Protection of the garden and vegetable garden with chemicals

Protection of the garden and vegetable garden with chemicals

Garden plants

There are many articles and reviews devoted to the topic of combating diseases and pests of garden plants, but they usually describe methods of protection for large agricultural enterprises and farms. And how to protect your gardens and orchards from various misfortunes for gardeners and amateur flower growers?
We offer you an overview of the means that will allow you, if necessary, to easily, efficiently and ecologically correctly protect your backyard and summer cottages from pests and pathogens.

Protection of the garden and vegetable garden with chemicals

Modern inorganic drugs against plant diseases

Typically, such reviews offer the reader long lists of traditional and tried drugs:

  • copper preparations, which are a universal remedy against many diseases (copper sulfate, HOM, Bordeaux liquid, Oxyhom, Ordan, Kurzat, Abiga-Peak);
  • systemic drugs against rot, powdery mildew, rust, scab, mildew, and other fungal diseases, combined into a class called strobilurins (Stroby, Ridomil, Profit Gold, Flint, Acrobat MC and others);
  • carbamates, or preparations of systemic action, which are introduced during watering and are absorbed by the roots of plants. It is fashionable to use them for seed dressing (Previkur, Topsin-M, Benlat);
  • benzimidazoles - broad-spectrum drugs (Benlat, Fundazol, Terminator, Benorad, Carbendazim, Derozal).

Photo: Chemicals for plant diseases and pests

Any summer resident knows other fungicides: Topaz, Raek, Tilt and Revus. And these are only means for the prevention and treatment of diseases, and there are still many effective poisons for pests.

All of these preparations contain harmful substances that can accumulate in the soil and the environment. They are destructive even for beneficial microorganisms, their effect negatively affects the quality of the crop. On an industrial scale, it is difficult to do without them, but in a small private garden, flower garden or vegetable garden, where children run, cats and dogs roam, it is very dangerous to use these potent chemicals.

Organic preparations immunocorrectors

Plants have natural immunity, and the progress of agricultural sciences has led to the ability to use their own plant protection reserves and the birth of new systemic ways of influencing the health of plant crops.

Use immunostimulants, activating the internal strength of the plant, positively differs from the use of pesticides, since it does not cause addiction to the drug in parasites and harmful microorganisms, moreover, these funds are not aimed at combating pathogens, but at the development, strengthening and protection of the cultivated plant.

Usually, immunostimulants act systemically and have a pronounced fungicidal and anti-stress effect.

A good effect is possible when using immunocorrectors simultaneously with pesticides: the consumption rate of the main drug and the number of treatments can be significantly reduced, and the harmfulness and stress for the plant is reduced to a significant extent.

One of the first released and actively used the drug Immunocytophyte, which stimulates the production of special compounds to protect the plant from harmful effects. The mechanism of action of the drugs Novosil and Simbiton is similar, but their effect on the immune system of plants is not so strong. Nowadays, many different products of this type are produced: Extrasol, Agat-25K, Baikal EM-1, Fitosporin-M, Gumistar, Narcissus, Fitokhit, Agrokhit, Chitozar, Ekogel and others.

Effective and proven means

The most effective, most modern immunity inducers are produced on the basis of chitosan, their active ingredient is chitin derivatives - a substance contained in the skeleton of arthropods. Under the influence of the drug, the activity of pathogens is imitated, and a protective mechanism is activated in the plant. The preparations Zircon, Epin-Extra and Tsitovit are deservedly popular and loved by gardeners and flower growers.

In the photo: Plant growth stimulants

Zircon is a powerful modulator of the plant's immune system that is used to form a strong and healthy root system, stimulate early and abundant flowering and ovary formation. The drug has an anti-stress effect and the ability to protect the plant from heavy metal contamination. This remedy is made from Echinacea purpurea and is recommended for use in hot weather.

Epin-Extra is a proven protector after stresses transferred by plants (transplanting, pruning, frost, rain and hail) and has pronounced adaptive properties: it helps to increase the resistance of plants to diseases and pests. It is important that the drug is very effective even in rainy and cold weather.

Citovit is an organic fertilizer that is quite effective when used regularly.

In the photo: Zircon growth stimulator

All three drugs can be combined according to the recommendations for use, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the application.

One of the most famous immunostimulants is Fitosporin-M. Its solution is recommended for seed dressing, and for spraying plants, and for soil treatment for prophylaxis several times per season. In the treatment of fungal diseases, it is possible to carry out several treatments with the drug.

The modern development of science has provided a powerful tool for plant protection - immunostimulants, the systemic use of which heals plants in the garden, in a flower garden and a vegetable garden, and also lays the foundation for their long-term development.


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Melange vegetable garden

The book tells about intensive planting - one of the key techniques of natural gardening. It describes the self-interest it brings: the creation of a healthy, rich in organic matter and loose soil; protection of soil from erosion, plant roots from overheating; attraction of useful insects and scaring off harmful insects; Ultimately, it is the intensive planting of plants that allows you to stop using the plow and chemical plant protection products without loss.

Thanks to its abundance of specific details, the book can be a great guide for gardeners who want to achieve greater success with less stress and are ready to move away from some worthless traditions.

On our site you can download the book "Melange Garden" Bublik Boris Andreevich free of charge and without registration in epub, fb2 format, read the book online or buy a book in the online store.


To protect strawberries from gray rot and leaf spots, spray it on the leaf 3 times per season with a mixture of preparations Alirin-B + Gamair (10 tab + 10 tab / 10 l / 100 m2). The first is in the budding phase, the second is after flowering, the third is the berry formation phase.

Biological fungicide Alirin-B Biological bactericide Gamair

Folk remedies and methods

Spring spraying of the garden can be done using folk remedies and methods. They, of course, are not as effective and do not act as quickly as chemical means of protection, but they are completely safe for nature and humans.

  • to destroy eggs and larvae of insects on a tree trunk, a solution is prepared: for 10 liters of water, take 2 kg of lime, 1 kg of simple clay, 300 g of copper sulfate, mix and process tree trunks and thick branches
  • for spraying plants and soil, an infusion is prepared: about 100 g of chopped tobacco are poured into a three-liter jar, 2 handfuls of onion husks, a chopped head of garlic are added, filled with 3 liters of hot water (up to + 70 °), the container is tightly closed and kept in a warm place for a week, filter the solution and add water to 10 liters
  • infusion of garlic will scare off harmful insects with its pungent smell: chop 500 g of garlic, pour 3 liters of warm water, after 2 hours strain the tincture, soak the cake again in 3 liters of clean water, strain again through a sieve, bring the volume to 10 liters, diluting with water
  • diesel fuel (diesel fuel) has recently been considered a universal agent for spraying trees and shrubs, the solution is prepared in the following concentration: 10 parts of diesel fuel + 9 parts of water + 1 part of soap (household or tar).

Before flowering, treatment with these agents is recommended to be carried out 2 times with an interval of 2 weeks. Time of day - morning, weather - calm, windless, no precipitation.

Iodine, brilliant green, chalk - excellent protection for the garden and vegetable garden from pests and diseases

Modern plant protection products are not always at hand at the right time. And the ripening crop cannot be treated with chemicals. The materials at hand will help out.

The solution is used against aphids on vegetable crops (200-300 g per 10 liters of warm water).

Almost universal pest control. Dust is sprinkled on flower crops of the cabbage family, as well as carnations, dahlias, gladioli, delphiniums, irises, peonies to protect against cruciferous flea beetles, sucking insects (30-50 g per 10 m²).

Infusions and decoctions of tobacco dust will save currants, gooseberries, cherries, sweet cherries, plums, chokeberries from leaf-eating caterpillars, aphids, moths, sawflies. For infusion, take 1 kg of dust per 10 liters of warm water, insist for a day, filter and dilute with water 1: 3 before use, add 40 g of soap per 10 liters of solution. Fruit is sprayed 15 days before harvest.

We will protect the garden and vegetable garden from pests and diseases with what is at hand.

A solution of iodine (5-10 drops per 10 liters of water) promotes better growth of strawberries and protects them from diseases. Spray the plants once a season before flowering.

If the pumpkin peel is damaged during transportation, treat the "wounds" with brilliant green - then the fruits can be stored for a long time. The same is done with dahlia tubers after cleaning rotted areas during storage.

It will help in the fight against strawberry gray rot (2 tsp per 10 liters of water), powdery mildew on berry bushes (dark pink solution), wireworm (shed soil with a solution of 2 g per 10 liters of water before planting plants). When preparing potatoes for seeds, freshly dug tubers are washed in a strong solution.

A solution of chalk (1 tablespoon per bucket of water) is used to prevent the ovaries from falling off in cherries and plums growing on acidic soils. Due to the lack of lime, the plants do not form a bone, so the ovary falls off. Two or three times with an interval of 10-12 days, you need to water the soil under the trees abundantly with a solution.

The soil pollinated with powder will become an obstacle for slugs. In the first half of summer, berry bushes are sprayed with infusion against gooseberry moth and sawflies (100 g per 10 liters of water, leave for 2 days, strain, dilute in half with water and add 40 g of soap for every 10 liters). The same infusion will protect fruit trees from caterpillars of the apple moth and leaf-gnawing caterpillars (process trees 15–20 days after flowering), will help cabbage and root crops get rid of aphids, bugs, thrips.

Ground black and red pepper

In some cases, ground pepper, black and red, can be substituted for tobacco. Sprinkle the pepper between the rows after watering, before loosening, and it will scare cabbage flies and flea bees from radishes.

We will protect the garden and vegetable garden from pests and diseases with what is at hand.

A good trap for a bear. A glass jar is smeared with honey from the inside at the neck and dug into the ground. The neck is closed with a board with a gap of 1-1.5 cm.

A sugar solution (1 tsp per 1 liter of water) will attract bees to bee-pollinated hybrids. Plants need to be sprayed.

A solution of table salt will keep the ants out of the strawberry patches. A pack of salt poured onto a fresh stump and roots will drown out the growth of a newly felled tree and bush. The same method will not allow horseradish to grow: after digging out unnecessary bushes, pour some salt on the remaining root, and the horseradish will die.

Protects black currants from powdery mildew. The bushes are tied and treated with a mixture of kefir and water (1: 1).

Protect vegetables from the bear. The shell is introduced into the soil in the form of a crushed powder mixed with vegetable oil before sowing.

Aphids simply cannot stand it. In addition, vinegar is also good against fungal diseases. Taking a tablespoon per liter of water, spray the plants with this solution (in cloudy weather).

Diluted in water, it will protect strawberries from ants. To spray leaves affected by fungus, take 1 tablespoon of oil per 3 liters of water.

Onion husks scattered in the areas of garden strawberries will not allow ticks to the plants. You can spray carrot crops with decoction of onion peels to scare off carrot flies. For processing carrots before storage, an infusion is good (50-100 g of husk per 1 liter of water, leave for 3-5 days). Root vegetables are dipped in it for 10 minutes and, without drying, are laid in storage.

Copper sulfate Fasco

Fasco's copper sulfate is an antiseptic and fungicidal agent of contact action. Limits the development and spread of fungal diseases of fruit and some berry crops. It is used as a means for disinfection of wounds and early spring spraying of fruit trees, berry bushes against overwintered pathogens, for treating wood in order to combat mold and rot. It is also used as a microfertilizer - a source of copper and prevention of chlorosis.

Copper sulfate has proven itself well in the fight against scab and various types of spots on apple, pear and quince. Stone fruit trees are treated with a solution of copper sulfate against moniliosis, coccomycosis, spots, roses and ornamental shrubs - against powdery mildew and spots.

  • When used correctly, it is safe. does not have a cumulative ability, does not give side and / or long-term negative effects.
  • Effectively destroys fungi and mold spores; in greenhouses it is used locally in a dry form.
  • Does not make malicious objects resistant.
  • It is used as a copper-containing microfertilizer - copper ions help plants synthesize phytohormones.
  • Compared to chemicals of a similar purpose, it has a low cost.

Folk garden remedies

Hello dear friends!

Original folk remedies for the protection of the garden and vegetable garden for the spring season are carefully prepared by the St. Petersburg gardener Vladimir Matorin. A very strange set in his basket. A bag of boric acid, a bottle of potassium permanganate, a bottle of pine concentrate, a piece of tar soap, a package of tobacco dust, onion and garlic husks, orange peels right there. All this will be needed by the garden and vegetable garden for health, it will help to grow environmentally friendly products. Vladimir Georgievich never uses chemicals for pest control. It is managed with improvised means.

Early, early in the spring, even before the buds bloom, he scalds all the bushes of raspberries, gooseberries, currants with boiling water. Spends an eight-liter watering can for each bush. It adds a third of a teaspoon of boric acid and very little potassium permanganate, just a few grains.

His garden and vegetable garden are clean: no flies on carrots, no specks on apples.

When his garden blooms, bees from the nearest apiary fly first of all to the Matorins, since everything here is sweet for them.Vladimir Georgievich regularly treats his garden and vegetable garden with folk remedies for protecting the garden - homemade insecticides: he came up with the composition "explosive mixture". This is how he prepares his legendary "rattlesnake".

He pours two glasses of tobacco dust into a three-liter jar, adds a handful of garlic and onion husks, a handful of pine needles, a handful of orange peels, and pours it all up to the top with hot water. The water temperature is about 70 degrees. Covers the contents of the jar with a lid and leaves for a week. After that, pour the infusion into a ten-liter bucket, add 100 grams of liquid tar soap to it, stir and filter the infusion. With this agent he sprinkles his entire garden. The first processing is carried out on May 4 - 8, at a time when there is no greenery yet. Cherries, apple trees, gooseberries, rose hips, sea buckthorn, raspberries, nevezhinsky mountain ash, viburnum, etc. - they all receive their necessary dose of "rattlesnake". It is necessary to spray very efficiently so that not a single untreated dry twig is left.

Vladimir Georgievich repeats this treatment after 10 - 12 days. He tries not to process flowering bushes, because at this time bees, flower flies, bumblebees work on them. And they, as you know, are the first friends of our brother, the gardener.

In autumn, when the foliage falls off the trees, we need to treat our fruit trees with a solution of ferrous sulfate. You need to take 500 grams of the drug in a bucket of water. We poured the solution into a garden sprayer, poured the apple trees from head to toe, and no lichens and mosses will stick to your trees.