Mini test: Gloves

Mini test: Gloves

Finding a glove that fits snugly can be tricky. Plus extra tips with gloves also in larger sizes!


Protects against stick


Glove with latex-clad underside with grooves. Provides good grip and protection against thorns and needles. Nice cuff that fits well and no hard seams inside. Not the nicest in the world but probably so good.

89 kr, Rostaing. (Sold in Sweden by Lilla Fiskaregatans Trädgårdsbutik.)

Beautiful and floral


Comfortable with lining inside. Nice floral fabric on the top and light leather on the bottom. Good cuff with Velcro straps that close tightly around the wrist. Can not be washed and is likely to get dirty. 119 kr, Tegera at Ejendals.



Stylish glove in microfiber and spandex. Good with velcro fastening in the cuff. Practical that it is washable in 40 degrees. Minus for the joints on the inside. Available up to size 10.

99 kr, Nelson.



It is good that this glove has reinforcement in the inner hand and bone protection. Feels durable but still flexible. Has top of spandex and clarino that breathes. Has Velcro straps at the wrist and is washable.

198 kr, Weibulls.

With fingertip feel


Garden Girls' new glove with neoprene collar has a good fingertip feel and fits well if you are tinkering with small things. Pink and lace for the romantic.

SEK 139, Garden Girl.

Men's models and larger sizes!



Lined all-round glove (Tegera 90035 Tällberg) in micro PU, perforated pattern in the inner hand gives good grip. Has reinforced seams, elastic, reflector and is washable in 40 ° C machine wash. Up to size 11.

139 kr, Ejendals.



All-round glove (Tegera 90025 Tällberg) in nice pigskin with half lining in cotton. Has strengthened index finger, reflex and elastic. Up to size 11.

65 kr, Ejendals.

For hard work!


Classic glove (Country) in compliant spandex and durable grain leather. For rough gardening. Up to size 11.

99 kr, Nelson.



Glove (Nippon) of soft calfskin and blue fabric on the top. Unlined and with a velcro buckle. Strong work gloves without thick and troublesome seams. Up to size 12.

109 kr, Classicum.



Light lined pig leather gloves. Up to size 11. Strong work gloves without thick and troublesome seams.

139 kr, Classicum.

Mini test: Gloves & hats from GripGrab

Hands and heads are all important parts for cyclists, so it is important to keep them comfortable when out and about. has investigated what GripGrab has to offer the cyclist for spring / autumn and summer in the form of a hat and gloves.

GripGrab is a Danish company founded by the brothers Martin, Kristian and Björn Kröyer. The main act in their production is gloves, but they also make hats, shoe covers, socks and other accessories in clothing to keep cyclists and runners warm and comfortable. I have tested two pairs of gloves and two hats that should fit mainly during spring and autumn, but also in summer. The test has been running from the summer of 2014 until the winter of 2015, they have been tested while cycling in various forms (mainly in the forest) but also running and skiing.

About the product
We start from the top, from the head. GripGrab has five variants of the Skull Cap hat, we have tested the two that represent the whole best. Skull Cap Windster and Skull Cap Hi-Viz. Both hats are made mostly of polyester and have a fluffy inside and a smooth outside. The basic difference between the two hats is that Windster has a front panel that is windproof and Hi-Vis is neon yellow and lacks the wind panel. Both should be washed at 30 °.

Skull Cap Windster
Price: approx. SEK 240
Sizes: S (54-57), M (57-60), L (60-63)
Colors: Black

Skull Cap Hi-Vis
Price: approx. SEK 240
Sizes: S (54-57), M (57-60), L (60-63)
Colors: Neon yellow

The hats have worked well during autumn and Stockholm winter. They work best during activities that ensure that you get quite warm as they breathe well and ventilate a lot of heat. For forest cycling, Hi-Vis works well, but if you want to go out on the roads and get up to slightly higher speeds, Windster is a better choice as it provides wind protection at the front. Both hats work best from a few plus degrees down to a few minus degrees. A big advantage of both hats is that they do not get wet but stay fairly dry even if you get very hot, this is due to their breathability. Both hats were tested in size M, the Windster hat was slightly tighter even though they should have the same dimensions.

On the whole, they are nice hats that work for all types of activities with higher intensity both autumn / winter and spring. Depending on where you are. The windproof hat thrives, like Uffe Lundell, best in open landscapes, while the very visible, non-windproof works best in the forest, or when it is windless. They have also not shown any signs of wear.

Plus and minus Hi-Vis
+ Seems good
+ Breathe well
+ Fits well under a helmet
- Too cold for high speed

Plus and minus Windster
+ Works for high speed
+ Breathe well
+ Fits well under a helmet
- Too thin for really cold days

We move on to the hands. I have, under the same conditions as the hats, tested the gloves Supergel XC and Raptor. These two gloves differ more in construction than the hats do. Supergel XC is a clean summer glove with plenty of strong gel padding over the wrists, a thinner strip padding in the middle of the hand and a thin mesh fabric as the top. The inside consists, in addition to the gel padding, of synthetic suede. The glove is aimed at those who seek maximum comfort. The fingers have silicone text on the index, middle finger and thumb for better friction on the brake levers and gear controls. It should be possible to control a touch screen with the gloves on.

Raptor on the other hand is an autumn / spring glove with thicker fabric on the top of the hand that is wind and water repellent. On the inside there is the same gel padding over the wrists but the middle strip is missing. The fabric on the inside of the hand is thicker but also of a suede-like material. On the Raptor, the silicone text for better grip has only ended up on the index and middle fingers. However, it has been given a stronger velcro closure and a cuff made of thin neoprene. Both gloves should be washed at 30 ° degrees.

Supergel XC
Price: approx. 340 kr
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color: Black / red

Review Supergel XC
Supergel XC is a pair of clean summer gloves. They get cold as soon as the temperature starts to drop below +10 degrees. But of course it goes hand in hand with the fact that they are very cool and comfortable during the summer thanks to the mesh top. I usually think that thin gloves and thick handles are my tune and therefore I was a little skeptical of Supergel XC, but after the first round my prejudices had subsided. The gloves are comfortable and work great for those cyclists who (like me) sometimes have problems with their hands and need padding in either handles or gloves. But of course they are also suitable for those who just want a nice glove. But then perhaps combined with a slightly thinner handle because the glove itself is quite thick (the padding over the wrists is four millimeters thick). However, they may not be something for those who are looking for a little extra protection on their knuckles or fingers due to the thin mesh fabric. The fingers are said to work with touch screens and do so. The control will not be fantastic but it is possible to answer the phone and write shorter text messages without getting tired. A smart detail with Supergel XC is that in a small flap at the palm of the hand on both gloves are magnets that allow you to fasten the gloves together in a very simple way. Smart and it actually works, the time it takes to look for both gloves in my overflowing glove box has been noticeably shortened. The gloves have worked very well for me, however, they have not been tested as long as the Raptor so I can not express myself as confident about the durability. But they are sewn from thinner materials so it feels reasonable that they do not hold as well.

Plus & minus Supergel XC
+ Nice padding
+ Good grip
+ Smart magnetic mount
- Poor protection

Price: approx. 340 kr
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Colour: Black

Verdict Raptor
Raptor has been the glove I have used the most during the winter and autumn, simply because the temperatures have been right for it. From +10 down to a couple of minus degrees is perfect for my hands. The first times I used the glove, I bothered a bit on a seam that sat between the thumb and other fingers, but after a bit of use, that seam has softened and is not a problem, they have rather been very comfortable. The wind and water repellent top keeps its promises but still breathes very well. Even if it is hot, you do not get wet from sweat. During my trips, the gloves have been left on my hands when I dragged away trees and other things that ended up over the paths. After a couple of months of hard use, the silicone letters on the fingers have started to come loose slightly, which will lead to the grip around the brake handles becoming worse. But apart from that, they have held together very well. The gloves have worked beyond expectation and get the thumbs up from me!

Plus & minus Raptor
+ Wind and water repellent
+ Breathe well
+ Nice cuff
- The grip text on the fingers is quickly torn

Cleaning gloves

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Video: Gloves test between Nitrile gloves and Latex gloves.