… + 35 ºC.

Means "Aktellik" are highly effective, and this is proved by numerous reviews of summer residents, agricultural experts. Due to its high toxicity, it is currently prohibited to use it in private household plots for processing beds and orchards. Only pest control of cellars and storages is allowed. In other cases, Actellik analogs and alternative means are used.

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