Marshmallow Peep Control – How To Get Rid Of Peeps In The Garden

Marshmallow Peep Control – How To Get Rid Of Peeps In The Garden

Easter has arrived and with it means the return of those pesky marshmallow peeps. While peeps in the garden may not pose a problem for some people, many of us simply don’t appreciate it when the gooey, creeping menaces take over our beautiful Easter grass and garden areas. Read on to find out how to get rid of peeps before they become difficult.

About Marshmallow Peeps

Yes, they may be cute and fluffy, but these sugar coated chick- and bunny-shaped marshmallows can quickly flock the lawn and garden in no time. The good news is that marshmallow peeps are easy to manage if you know what attracts them and catch the little critters early.

There are different types of peeps but most fall into one of two categories: chicks or bunnies. So how do you tell which one you have lurking in the landscape? Here’s a quick trick to telling them apart – look closely at their shape! In addition to their appearance, both may be found in a number of colors, most commonly yellow and pink, although pastel shades of blue and purple are also popular around Easter time.

Another way to recognize peeps in the garden is by paying attention to what’s growing around them. For example, chick varieties can be found chirping alongside common plants such as hens and chicks, eggplant, or even chickweed. It’s easy to spot those well-hidden rabbit peeps amongst bunny tail grass, carrots, rabbit’s foot fern, and bunny ears. Peeps marshmallow bunnies also have an affinity for chocolate.

Marshmallow Peep Control

A small patch of peeps may seem harmless enough, even kind of cute, but did you know that in just a year, these peeps marshmallow bunnies and chicks can produce enough babies to circle the earth two times over! Now that’s a lot of peeps.

Depending on the type of peeps in the garden, control options may vary. For instance, peep chicks don’t pose as much a threat as their rabbit counterparts. In fact, like most chickens, these peeps may appear to be eating your precious Easter grass or other garden plants but, in fact, they’re busy foraging for worms and grubs, causing little damage to healthy, full grown vegetation.

Simply removing plants they’re attracted to and fencing off the area will help keep the chicks at bay. Collecting these peeps by hand and placing them in a basket is another way to safely remove them from the garden and makes relocation much easier. Just be sure to wear gloves when handling these sticky marshmallow chicks.

Those furry little bunnies, on the other hand, are a different matter altogether. They spread quickly and dramatically, and also feed on many beloved garden plants, including young fruit trees. The best method of control for these marshmallow peeps is removal of favorite plants, especially chocolate flowers, chocolate mint and chocolate vines. Replacing these with rabbit resistant plants will help but isn’t fool proof.

In severe cases, flame weeding may be necessary. Although a little messy, the pests will melt away. If you’re not into anything this drastic, then trapping and relocation is possible. While not as easy as chick peeps, marshmallow bunnies may be difficult garden pests to deal with, but once you learn how to manage them responsibly, you can once again enjoy your Easter holiday without the fear of these fluffy critters taking over the landscape.


The Virginian-Pilot’s 2020 Peep Show

This year’s “Peep Show” is as poignant as it is comical. Readers sent in tributes to healthcare providers and art pieces to show how difficult it is to be separated from loved ones with the state’s stay-at-home order. A couple of artists couldn’t leave their homes to buy the marshmallow candies and created cutouts to use in their artwork.

Several people noted that the activity was a welcome distraction from the anxiety surrounding the pandemic.

"As a mother, I want to thank you for creating this cute project for people to work on and submit their creations. I know that in our house it has been a very welcome diversion to the scary reality of Covid,” wrote Trisha Jones of Norfolk. “This was more time spent having fun, creating something memorable and less time worrying. I feel like that in itself was wonderful.”

Still, this year’s peeps contest demonstrates that people aren’t allowing fear to stop them from having fun. Hampton Roads will be just fine once the pandemic is over. Peeps are enjoying our local shores and waters, taking strolls at the Norfolk Pagoda and Oriental Garden and riding downtown Hampton’s popular carousel. We could select just so many creative ones for the print pages.

25 Best Easter Table Decorations for a Spring-Inspired Vibe

Bless your nest with these playful tablescape and decor ideas.

While Easter celebrations may conjure up pastel-hued memories from childhood, we've far from outgrown this joyful, early-spring holiday. In fact, the National Retail Federation found that 18- to 34-year-olds today enjoy organizing egg hunts, cooking Easter dinner, and opening Easter baskets just as much, if not more, than older age groups! The chocolate bunnies and colorful candy-filled eggs are timeless, but why not adorn your home with Easter table decorations that are a touch more sophisticated this year?

Whether you're spending Easter this year hosting an intimate brunch, a small family dinner, or a playful (and perhaps outdoor) egg hunt, we've found the 20 best Easter table decorations to dress up your home in its springtime Sunday best.

This wooden Easter bunny set is the perfect table decoration for your brunch spread. Each bunny measures at 3.5 inches high and come with a stand that will hold them up on their own. Keep them together, or arrange around your table.

Give those deviled eggs a five-star display with this cute serving platter. We like that it features festive bunny ears and a light pink color that's well-suited for the season. Plus, it's dishwasher safe, too.

These vintage-style glass eggs will keep your charming Easter table on-theme. Their bases are completely hollow, so you can stash a few twinkling tea lights inside to up the ambiance of your spread.

Punch up your Easter decoration display with these solid, speckled alabaster eggs. This hand-colored set is perfect for keeping stacked in an apothecary jar on the mantle, or for placing in a decorative Easter basket by the entryway.

You have the choice of getting the full spectrum of 24 eggs for $199.95 or the six for just $49.95.

Coterie makes finding Easter table decorations simple with all-in-one entertaining sets, so all you have to worry about is the menu.

This fancy floral set is ideal for garden parties or spring soirees, including both small and large plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, and paper straws. Add on a set of gilded votives, or opt for a festive rose-encrusted flower crown. Together, these elements will bring both form and function to your Easter brunch tablescape.

A bouquet is always a beautiful Easter table decoration, but if you're feeling crafty, these larger-than-life paper blooms will take things to the next level.

This set comes with all of the shapes precut and ready to glue together. It provides materials for two large blooms and three small ones that you can arrange on your walls however you'd like.

Greet your guests at the door with a festive doormat that'll start the celebration even before they enter! Its rough coir weave will trap debris to keep unwanted dirt outdoors and off your floors.

Add a pop of cuteness to your Easter table with these cutlery holders. They come in four different colors — pink, yellow, blue, and green — and you can get a variety pack of four or a set of one color.

We love these glasses for drinking just about anything — juice, water, even mimosas! The glasses come in five different colors, and each set comes with four. They can hold 12oz. and hand-washing is recommended.

This floral tablecloth will be the perfect backdrop for your Easter table. It comes in different sizes ranging from rectangle to round to square. It's 100% cotton and can be machine washed and dried.

This cute nesting set can set on your Easter table or on a shelf in your kitchen. They're made from wood, and each piece has a pair of soft felt ears.

Every Easter table needs a butter dish, and we love the pretty floral print on this one. It's both dishwasher and microwave safe.

This sculptural bunny bowl keeps it classic with a clean all-white ceramic exterior, yet whimsical with an adorable upright pose. Stash it with your favorite Easter candy, or use it to serve mixed nuts before the big meal.

Drape this cute carrot garland along your table for some added decoration. The carrots are made of wood, so it's durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

If you're looking for an Easter table decoration that requires minimal effort, look no further than this rustic table runner. It features a lace edge and a 3D-printed bunny for an extra festive touch.

How sweet are these Easter carrot napkins? A pack comes with 20 individual 3-ply napkins, perfect for drinks or hors d'oeuvres. You can also get matching bunny plates to help create the perfect Easter tablescape.

This beautifully personalized table runner brings a light, whimsical feel to your Easter table's aesthetic, especially when topped with a seasonal centerpiece.

Add a bit of glamour to your Easter table decorations with this gold-toned egg stand. It's perfect for serving tasty hardboiled eggs at brunch, or displaying the kids' hand-dyed creations.

This porcelain pastry stand beautifully displays assorted sweets after the main course has concluded. Its versatile shape and fresh color allow you to repurpose it for other cake-worthy occasions throughout the year.

Steer your little ones toward the hard-to-find eggs by staking these signs all over your yard! They're cute enough to display on their own as outdoor Easter decorations, too.

Bundle your cloth napkins inside these lightweight wooden rings, which are topped with playful bunny ears. Napkin rings are an easy way to elevate any Easter tablescape.

Opt for this pastel egg platter to add a touch of whimsy to your Easter table. Its dozen divots are perfect for serving up hors d'oeuvres — specifically, Bon Appetit's crowd-pleasing jammy soft-boiled eggs. Reviewers say the open center is perfect for placing a cute Easter table decoration!

For the host who leaves no detail to chance, add a little charm to your small-scale spread by setting out these glass bunny place card holders.

These handmade bunny and bunny's tail tea towels are sweet, cheeky, and guaranteed to have your guests smiling when they come over for Easter dinner.

Impress your Easter guests with a home that smells like a garden in bloom. One of Diptyque's freshest scents, Lys will fill your home with the delicate fragrance of lilies, plus more earthy notes like heady flowers, stems, and leaves.

Don't forget to pin these Easter decoration ideas that'll make your home more festive for Easter Sunday.

RIPeeps: The Washington Post Cancels Its Peep Diorama Contest

This article originally appeared on Food & Wine.

Sad news for marshmallow artists.

Alas, 2017 has been a rough year for the news media. It’s been much maligned by the President of the United States who even went so far as to declare such groups to be “the enemy of the people.” Now, possibly the worst revelation yet: After 10 years, The Washington Post has announced the paper is ending its Easter-themed Peeps diorama contest, sometimes wittily referred to as The Peep Show. Talk about a publication failing!

For those unfamiliar with the contest, since 2007, The Washington Post had encouraged readers (or anyone really) to create a diorama made out of the infamous Just Born-produced marshmallow Easter candies that “portrays a famous occurrence or scene: a historical event, a current event, piece of high art or expression of pop culture.” Photos were submitted. Winners were selected. Even prize money was awarded. (A $500 American Express gift card was the top prize last year!) Then the best entries were published for everyone to see. The contest regularly garnered interest from outside the Post itself: We shared the winners in 2014 and wrote about one of last year’s entries, a Peep tribute to the musical Hamilton.

But in a blog post published yesterday, The Washington Post Magazine Deputy Editor David Rowell confirmed the rumors that had already been making the rounds on social media: The Peep contest was being killed off. “For 10 years The Washington Post featured a Peeps contest, in which people from all over created dioramas depicting scenes that reflected the country as they saw it, but populated with marshmallow bunnies and chicks,” wrote Rowell. “Hard journalism this was not, but for us the contest offered its own sweet rewards. As fewer submissions began to come in, though, echoing the decline in readership of this feature, we knew that it was time to let bunnies be free again, and we have ended the Peeps contest run.”

From Coinage: This Super Cheap, Delicious Snack Will Help You Beat the Late-Night Munchies

Without any publicly-available hard evidence of the features decline, we’ll have to take The Post’s word for it, but the timing seems a bit suspicious: Bowing out just as Donald Trump has put the news media front and center. Last year’s winner, “A Peep Inside (Out) Donald J. Trump” depicted Peeps running the inner-workings of the then-presidential candidate’s head. Maybe the paper just couldn’t deal with the prospect of looking at hundreds of similar Trump-inspired entries this year?

One commenter on the Post’s blog entry even had a valid theory for the decline in submissions. “The quality of the applicants is so high that the rest of us don’t to submit our peep dioramas,” the comment suggested. So many the success of the Peep Show was its own undoing?

Regardless of the reasons behind its downfall, the sad truth is that The Peep Show is no more… at least at The Washington Post. According to a tweet from Liz Garrigan, editor of the DC alt-weekly Washington City Paper, “If @washingtonpost is abdicating Peep duty, @wcp will carry this important journalistic mantle.” Someone’s got to keep this tradition alive. I mean, what are people supposed to do with all those extra Peeps? Eat them?

Quebec, Ontario officials say many vaccine appointments unfilled, ask seniors to act

Woman killed, six injured in stabbings in and around North Vancouver library

White teacher interrupts anti-racism talk to argue, swear at Black presenter in front of students

Police believe young woman in Brampton, Ont., was kidnapped from home

Border officials have nabbed 30 people trying to enter Canada with fake COVID-19 test results

Sask. Health Authority reminds residents in south west, south east zones to get tested, vaccinated

The Saskatchewan Health Authority is reminding residents in the south west and south east zones of the province to get tested for COVID-19 and to get vaccinated when eligible. The reminder comes as the Regina region brings in more strict public health orders starting Sunday, and as the SHA warns of variants of concern on the rise in the Moose Jaw area. The health authority said the patient booking system for vaccines is available for anyone over 62 years of age, including people living in border communities and people without Saskatchewan health cards, like newcomers to Canada. People who are not yet eligible for a vaccine are allowed to book a vaccine appointment on behalf of someone who is eligible. "With the recent rise in variants of concern (VOC) in Saskatchewan, it is important that we do not let our guard down," said Dr. Jason Gatzke, a family physician in Swift Current, in a news release. "Getting tested will help ensure you protect yourself, and those around you as well." The release also reminds people to follow the public health orders, get tested if you're not feeling well and to download the COVID-19 Alert app.

Quebec, Ontario officials say many vaccine appointments unfilled, ask seniors to act

As COVID-19 cases continued to climb in Canada's two biggest provinces on Sunday, officials in Ontario and Quebec said there are vacant vaccination appointments that need to be filled. In Toronto, Mayor John Tory pleaded with those aged 70 and older to get vaccinated. "We have the vaccines, we have the staff in place to do it and we have the appointments, so all we need now is you," Tory said. "It’s very, very important for people across the city of Toronto to get vaccinated." The city is set to open three mass vaccination clinics Monday now that the vaccine supply has been fixed, he said He said three new COVID-19 mass vaccination clinics will open Monday, but there are still many appointments unfilled. "We’re now in a position where we have lots of appointments available, even appointments available for this coming week," Tory said. "We need you to sign up, not to put it off." Ontario reported 2,448 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, the fourth consecutive day with more than 2,000 daily cases. Tory says more than 450,000 people in Toronto have received doses thus far. "I will say I’m not satisfied, and that doesn’t mean I’m critical or angry with anybody, it just means I’m asking people to take advantage of the opportunity to get vaccinated now and we’ll be satisfied when we have a sold out situation," Tory said. Ontario has fully vaccinated 309,285 people and has administered nearly two million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Michael Garron Hospital and the Toronto East Health Network opened up a vaccination standby list for those who are part of the province's Phase 2 populations. But the website crashed shortly after it opened up due to high volume, the Toronto East Health Network said. On Sunday it said it has taken down the site for now due to "an extremely high volume of submissions" while it figures out how to move forward on standby vaccinations. In Quebec, Minister of Health Christian Dube urged residents to get vaccinated. "There are still appointments available in the coming days in some regions, especially in Montreal," he said for those aged 60 years and older. Quebec has given doses to 76 per cent of those 80 and over, as well as 52 per cent of those 70 years and older and 17 per cent of those aged 60 to 69. The vast majority are first doses, very few have been fully vaccinated. As of last week, Quebec said about 75 per cent or more of all age groups 65 years and older had either received a vaccine or made an appointment. The province reported 917 news cases of COVID-19 on Sunday after breaking the 1,000-mark on Saturday for the first time since mid-February. — With files from Morgan Lowrie in Montreal. This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 28, 2021. Liam Casey, The Canadian Press

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Australian coal company puts Alberta project on hold after reinstatement of 1976 policy

Australian coal company Atrum Coal announced Friday it would pause operations at its Elan project, located just north of Grassy Mountain, citing upcoming consultations on coal policy scheduled by the Alberta government. Atrum's Elan Hard Coking Coal project is located on what was designated "Category 2" lands under Alberta's 1976 coal policy, under which open-pit mining typically is prohibited. Last year, the Alberta government cancelled its 1976 Coal Development Policy for Alberta with no public consultation. In the wake of mounting opposition from municipalities, First Nations and other Albertans, the government reinstated that policy pending a public consultation process. Atrum is still allowed to conduct activities on the Elan project under its previously approved coal exploration permit from last year, but has halted all "significant" activities on the site, including any planned drilling in 2021. "We fully accept the Alberta government's reinstatement decision. We also welcome a consultation process that is rigorous, inclusive and transparent," said Atrum's CEO, Andrew Caruso, in a release. Atrum Coal's shares plunged following the announcement, closing down more than 70 per cent. Consultations set to begin next week In its release, Atrum said it expected process details on Alberta's consultation would be released publicly next week. It went on to say that all site-based activities, excluding environmental studies, would be paused for the time being. In February, the Alberta government said public consultations would begin March 29, but additional details surrounding the nature of those consultations have yet to be released. WATCH | 'What we're doing today . is what we should have done in the beginning,' Savage says: In late February, one critic said a consultation that utilized feedback collected by the same department encouraging expansion would likely be insufficient. "Alberta Energy has lost a lot of trust in their dealings with the coal issue," Katie Morrison of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society told The Canadian Press. "It does seem a little like a quick-and-dirty process to get back to the business they started with." The province previously said that it would not issue any new coal leases in Category 2 lands until consultations are complete. In response to a request for more information on the upcoming consultations, a spokesperson provided a statement attributed to Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage. "We remain committed to widespread consultation on a modern coal policy that will be by Albertans and for Albertans," the statement reads. "Public consultations will begin on March 29, and more details about the government's engagement approach will be released in the coming days."

B.C. mining laws raise questions as province looks to implement UN declaration

VANCOUVER — The relationships between Indigenous nations and British Columbia's mining sector are set to change as the province works to match its laws with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Mining Minister Bruce Ralston says B.C.'s "formal relations" with Indigenous nations and their participation in the sector are already a "strong asset" for companies and investors considering mineral operations in the province. "Investors are looking for signs that things are being done right, things are being done fairly," he told a news conference earlier this month. However, details of when and how B.C.'s mining laws may change because of the declaration aren't yet known. It's expected to take years to fully implement the act adopting its 46 different articles, which was passed in the legislature in November 2019. In the meantime, companies must chart their own path to comply with the declaration or risk legal uncertainty, said Merle Alexander, a Vancouver-based lawyer whose work focuses on Indigenous nations and resource-based sectors including mining, forestry, oil and gas, and hydropower. Under B.C.'s Mineral Tenure Act, for example, it costs just $1.75 per hectare to register a mineral claim through an online portal. "I could go and just randomly choose 50 different territories to stake claims in right now and I would have never even had any engagement with any First Nation, and I'd already have an interest in their land," Alexander said. "You get the ability to sort of literally go out there and start, like, digging holes and trenching without really any consultation whatsoever." The UN declaration requires governments to obtain free, prior and informed consent before taking actions that affect Indigenous Peoples and territories. "You'd be pretty hard pressed to argue that this online click of a mouse exploration mining tenure system . is somehow compliant with a free, prior and informed consent process," said Alexander, who is a member of the Kitasoo/Xai'xais First Nation on B.C.'s north coast. Once companies decide a mineral claim is worth exploring further they usually recognize the importance of engaging with First Nations, he said. The Supreme Court of Canada has already established the duty to consult, meaning lawmakers must have dialogue with Indigenous governments about proposed decisions that could negatively impact their rights and title. But Alexander likened the Crown to an absentee parent, often leaving it up to First Nations and companies to figure out consultation processes and agreements before the province approves permits for proposed projects. "Most companies have advanced to at least realize that they have to sort of pick up the ball where the Crown has left it," he said in an interview. "They take the delegated duty to consult and they get into the community and start fulfilling it themselves," he said, pointing to contractual solutions to legal uncertainty such as benefit agreements with First Nations. The Crown's failure in its duty to consult affected First Nations can sink a project, said Alexander, noting that's what sent Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline back to square one in 2016 before it was shelved permanently by the federal government later that year. But the duty to consult leaves room for interpretation, he said, while the declaration is a statutory requirement for the province to ensure its laws align with the different articles in the UN Indigenous rights declaration. Designed to facilitate consent-based agreements between the province and Indigenous nations whenever their rights are affected, B.C.'s act will likely lead to clearer and stronger standards around obtaining consent, he said. It should create a path to greater certainty — one that's outside the courts — for industries, such as mining, forestry, and natural gas, he said. B.C.'s environmental assessment process for mines and other major proposed projects is further along than the mineral tenure and exploration system for compliance with the UN declaration, Alexander noted. But it's not in complete compliance, he said, because the 2018 Environmental Assessment Act requires that officials seek to achieve "consensus" with affected nations rather than work toward consent. Under the act, the government is required to consider a nation's consent or lack of consent and must publish its reasoning for issuing an environmental assessment certificate for a project if a nation does not consent. The Mining Association of B.C. issued a statement when B.C.'s declaration act was tabled in legislature, saying it was optimistic that with proper implementation, adoption of the act would "support and advance reconciliation and may lead to greater certainty on the land base." B.C. is currently in talks with Indigenous groups about the implementation of the declaration act. The province aimed to release a plan identifying priority areas for legal reform last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some delay and it now expects to have a draft ready for feedback this spring, Indigenous Relations Minister Murray Rankin said. This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 28, 2021. This story was produced with the financial assistance of the Facebook and Canadian Press News Fellowship. Brenna Owen, The Canadian Press

Bangladesh violence spreads after Modi's visit, attacks on Hindu temples, train

COX'S BAZAR (Reuters) - Hundreds of members of a hardline Islamist group attacked Hindu temples and a train in eastern Bangladesh on Sunday, police and a local journalist said, as violence spread across the country in the wake of a visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Local police and doctors have said at least 11 protesters have been killed since Friday in clashes with police during demonstrations organised by Islamist groups against the Indian leader's visit. Violence has raged on since Modi's departure as anger has swelled over the deaths.

'Stronger' measures needed across Canada to suppress COVID-19 resurgence: Tam

OTTAWA — Canada's chief public health officer warned Saturday that current health orders are not enough to stop rapid growth of COVID-19, as provinces push ahead with plans to reopen their economies. Longer-range forecast models predict a resurgence of COVID-19 infections unless public health measures are enhanced and strictly followed, Dr. Theresa Tam said in a written statement. "With increasing circulation of highly contagious variants, the threat of uncontrolled epidemic growth is significantly elevated," she said. Tam said public health orders across Canada need to be stronger, stricter and sustained long enough to control the rise of variants of concern. High infection rates in the most populous provinces are driving up the country's average daily case counts, she said. Quebec reported more than 1,000 new infections on Saturday for the first time since mid-February, a day after the province reopened gyms and spas in red zones, including Montreal. The province's government-mandated public health institute also warned on Friday that more transmissible variants would represent the majority of infections in Quebec by the first week of April.Premier Francois Legault told reporters he wasn't ready to reverse decisions to reopen gyms or to allow places of worship to welcome up to 250 people.In Ontario, new cases topped 2,400 for the first time since January.The Registered Nurses Association of Ontario released a statement Saturday urging Premier Doug Ford to scale back reopening plans, including the scheduled reopening of personal care services, such as hair salons, on April 12 in regions of the province that are in "grey-lockdown" zones. The province's own modelling projections indicate highly contagious variants could see daily case counts balloon, while COVID-19 patients are already occupying Ontario's intensive care beds at levels "well above the threshold at which hospitals say they can cope," the statement said.Gyms in Ontario will be allowed to offer outdoor fitness classes and personal training in the lockdown zones starting Monday. Earlier changes allowed outdoor restaurant dining to resume in those zones, including Toronto, and increased indoor capacity limits for restaurants in other regions. British Columbia reported 908 new COVID-19 infections on Friday, among the highest daily totals in that province since the pandemic began. Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced Thursday she would ease restrictions on visits to long-term care homes, where most staff and residents have been vaccinated. Limited indoor religious services will also be allowed starting Sunday through May 13 to allow for the observation of holidays including Passover, Easter and Ramadan.In Alberta, rising hospitalization rates and variant cases have delayed reopening plans that would have included relaxed restrictions on worship services, entertainment venues and adult team sports.That province counted 668 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, of which the chief medical officer of health said 207 were variants of concern. This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 27, 2021. The Canadian Press

Ronaldo rages after no goal and no VAR in 2-2 draw at Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia — Cristiano Ronaldo ripped off his captain’s armband and tossed it onto the field as he stomped off in disgust after Portugal’s 2-2 draw at Serbia in World Cup qualifying on Saturday. In a split second, Ronaldo had gone from savoring a last-gasp winner for his country to protesting what he considered a refereeing oversight with no video review available. The Portugal star came oh-so-close to scoring a stoppage-time goal when Serbia defender Stefan Mitrovic slid and swept the ball to apparent safety. For Ronaldo, the ball had completely crossed the line. For Dutch referee Danny Makkelie it had not, and he rewarded Ronaldo’s complaints with a yellow card. The incident will no doubt be used by fans of video review to argue for VAR in qualifying matches for the world’s most important soccer tournament. For 10-man Serbia, it was the perfect ending to an inspired fightback from a two-goal deficit. For Diogo Jota, Portugal should have done more with the two goals he scored in the first half. “It looked like the hard part was done, but then they changed the system in the second half, scored quickly, and built on from there,” Jota said. “At 15 minutes into the second half, we have already let Serbia draw. We had to kill the game.” Serbia and Portugal were left with four points each atop Europe’s Group A. Luxembourg is next with three points after it stunned Ireland with a 1-0 victory in Dublin. That left Ireland and Azerbaijan with zero points. Portugal looked ready to roll to a convincing win after Jota scored two headers. The Liverpool forward got Portugal going in the 11th with a run to the left post where Bernardo Silva found him with a perfectly placed cross. Ronaldo helped by drawing in three Serbia defenders before laying off for the unmarked Silva on the right side of the box. Serbia tried to respond through the runs by left back Filip Kostic and the playmaking of midfielder Dusan Tadic. But the hosts never seriously threatened Anthony Lopes’ net before Jota made it 2-0. This time it was for right back Cédric to send a cross to the heart of the box where Jota separated from Nikola Milenkovic and sliced a glancing header off the post and into the net in the 36th. The double gave Jota five goals in 11 international appearances. But Serbia got back into the match after coach Dragan Stojkovic made two changes at halftime. Substitute Nemanja Radonjic needed less than a minute to pass for Aleksandar Mitrovic to head home and set a Serbia national team record with his 39th international goal. On Wednesday, Mitrovic came off the bench to score a pair of second-half goals to rally Serbia for a 3-2 win over Ireland. Serbia pressed for an equalizer, and Lopes had to stretch to palm Tadic’s strike over his bar in the 54th. But Lopes was beaten in the 60th when Serbia mounted a counterattack, with the ball flowing forward from Tadic to Radonjic, who played Filip Kostic clear to slot the ball home. Ronaldo was denied his chance to play the hero shortly after Serbia defender Nikola Milenkovic saw a direct red card for a dangerous studs-first tackle of Danilo. KENNY QUESTIONS Gerson Rodrigues sunk the Irish in the 85th minute when the Luxembourg midfielder rifled in a shot from outside the area into the corner of the net. The embarrassing defeat will put more pressure on coach Stephen Kenny, who has yet to steer Ireland to a victory in 10 games in charge. ___ More AP soccer: and The Associated Press

'Shock and disbelief' in Hawkesbury, Ont., after doctor charged with murder, but locals have faith in hospital

As Susan Conway waited for her daughter to be treated at Hawkesbury and District General Hospital, she expressed more concern about safety over the recent COVID-19 outbreaks than news that a doctor has been charged with first-degree murder. But while the arrest this week of Dr. Brian Nadler won't deter Conway or her family from using the hospital, she also told CBC News on Saturday that the murder charge revelation has certainly rocked the small community of Hawkesbury, which is located between Ottawa and Montreal, and the surrounding area. "The community is learning about this, and everyone is in shock and disbelief," said Conway, who worked 15 years as an OPP dispatcher. "You don't think about this [happening] in this close-knit town. "Just horrible, just horrible. And I feel for the family of this poor soul who has been taken." WATCH | Hawkesbury residents react to doctor's murder charge: Residents of the town, which has a population of about 10,000, say they're stunned by the arrest and word that Ontario Provincial Police are still investigating multiple "suspicious deaths" at the hospital. It's kind of like a cultural shock to hear these things happen here, too. - Elian Renaud, Hawkesbury resident But most of those interviewed by CBC News also said they'll continue to use the hospital — a bilingual, 100-bed facility with a range of programs and services from its main campus in Hawkesbury, and two satellite centres in Clarence-Rockland and Casselman. Nadler, a specialist in internal medicine, was arrested Thursday evening. The 35-year-old, who lives in Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, Que., appeared in court on Friday and was charged with one count of first-degree murder. As of early Sunday, police hadn't provided details about the deceased person or how many deaths they're investigating. "Its complete crazy, for a small town," said resident Suzie Lalonde. "Everybody talking about it." Elian Renaud said these are the kind of stories you hear coming out of big cities like Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto. "You're from a small town, everyone here knows each other and nothing ever happens in this town, crazy like that," he said. "It's kind of like a cultural shock to hear these things happen here, too." 2 COVID-19 outbreaks The murder case is the latest setback this month for the hospital, as it's also been dealing with two COVID-19 outbreaks. Provincial police were called to Hawkesbury and District General Hospital on Thursday. Dr. Brian Nadler, 35, was arrested and charged with murder the next day.(Joe Tunney/CBC) Earlier this week, the hospital confirmed 16 patients and five staff had tested positive for COVID-19, and five deaths have been linked to the virus. Conway, who has lived in the area all her life, said the redevelopment of the hospital and how it's been "built up all brand new," along with the addition of more specialists, have been "wonderful for the whole community." But now, local officials are being forced to focus on the arrest of one of its doctors and assuage fears. On Friday, Hawkesbury Mayor Paula Assaly asked people to remain calm and not be afraid to seek care at the hospital. The next day, OPP spokesperson Bill Dickson told CBC News that, for the people of Hawkesbury, "this is a traumatic experience for everyone." WATCH | OPP spokesperson speaks on how the murder investigation is affecting families: Retiree Ana Lecuyer had recently been transferred to the Hawkesbury hospital for her three-times-a-week dialysis treatment, a welcome development that meant she no longer had to make the hour-plus trek to Ottawa. She has nothing but praise for the facility, but the murder charge has left her shaken. I'm stressed out. It bothers me a lot. - Ana Lecuyer, on learning about police investigation "I didn't want to come back to the hospital," she said. "I'm stressed out. It bothers me a lot." Carole Gocmanac, however, says she has complete confidence in the safety of her former mother-in-law, who is 99 and currently in the Hawkesbury hospital. "Her family's always there," said Gocmanac, who praised the hospital, and its staff and cleanliness. Guylaine Lafrance also supports the hospital, but is concerned over its due diligence in checking the work history of doctors.(Mark Gollom/CBC) Guylaine Lafrance also expressed support for the hospital, but raised concerns over its due diligence in checking the work history, or "the priors," of doctors. During Nadler's residency at the University of Saskatchewan's medical school from July 2014 to September 2018, he faced two unprofessional conduct charges, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan has said. Documents show one charge was for allegedly calling a female colleague a "bitch" after an argument and telling someone else he "felt like slapping" that colleague. Another charge involved patient record-keeping. But the college didn't pursue the charges after Nadler apologized and took a couple of courses. Nadler, who attended universities in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and was licensed in February 2020 to practise medicine in Ontario, is set to make his next court appearance in April. (Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta) Chris Bennett, who also was a patient at the Hawkesbury hospital, suggested it's too early to determine whether officials there should have done a more thorough background check on the doctor. "You can maybe understand the need for doctors," he said. "They're not going to turn away anybody if it's something that was minor there."

Peeps S’mores

Easter is officially over! So now what do you do with all those leftover Peeps and Easter candy? Make a S’more!

I have no idea how it took me 26 years to try this, but this is the absolute BEST way to enjoy a Peep! It’s like combining the vanilla and burnt sugary taste of the Créme Brulée with the chocolatey ooey gooey smushiness of the S’more! Your taste buds couldn’t be happier!

Roasting the Peeps allows the sugar to caramelize as the exterior of the Peep crisps up while creating a soft, melty center. Mmmmmm… When you sandwich this between two graham crackers and some chocolate, you have an explosion of wonderful flavors and textures going on inside your mouth.

Oh. My. G. I can never go back to eating plain Peeps ever again! And for that matter, I could never eat plain old S’mores ever again! Thank God they sell Peeps more than just around Easter time! These S’mores are the only way to go!

And how could I go back to eating them the old-fashioned way when it’s SO DARN EASY to make these S’mores??

It literally takes two minutes. TWO MINUTES PEOPLE.

While I’m sure everyone knows how to make a S’more (unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life), I wanted to provide a few step-by-step pictures to get you even more excited about roasting these little Peepers!

Ingredients. As you can see, I tried out a few different S’more combos. I mean, who doesn’t LOVE Girl Scout Cookies? And in S’more form? You’ve got the perfect marriage right there with the coconutty, caramely, chocolatey amazingousity! I also made some with graham crackers–I used cinnamon graham crackers because that’s all I had, but plain works just as well! Some of my leftover candy included some Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Eggs and Milky Way Caramel Easter Bunnies which were absolutely heavenly in the S’more. The cute Easter Ghirardelli squares fit just perfectly on the graham squares as well!

Now comes the FUN part! It’s fire time!

I used my gas stove to roast the Peeps, however, you can also use your oven. Just put your oven on broil and place each Peep on a graham cracker on a baking sheet on the top rack. Keep a very close eye on your oven–this will take no more than a couple of minutes.

There really are no rules to roasting the peeps. If you like your marshmallows burnt to a crisp, that’s totally fine. If you like them perfectly browned, try to keep them a little further from the flame. Oh, and BE CAREFUL! Since there’s sugar on the outside, it has the tendency to ignite a little, but it’s easy to blow it out.

Once you’ve reached perfectly toasted Peep perfection, sandwich it between your cracker/cookie of choice!

Since Samoas already have caramel and chocolate on the cookie, I decided to leave out the chocolate in the center. When using graham crackers, I placed the unwrapped candy on the graham cracker square and melted it just to softness in the microwave–about 20 seconds.

This created that wonderful smushing action between the marshmallow and graham crackers. In the words of Rachael Ray, “YUM-O!”