Mating in dogs

Mating in dogs

In order to get good offspring, breeders must not only be in excellent shape, but also reach a certain age, which was mentioned in the last issue of "ZooPrice". Finally, we remember that only the best pedigree dogs should be allowed into breeding with strict culling of the sick, weak, not meeting the breed standard. If all these conditions are met, then you can start knitting.

Bitches are knitted no more often than once a year (after one heat). Mating in every estrus adversely affects their health, and puppies are born weak. Males are usually knitted no more than four times a month (once a week). Dogs are usually not knitted after 6 to 8 years of age. The bitch should not be mated before the second heat.

Before a mating bitch, deworming should be done. The dog and the bitch must be healthy; their mating should be of interest from the point of view of improving a particular breed (here I mean not only the exterior qualities of dogs, but also their genetic, physical, mental health, as well as working qualities). Owners of a dog and a bitch should correctly fill out the mating act - a document that records the fact of mating and stipulates the terms of payment between the owners.

You can knit a bitch only during the "hunting" period. Mating "forcibly" can lead to physical and psychological injury to the dog. Therefore, each owner of a bitch should be able to determine the timing of the "hunt" for his dog. The period of "hunting" for each bitch is determined individually. "Hunt" can be defined as follows. Place your hand on the dog's rump. The bitch, which has come to "hunt", strains its hind legs, takes the tail aside, lifts the loop (the edges of the loop diverge, as if twisting to the sides). With such signs of "hunting", it is better to mate on the same day.

Mating should be done in a place familiar to the dog. The presence of the owners of the male and female and, if necessary, a mating instructor is enough. Before mating, the dog and the bitch are not fed. Whether the dogs need help with mating depends on many factors, for example, the experience of the dog, the breed of dog, etc. ). It is useful to take the dog outside and take a walk - this kind of exercise will help the dog to restore his strength. When the bitch is "hunting", she calmly accepts the dog and does not resist. But there are dogs that, in principle, do not allow males. Then the bitch has to be held so that the male can insert the penis into the loop. After this, ejaculation occurs. At this moment, blood flows abundantly to the genitals of the bitch, they swell strongly and tightly cover the male's penis - clumping, or "lock" occurs. Dogs can be in the "castle" from several minutes to an hour or more. The dog is helped to take a comfortable position, for which purpose it is carefully carried over its hind leg over the croup of the bitch (the dogs turn out to be turned backwards towards each other). While the dogs are in the "castle", you need to make sure that the bitch does not jerk or sit down: sudden movements can injure the male's penis. If there is no "lock", this does not mean at all that the mating did not take place and the bitch remained empty, the main thing is that the sperm gets into the bitch's vagina.

After the dogs have separated from the loop of the bitch, a certain amount of turbid, sometimes bloody fluid flows out. This is not sperm, but a lubricant that makes it easier for the penis to move. There are few spermatozoa in it, since they have the ability to move against the flow of fluid into the uterus, where they "meet" the eggs and fertilize.

The second, control, mating makes sense to carry out no earlier than 48 hours after the first. This mating is desirable, and even necessary, since the bitch's period of "hunting" does not exactly coincide with the period of fertilization. Fertilization is the time when the eggs are released from the ovaries into the uterus and are able to fuse with the sperm. Sometimes this discrepancy is quite significant. Despite the fact that spermatozoa can remain viable for two to three days, waiting for the release of the egg, fertilization often does not occur precisely because the period of "hunting" does not coincide with the period of fertilization.

Since the eggs do not mature at the same time, it is possible for a bitch to be fertilized by several males. Then the puppies in the litter will be from different fathers. That is why the puppies are so diverse among yard dogs. The bitch after the "official" mating still needs to be protected from strangers males.

In recent years, artificial insemination has been used in dog breeding, a method that was previously only used for farm animals. There are now ways to store sperm for a long time. This allows the genotype of outstanding males to be used even when normal mating is not possible. Used literature:

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V. Lyavdanskaya, animal engineer, psychologist


Mating seems to many to be a simple process, but it can be accompanied by many difficulties that require the participation and help of the owners. Before the first mating and all subsequent ones, it is recommended to visit the veterinarian for a full examination. The doctor will help you decide on a suitable date and give your advice. The help of dog handlers will also not be superfluous, because they know absolutely everything about dogs and their breeding. You can join a dog club or find knowledgeable people on the forums.

Experienced professionals will help with advice and even find a suitable match for the bitch among purebred males, and will take part in their first meeting and acquaintance. If you follow all the rules that dictate the correct process of mating animals, you can count on a successful outcome of events and the birth of many healthy purebred puppies.

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Is it possible to mate large and small dogs

Small and large, long-haired and bald, with and without tails, no matter how different the dogs are, they all belong to the same biological species, which means they can have offspring in theory. And in practice, if the owners turn off vigilance.

After such "experiments" you can find Chihuahua, Labrodoodles, Jackrassellsharpey and many other "Bulldog-Rhinoceros" crossbreeds.

Many, leaving, for example, a shepherd in heat with a dachshund male, are sure that there can be no sexual intercourse, and therefore, there will be no unnecessary outbred offspring. After all, the dachshund barely reaches the knee of the shepherd dog. But it was not so, mating of a large bitch and a small dog is a common phenomenon. How? Yes Easy. For example, a condescending female lays down on the ground and lets a dog come closer to her. Or an inventive dog climbs a hill, and the female comes close to the dog.

In conclusion, I would like to wish that the owners were not careless and did not leave heterosexual dogs unattended in the hope that "they will not succeed." And if everything happened, keep your fists, hoping that pregnancy will not happen. A timely visit to the veterinary clinic and the use of emergency contraception will help you get rid of an unwanted pregnancy in your dog. However, remember that these drugs are not cheap.

For people whose animals are not involved in breeding, I advise you to neuter and castrate their pets.

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