Information About Triteleia

Information About Triteleia

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Triteleia Care: Tips For Growing Triplet Lily Plants

By Becca Badgett, Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden

Planting triplet lilies in your landscape is a great source of late spring or early summer color and blooms. Once planted, triteleia care is simple and basic. Learn more about how to grow a triplet lily here.

Apricot trees not a great choice for western Oregon orchards

Q: I recently planted a Japanese apricot in my yard, the variety is Bungo or Bongo, depending on who you ask. I want to ensure pollination but given the limited space, would rather plant another fruit. Would another type of fruit, like a plum, apricot, plumcot, etc. be a good candidate for pollination?

A: Unfortunately, the news is discouraging. Apricot seldom fruits in our region because it blooms so early in the season that the blooms freeze instead of setting fruit.

Then, too, the pollinator tree must be in the same genus, in other words, another apricot.

This publication should help you decide what other fruit you might consider growing instead of the apricot:

We generally suggest gardeners not try to grow trees that have fruits commonly available in the supermarket. In general, those trees are grown in climate much drier and warmer than western Oregon. Hereabouts, they tend to have numerous disease problems.

This publication will help you give your new fruit trees a good start:

– Jean Natter, OSU Extension Master Gardener

Chicken manure is high in nitrogen, and needs to age at least 6 months before being used for fertilizer. Rosemarie Stein/Staff

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