Video examples of unusual playgrounds

Video examples of unusual playgrounds

Types of coatings for the playground

There are two types of coatings - artificial and natural... Popular natural surfaces include sand and grass. However, this coating has its drawbacks. First, after rain, the sand turns into a mud swamp, and wet grass becomes a traumatic area. Secondly, removing debris from such surfaces is quite problematic. Thirdly, if the suburban area is in a windy zone, then the sand will scatter throughout the area. Fourthly, the turf requires timely care: cutting the grass and treating the area with chemical fertilizer from weeds. Based on all these disadvantages, many users recommend choosing an artificial turf for the sites.

Artificial turf has many advantages:

  • Safety.
  • High level of elasticity and firmness.
  • It tolerates negative environmental influences well.
  • Fire resistance.
  • Does not require additional maintenance.
  • Durability.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Lack of sliding on the surface after rain.

3 types of artificial turf varieties:

  1. Artificial turf. A good choice of covering for a playground with a football field.
  2. Modular plastic cover.
  3. Modular rubber cover.

Modular plastic and rubber cover needs a flat mounting surface. You can achieve a flat area under the site by laying a concrete screed, wooden flooring, or by pouring an asphalt pavement.

Artificial grass is more durable than natural lawn. In contrast to the natural analogue of the lawn, the artificial turf does not need to be cut and periodically sown. Another advantage of artificial turf is that it does not stain clothes. There are also disadvantages of artificial turf: it weakly softens falls. When choosing an artificial turf, you need to consider the height and width of the grass. Too tall grass can make it difficult for a small child to walk.

How to install artificial turf?

Create a flat surface for the future lawn, after clearing the area from debris. The lawn can be laid on the ground, concrete screed or asphalt surface. The soil must be compacted and a drainage system created. This is necessary in order to avoid soil rotting. If the artificial turf is mounted on a concrete screed or asphalt pavement, underlay sheets are additionally lined under the artificial turf. The substrate is laid according to the principle of shingles, that is, an overlap of 1.5 cm. When the lawn is spread out, it should be allowed to lie down for about 12 hours.

The modular plastic cover is a "constructor" of blocks of various shapes. Such a coating is easy to install and does not require special maintenance. You can clean the surface of dirt with water from under a hose. The plastic cover can be assembled and disassembled several times to be transferred to a new location. The coating also tolerates frost well. Most of the users use this surface as a skating rink in winter. The rink filling process is divided into two stages. First you need to pour a small amount of water and let it freeze. Then, continue pouring the roller to the required size.

Installation of the plastic cover:

  • Clear the area from debris.
  • Remove the grass layer.
  • Cover the area with sand, fill with water and tamp.
  • Install the modules.
  • After assembling the plastic cover, the structure is rammed into the base.

Advantages of modular rubber cover

First of all, this coating has a high level of safety. The rubber coating has a special number of advantages: durability, retains its original appearance throughout the entire time, rich color palette of modules, has good noise insulation, has a good level of plasticity.

The coating is laid either on the ground or on a solid base. On a soil base, moisture outflow occurs naturally. Therefore, you can refuse to create a drainage system or a slope. Before installing the rubberized plates on the ground surface, it is necessary to remove the layer of earth, clean the area from debris. Level and compact the soil. After that, a layer of crushed stone up to 10 cm thick is poured onto the ground surface and a mixture of cement and sand is poured.

Installation of modular covering:

Stage 1. When installing a rubber coating on a solid base, additional processing of the base itself with a special primer and the creation of a drain to drain water is required. The primer is made of polyurethane glue and acetone in a 1: 1 ratio.

Step 2. The mixture is applied to the surface of the substrate using a roller, paint brush or spatula.

Stage 3. Then rubberized plates are placed on the applied glue and pressed tightly to the base. The pad will be ready for use as soon as the glue hardens.

Let's go back to the natural types of playground flooring. Natural materials are definitely cheaper than artificial ones, and these materials are also environmentally friendly. In addition to sand and natural lawn, rolled granite can also be used as a covering. Granite is a good alternative to gravel and crushed stone, a child cannot get hurt on it.

Decorative chips are also used as coverings on playgrounds and sports grounds. This natural material is rough sawdust, which cannot hurt a child, or soft wood shavings. Disadvantages of such a material as a coating: it sticks to clothes, loses its qualities in the rain and in wet weather. The shavings are quite light, therefore, just like sand, they are easily blown away by the wind. Sand, on the other hand, is suitable for those who have a suburban area in a humid area. To prevent debris from entering the playground, you can install a canopy above it. It will also protect the child from sunstroke.

The concrete area is ideal for rollerblading, skateboarding and cycling. Concrete pouring needs ditches for water drainage, think about this in advance. If the area of ​​the playground allows, then you can divide the playing area into several zones and use different types of surfaces. This option will cost more, but the right coating reduces the likelihood of injury.

Artificial turf can be spread on a football field, sand can be used on a volleyball court. Use rubberized modular blocks near swings and a sports corner - this will reduce the occurrence of injuries in the child. Splitting into different zones will allow you to correctly design a playground, taking into account all the nuances. When designing a playground and dividing it into zones, the age of the child and his hobbies are primarily taken into account.

So, the choice of flooring for a playground is extremely important. Not only the child's safety will depend on him, but also his good mood. When buying a coating for playgrounds in the country, do not forget to check the quality of the manufacturer and the product itself.

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If you follow all the recommendations for the selection, styling and care of the rubber coating for playgrounds, it will last 10-20 years and will delight more than one generation of children.

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