Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs

Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs

Nowadays it's not a secret for anyone that energy of plants and flowers, including rooms, has a beneficial effect on human health and psyche... But how to use the energy of plants for their own purposes in specific life situations?

Many famous domestic authorities have dedicated their works to the harmonization of health and personal life - L. Puchko, T. Sharova, V. Zhikarentsev, E. Mazova and others. The organization of life in accordance with cosmic rhythms is devoted to the original works of St. Petersburg astrologers N. Firsova and L. Kuzmenkova.

Hope this calendar of mascot flowers will be able to serve as a guide for a home psychologist to harmonize the body, to create a positive emotional background in the family and at work, in business or creative communities.

Since the influence of the subtle energies of plants on a person occurs invisibly, plants with their functional effects are perceived as talismans. You can choose those plants that are most in tune with your emotional or psychological problems. The calendar will help you with this. You can choose a mascot flower for yourself, a plant of the zodiac sign under which you were born.

If you are familiar with astrology, then choose talisman flowers for the planet that is the ruler of your horoscope. But a horoscope can be ruled by several planets. The main ruler can be determined by building a chain of rulers of your horoscope. The planet that rules the largest number of other planets will be the main ruler of your horoscope and your main psychological and social problems.

Plants gradually adapt to their host. It is known that their beneficial influence increases with an increase in attention and love for them. In order to be able to purify the atmosphere and alleviate ailments, your flowers and plants must trust you, feeling that you care about them.

As representatives of different signs of the zodiac, flower growers have different energy and psychological characteristics, and your flowers gradually adapt to these characteristics. But the main point is common to all: the more attention the florist pays to his plants, the more beneficial their energy impact on the environment.

After the publication of this entire calendar in the section of each month, you can read in more detail, from which negative energies certain plants purify the atmosphere of the house.

Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Larisa Pavlova, astropsychologist

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What is the zodiac? This is the apparent annual path of the Sun in the arch of the stars. A bright star passes a year in 12 months, each of which conventionally corresponds to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The zodiac constellations got their names in ancient times. But not everything is known about their effect on humans. Scientists around the world for many centuries have tried to find and explain the connection between earthly life and cosmic cycles and processes. Proceeding from the fact that the movement of the Sun not only leads to the change of day and night, but also determines the seasons, and the Moon affects man and nature, scientists have come to the conclusion that all the planets in the firmament have their own effect on man and his health.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)

Characteristics of the sign : element - fire stones - sardonyx, amethyst, jasper talisman - golden fleece planet - Mars lucky numbers - 1, 11 and all numbers divisible by 11

calf (April 21 - May 20)

Characteristics of the sign: element - earth stones - agate, carnelian, rock crystal talisman - owl planet - Venus lucky numbers 2, 8, all numbers divisible by 8

And in the 21st century that has come, the inhabitants of the Earth often think about the mythological and mystical, about those areas that cannot be fully penetrated and fully explained, and which, thus, leave the possibility for personal interpretation.

Astrology and the 12 signs of the zodiac

Modern astrology, based on the knowledge of scientists accumulated over the centuries, and on the achievements of science, helps in the interpretation of events and makes it possible to understand the characteristics of a particular person.

All 12 signs of the zodiac and the planets of the solar system have an impact on earthlings. Their impact is active, passive and even negative. Planets such as the Sun, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto enjoy positive popularity. Negative is attributed to the Moon, Neptune and Venus. Saturn and Mercury take the polarity of the zodiac sign, in which they stand in the horoscope of a person's birth, that is, they can influence both positively and negatively.

In addition to the planets and constellations, 4 main elements have a significant impact on the character and health of people: fire, air, earth and water.

The influence of the elements on the 12 signs of the zodiac

Fire types - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - are distinguished by self-confidence, energy and naturally strong health.

Air types - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - crave a change of place of activities. They are less healthy and should treat themselves with care and attention.

Earthly types - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - are reasonable, practical, calm, but often pay too much attention to their health and even find reasons for concern.

Aquatic types - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - are emotional, sensual, have a highly developed intuition. Most of these people's illnesses stem from frequent mood swings and inability to truly relax.

Next, we will tell you what natural features the representatives of the 12 signs of the zodiac differ in and how they should properly take care of their health.

Zodiac signs and their influence on the garden and vegetable garden

Many do not know, but the gardener's lunar calendar means not only the presence of a clear description of the phases of the moon, but also a specific zodiac sign that is relevant in a given period, month and day. Can the zodiac sign really affect the quality of planting, vegetation and yield? Exactly. We offer a brief overview of the effectiveness of each zodiac sign in the garden and in the garden in the practical use of the lunar calendar.

If you are thinking of sowing work on the site or planting seeds for seedlings, make sure that Libra or Taurus, Cancer or Scorpio, or maybe Pisces or Capricorn, dominate now - the benefits of the influence of such signs are unconditional. Absolutely all plants will be doomed to a successful vegetation. Despite the clear list of ideal signs, it is possible to distinguish absolutely unadapted signs for planting work - Leo, as well as Aquarius. This is not the whole list of signs, but the fact is that the rest of the signs are more likely to have neutrality, or a specific aspect of the impact. Each sign of the zodiac has its own "direction". For example, Aries promotes active growth and successful development of everything that has thorns and thorns. The twins will become the patrons of ampelous and climbing plants in the garden. Sagittarius promotes success for the development of tubers and root crops. If the seeds need special "attention" for successful development - for these purposes, select the days where Virgo reigns.

Remember, the signs of the zodiac "rule" only three days in each cycle. The maximum benefit from the sign is on the first day, although landing on the remaining two days of the zodiac is not excluded.

General character traits

Representatives of the fire signs of the zodiac are emotional and active. These people have a large environment, they like to spend time with a large circle of friends and often take on the role of organizer of the next meeting. They enjoy being in the spotlight and kindling a fire of fun. Each of them has pronounced leadership qualities and the ability to insist on their own. There is also some obstinacy - even if Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius are wrong, he will prove the opposite to the last.

Horoscope for March 2021 for all zodiac signs

Aries, it's time for a big change in your life, but you need to focus on something: relationships, finances, work. Taurus, in March you can achieve success and recognition, but this will only work with a team of like-minded people. Gemini, it's time to boldly declare yourself: your professionalism will be appreciated. Cancers, the time has come for you for new knowledge - any science and skill will be easy for you.

Lions, big money - big commitments. Think carefully before taking out a loan. Virgo, personal contacts will come to the fore, so pay special attention to relationships and colleagues, but remember - enemies are not asleep. Libra, pay close attention to your health, the risk of getting sick in March is very high. Scorpios, the first spring month for you will be filled with romance, love and sensuality.

Sagittarius, it's time to start arranging the family nest, March is a great time for a wedding and major purchases at home. Capricorns, in March you will find a life full of meetings, trips, acquaintances. Aquarians, you don't have to worry about finances - the month will be consistently favorable, feel free to invest in long-term projects. Pisces, it's time to light up your inner sun and declare yourself. Look around, maybe love is waiting for you nearby.

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Flowers mascots of the zodiac signs - garden and vegetable garden

I did not begin to make recommendations here on working with forage crops, grain crops, as well as ornamental flowers, medicinal herbs. These characteristics have been compiled based only on our own experience. And only for those cultures that I grew myself and had the opportunity to observe and track coincidences with the characteristics of the signs of the zodiac and their properties.

Neutral and dry sign.
Aries is not suitable for planting most crops: plants planted in this sign have a very weak root system, the growth of the aboveground part is ahead of its development. Disease resistance is low, injury sensitivity is high. Therefore, all manipulations with the crown and roots on the days of this sign are contraindicated. It is better not to touch flowers and delicate shoots in the days of Aries. They do not transplant and dive in this sign - the stem is pulled out.
With the Moon in Aries, it is good to plant bushy beans (on green pods), onions on a feather, Swiss chard, radishes, lettuce, beets on tops, dill, spinach. These plants have the shortest growing season - 25-30 days. Of the crops with a long development period, only tomatoes tolerate this sign well.
It is good to harvest fruits and root crops - they will be stored for a long time and well, but it is not recommended to collect seeds.
The days of Aries are rationally used for thinning, cultivation, spraying against diseases and pests.

Fertile and moist sign.
Plants planted during this period, although growing slowly, are distinguished by a powerful root system, a well-developed crown and a strong trunk. They are hardy, resistant to adverse conditions and diseases, and have increased storage stability. Sowing, planting, transplanting, diving of all plants will be successful. A very favorable time for planting a garden (the second best sign after Capricorn for an autumn planting).
Favorable pruning of trees and shrubs, including to enhance the growth of shoots. Watering and feeding are recommended. Weed control is ineffective.

A barren and dry sign.
The sign is unfavorable for sowing and planting most crops, except for legumes. As well as climbing plants that reproduce with whiskers and decorators.
You can remove tops, unnecessary shoots, whiskers on strawberries. Engage in pinching and pinching, pruning and uprooting trees and shrubs. Mowing the grass slows down the growth of the grass. Favorable control of weeds, spraying. Watering and feeding are not carried out.

Fertile and moist sign.
It is better to plant undersized crops: Cabbage, parsley, lettuce, dill, spinach. As well as watermelons and melons, legumes, zucchini, pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, cereals - oats, buckwheat, barley, wheat, corn. But the harvest of the above crops is not intended for long-term storage.
Vaccinations and rooting of strawberry whiskers are successful. Watering and feeding are recommended.

A lion.
A barren and dry sign.
Leo is one of the driest and most sterile (after Aquarius) signs.
They do not plant, do not carry out any manipulations with either the crown or the roots. Favorable control of pests, diseases and weeds. The sign is good for haymaking, drying vegetables and fruits. It is good to harvest sunflowers.

An infertile and neutral sign.
Moon in Virgo gives an abundance of small beautiful flowers, but few fruits and seeds. Planting of decorators is recommended. It is not recommended to plant and transplant vegetables, fruit trees, plant seeds. Hedges, green cuttings take root well. The lawn sown these days is growing well.
It is effective these days to compost manure and plant debris, to spray from pests.

Fertile and moist sign.
Fertility is high. Almost like Taurus. Libra days are favorable for planting stone fruit crops, as well as raspberries, currants, gooseberries, and apple trees. Suitable for planting potatoes, radishes, turnips, leguminous crops.
You can transplant and pick seedlings, but the survival rate of plants is worse than in Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces. Watering and feeding is recommended.

Fertile and moist sign.
In terms of productivity, it is similar to Cancer, in terms of the quality and safety of fruits - to Taurus, but it produces fruits with better taste, smell and stability during storage. Disease resistance is high, and injury resistance is low. Pruning, pinching, chasing, pinching, transplanting and diving is not recommended, because roots rot even with minor damage.
However, they love planting in this sign apricot, cherry, pear, plum, apple tree. But planting of plants with a sting, thorns, thorns, and hairpin leaves is especially successful. This sign is also successful for planting melons, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes. The fruits of plants planted under Scorpio are well and long-term stored.
Planting potatoes is not recommended. When stored, it tastes unpleasant and becomes watery.
Watering and feeding are recommended. Weed control is ineffective.

Infertile and dry sign.
Traumatic period. No manipulation of plants is recommended.
Good for planting greens, onions, garlic, peppers. In general, the plants planted on these days, with an average yield, give quality seeds. Acorns of oak germinate well. The preservation of the sown is good. It is recommended to dry vegetables, fruits, mushrooms. And also carry out weeding, cultivation, destroy weeds and pests.

A fertile and neutral sign.
At a slower pace of overall plant growth, their root system and aerial part develop well. Resistance to disease, pests, frost, drought, injury.
An excellent sign for any work with plants, except watering.

A barren and dry sign.
Almost sterile of all zodiac signs. Seeds do not germinate, seedlings die. Weed control, pinching, pinching, pruning of trees and shrubs are recommended. Watering.

Fertile and moist sign.
Suitable for planting and transplanting, but the fruits are not subject to long-term storage. Successful planting of strawberries, raspberries, currants, cucumbers, parsley, pumpkin, lettuce. Resistant to injury. You can trim, pinch, dive, pinch. It is better to refrain from planting trees. The roots rot quickly. Good time to mow to enhance grass growth. Watering and feeding are recommended.

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