The original shape of the flower bed will decorate your garden and help you use the land economically

As a rule, all gardeners make their own flower beds round, square, triangular or polygonal. It seems boring and uninteresting to me when the flower beds have a geometric shape.

Look around and you will see that there are no straight lines in nature. Scientists have shown that straight roads have a negative effect on the driver's nervous system and can lead to accidents. In the same way, a person can be oppressed by a garden where everything is lined up, as if by a ruler.

Perhaps many people like areas where the beds resemble rectilinear geometric shapes, but you must agree: it is better to speak with nature in its language. Curved lines and circles give your site an extraordinary look and appeal, all in addition to high yields!

In nature, there is nothing regular and even, therefore, flower beds can bend as you like, following the roundness of the relief, twist into spirals, which give them a lot of charm.

Avoiding straight lines can give you more than a simple aesthetic effect. The use of non-traditional forms of flower beds and beds in the garden will allow you, first of all, to rationally use the land. The ratio of the useful area of ​​the beds and paths depends on the shape of the beds. After all, any paths are unused land that could delight gardeners with a harvest of greenery or wondrously smelling flowers. Paths are indispensable in any garden, but I always get upset when I think about the fact that fertile soil is aimlessly trampled under our feet. Fortunately, we can change the shape of the beds, achieving the least loss of fertile soil.

The simplest vegetable garden consists of beds in which plants are planted in one or two rows and which are separated by aisles. With this arrangement, the paths devour almost half of the entire usable area. The vegetable garden, in which the plants in the garden are planted in three to four rows, is more perfect, since the paths in it occupy only about a third of the area, but the distance between the rows of plants should be small so that a person can reach any point in the garden. Thus, a simple change in geometric shape has given us back almost half of the lost land. However, there are ways to reduce the walkway footprint even further while also improving the aesthetic design of the site. An example of this is a spiral or keyhole garden bed.

I want to tell readers about a flowerbed created in the form spirals... Its length is 9 meters. The width in the upper part is 1.5 meters, the height is about 1 meter. As the flower bed swirls, it decreases in both width and height. At the very end (tail), its width is only 20 centimeters, and its height is reduced to 5 centimeters. A flowerbed of this shape takes up little space, as it twists into a spiral. If you are not satisfied with the proposed sizes, make your own, which will correspond to the place allotted in your garden for a flower bed.

I really like this flower bed, and I decided to make it a decoration of my garden, planting exclusively creeping perennials on it. The simplest, both in reproduction and in care, turned out to be creeping sedum. It reproduces very simply. Take a plant and divide it into pieces 5-10 centimeters long. You stick each part into the soil, even if the plant has no roots. The main thing is that at the time of planting the soil is moist, and the plant can gain a foothold in the soil. Sedum are succulents, that is, plants that hold moisture in themselves for a long time, and therefore they quickly take root. They are watered very rarely - once every 7-10 days. If you cannot come to the site and water the plants, then they will not die without watering - natural moisture in the form of another rain will be enough. If you plant plants at a distance of 40 centimeters from each other, then very quickly - in just one season, your flower bed will become a solid carpet. First green, and then, during the flowering period, colored. I chose a raspberry pink carpet. If someone does not like the pink color, then the creeping stonecrops are also white and yellow. There are many shades of this plant. In addition, the flower bed can be made multi-colored. In general - it's all a matter of taste. Care for stonecrops is very simple - to pull out individual weeds that have accidentally sprouted through the dense sod, and remove dry faded inflorescences. If you want your plants to bloom long and luxuriantly, feed them once every 10 days by spraying with Novofert fertilizer. This new water-soluble fertilizer has a chelated form, therefore, when spraying, all macro- and microelements will immediately enter through the foliage and be absorbed by the plant.

If you are interested in this approach to garden design, and you also want to know where you can buy planting material for a flower bed or NOVOFERT fertilizer, call 89112370376 or come to the exhibition to be held from 24 to 30 April - Hall 1, stand "NOVOFERT" - SEEDS "on the ground floor.

Svetlana Korolkova,
Photo by the author

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"Practical application for the garden, vegetable garden and agriculture" - the book of the world famous agrarian-revolutionary. A book striking with such an organization of a separate space of Nature, v.

Nikolay Kurdyumov

N.I. Kurdyumov is a practicing gardener, agronomist, a graduate of the Moscow Agricultural Academy named after V.I. Timiryazev. Professionally engaged in various types of trimming and shaping.

The Zerno Publishing House has published a book by Sepp Holzer, a world-famous author in the field of natural and organic farming, “Desert or Paradise”. In this book, you will find:

Kizima Galina Alexandrovna

Every day, gardeners and amateur gardeners have many questions: how and where to plant plants correctly, what varieties to choose, why green pets are sick, what health benefits they can.

The book by the English author K. Brickell continues a series of books on the basics of practical gardening. It is dedicated to the technology of pruning fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. The text is accompanied.

Nikolay Kurdyumov

Why did Nikolai Kurdyumov consider it impossible to give seasonal step-by-step recommendations for work in the garden and why did he decide to do it? About this, as well as about many other things, he will share in this book.

Before you is the second book of the world-wide revolutionary agrarian, a book that amazes with such an organization the places of nature, where people, plants and animals are equally comfortable, in which they are not.

The book is designed for summer residents and gardeners. “I hope that with her help they will be able to bypass the rake that we, their predecessors, have stepped on. However, he is also very sophisticated in gardening.

Nikolay Kurdyumov

The new series of books by Nikolai Kurdyumov, the most famous popularizer of organic farming in our country, is a long-awaited gift for millions of fans of the garden master, like himself.

Bublik Boris Andreevich, Gridchin Vitaly Trofimovich

Over the long years of management in harmony with the nature of the Ukrainian B. A. Bublik - on hundreds, the Russian V. T. Gridchin - and on hundreds and thousands of hectares has accumulated an "arsenal" of tricks, tricks, techniques.

Nikolay Kurdyumov

For many millions of years, nature created the biosphere of the Earth and did it without the use of any chemistry. The man decided to intervene in the mechanism of the functioning of this fine structure and began to "adjust" it.

The author of the book, Masanobu Fukuoka, has been growing rice and tangerines for over forty years. During this time, he conducted many experiments on growing crops using different methods in different conditions and.

In this book, Sepp Holzer's path to a new form of agriculture - permaculture, his experience, his worldview, his philosophy and his message to all people. Sepp Holzer's words: “Where are you to this.

Richard Ivanovich Schroeder is an outstanding scientist and practitioner of pre-revolutionary Russia. He was the chief gardener of the Timiryazevskaya (formerly Petrovskaya) Agricultural Academy. The book you are holding in.

Kizima Galina Alexandrovna

Gardening and horticulture remains popular in Russia, despite the fact that there are retail chains that allow you to buy the required amount of fruits and vegetables. What is grown on.

Bublik Boris Andreevich, Gridchin Vitaly Trofimovich

In the new book of Bublik and Gridchin, the most important agricultural technique is investigated - the cultivation of green manure. Years of experience in managing large and small areas, allows the authors to look at.

The book tells about intensive planting - one of the key techniques of natural gardening. Describes the self-interest it brings: the creation of healthy, organic-rich and loose.

Nikolay Kurdyumov

Do you want your garden to be bursting with the harvest of a wide variety of berries and fruits every year, but at the same time do not require special care? Then a new book by Nikolai Kurdyumov, in which he summarized all of his.

Nikolay Kurdyumov

Melon is our paradox. It is surprisingly simple, but very few people succeed. And now - the moment has come. The best melon masters reveal their secrets. And now you can grow a good melon - watermelons.

Amateur gardeners, especially beginners, are interested in many questions. Is the soil on their plot suitable for a garden? How to process it and fill it with fertilizers to make it more fertile? How many fruit.