4 types of soap that every housewife should have

 4 types of soap that every housewife should have

Soap is used not only for its intended purpose, so 4 of its types should definitely be in the country of every housewife.

Lumpy fragrant

"Long live fragrant soap ..." - Korney Chukovsky sang about this type of cosmetic and hygienic product. Lumpy hygienic soap will return cleanliness to your hands after work on the site. In summer conditions, where there is no need to keep a set of shower gels, lumpy fragrant soap will always help out: they can wash both the body and the face. Choose soap with extracts of chamomile, rose, strawberry, pine needles, other flowers and plants that will be associated with the surrounding landscape of your summer cottage, and also use it as a fragrance: keep in the closet between clothes and bed linen, things will not smell damp. Shelf life is 3 years, but after that it will be suitable for use.


It has long been customary for housewives to always have a bar of laundry soap at hand. With its help, you can quickly remove various stains, process tools and containers. Treatment of pots, cups, containers for seedlings, as well as planting forks, shovels and other tools with laundry soap allows them to decontaminate them, get rid of fungus, pathogenic bacteria. With this event, you need to start each new sowing season. Soap solution (provided that you use exclusively natural household product 72%, pH 11-12) can be safely poured onto the former strawberry garden or deoxidized the soil of the area where conifers grew. disinfect seeds before planting. For this, 2 tbsp is enough. l. Dissolve the grated soap in 1 glass of boiling water, cool the solution to 50 degrees and put a bag of seeds in it for 2-3 hours. After the procedure, the seeds are washed. Finally, if there are no other hygiene products in the country, you can use it for personal bath procedures. Well, since not a single summer cottage is complete without mosquito bites, a soap compress will soothe itching with this very remedy.


There is more unsanitary conditions at the dacha than in places where they live permanently. Therefore, it is good to have a piece or two of tar soap in stock. It has antibacterial properties, and therefore start by cleaning the room: wash furniture, floors with soapy water from this composition. Wipe down other surfaces. And after hard work, take a shower, and then tar soap will also help you: it will help remove dandruff, protect against fungus and demodex.


A convenient product for hygienic procedures, and even economical if you purchased it in a package with a special dispenser. But the main advantage of the liquid composition is gentle skin care. After it, you do not need to additionally smear your hands, worn out at the summer cottage, with cream. It does not contain alkali and practically does not damage the protective layer of the skin. They can wash the body and face. Suitable for oily and mixed skin types. Liquid soap is useful not only for these purposes, with its help you can pull out a tick after walking in the forest or digging in the bushes. Well, if you run out of dishwashing detergent, then a soap solution will help out: wash the plates, cups, even pots and cauldrons with liquid soap, rinse them well, and you will hardly notice the difference between a special tool and this composition.

Secrets of growing cucumbers in the country

The author of the article: Pravorskaya Yulia Albinovna, 69 years old
Agronomist, over 45 years of experience in gardening The article will answer the pressing questions of gardeners: how to get an early harvest of cucumbers, what to do to make it excellent with minimal labor and financial costs.

Primary requirements

An important factor is the level of groundwater occurrence. In order to lower the level, drainage, wells or branch channels are used. A more suitable option would be a closed drainage, a pipe with special holes is laid out on its bottom.

During planning, it is necessary to take into account the distance between buildings, taking into account some requirements. To save space, you can connect certain objects, and in order to visually make the area seem larger, it is enough to lay winding paths.

When allocating territory, the recommended area should be taken into account:

  • living area - 10%
  • personal plot - 15%
  • recreation area - 5%
  • territory for self-admission - 70%.

There are several types of placement of the required zones:

Classic. It has a rectangular shape and allows you to divide into zones using your own imagination.

Elongated. Narrowed layout option. The difficulty lies in dividing the site into the necessary zones, and large types of vegetation are perfect for visual expansion.

L-shaped. Suitable in the presence of protruding parts of the site, which can be used as a place to relax

The best varieties of red tree peonies for the Moscow region

‘Vesuvian’ - ‘Vesuvius’. The flowers are large, double. The petals are crimson-red, numerous. Flowers with pale yellow anthers and short red filaments. Pistils are pale green with purple stigmas. Bush up to 75 cm tall.

‘Vladimir Novikov’... The petals are red-beetroot-fuchsin, with an almost dark purple spot at the base, the edges of the petals are notched, corrugated. The staminoid disc is light with crimson veins, the filaments are crimson with bright yellow anthers. There are 5 or more pistils; stigmas are pale pink. The bush is 130-150 cm high, spreading. This tree-like peony, suitable for the Moscow region, has dark green leaves.

‘Gauguin’ - ‘Gauguin’... The flowers are large, crimson-red. Petals with dark crimson veins, along the edge with a magenta shade. The staminoid disc is dark pink. The stamens are large, with dark red filaments. The height of the bush is up to 1.2 m.

'Coral'... Hybrid variety. The flowers are non-double, the petals are red-purple, with a dark red spot at the base. Filaments are purple; staminodial disc and stigma are pink. This is one of the best varieties of tree peonies over 100 cm in height.

'Peter the Great'... The flower is semi-double, 20 -25 cm in diameter, wide open. The petals are lilac-beetroot-colored with purple veins. Pistils from 9 to 13, stigmas are bright crimson. The staminodial disc is weak. The filaments are pale lilac in color. Bush 130-150 cm high, spreading, multi-stemmed.

'Stephen'... The flowers are not double, with a diameter of 18-20 cm. The petals are crimson with lilac veins and a dark purple spot at the base. The staminoid disc is almost invisible. There are five to six carpels, pistils (5-6) with crimson stigmas, filaments crimson at the base. Bush 90-100 cm high, sparse, sprawling.

‘Vadim Tikhomirov’... The flower is non-double, 11 to 15 cm in diameter. The petals are pink, with a small dark crimson spot, with corrugated edges. The staminoid disc is crimson. Filaments are crimson with bright yellow anthers. Pistils with raspberry stigmas. Bush 1.5 m high, multi-stemmed. The leaves are dark green.

‘Hoffman’... The petals are pale pink, with a pale pink spot. The staminodial disc is white at the base, pale crimson above. Pistils with light pink stigmas, light filaments. Shrub up to 1.5 m high, multi-stemmed. The leaves are bright green.

'Irina'... The flower is semi-double, the lower petals are large, in the center - smaller, form an inner circle with a diameter of 17 cm. The petals are dark salmon with a dark magenta spot at the base. The staminodial disc is purple-red stigmas of the pistils and the filaments are bright crimson. Shrub up to 170 cm high, multi-stemmed.

'Muse'... The petals are crimson-pink, form four outer circles - large, concave, inner - spherical, smaller. This one of the best varieties of tree peonies for the Moscow region has practically no spots on the petals. The staminodial disc is crimson, there are five pistils, the stigmas are pink, the filaments are crimson with bright yellow anthers. The bush is 120-130 cm high. The leaves are bright green.

‘Smolin’... The flower is semi-double, multi-row, 22-25 cm in diameter. The petals are pale pink, with a bright purple spot at the base. The staminoid disc is light. The stigma of the pistils is pink-yellow, the filaments are crimson at the base. The bush is 120-130 cm high, spreading, some shoots lie down. The leaves are green with a brown tint.

'Marianne'... The petals are arranged in three rows, pale salmon, with a dark crimson spot, the edges of the petals are corrugated. The filaments are crimson, the stigmas of the pistils are pale pink. Beet-colored staminoid disc. The bush is compact, 120-140 cm high. The leaves are bright green.

Below are photos and descriptions of varieties of white peonies.

Chrysanthemum treatment with insecticide

Thrips can be removed with the help of effective drugs such as Fitoverm or Actellik. After a series of treatments, you can get a good result. Before processing plants, you need to carefully prepare them.

Preparation for processing

  1. Isolate healthy plants from those that have already been affected by thrips (move to another room).
  2. The place where the affected chrysanthemums were located should be thoroughly washed. It is necessary to carefully move the infected plants, because larvae or adults can fall out and wait again for a new settlement on flowers.
  3. Remove the top layer of the earth, because thrips can leave their larvae there.
  4. Remove all flowers (buds) and affected leaves before treatment with the drug.
  5. Prepare medication and plastic bag.

Plant processing

After we have prepared the flower for treatment with the drug, we place the pot with the plant in a plastic bag. We process the chrysanthemum, close the bag tightly and leave it for 2-3 hours. You need to repeat the procedure at least 3-4 times within 7-10 days.

After you have been able to get rid of all the pests, it is advisable to be attentive to the home fauna, unknown bouquets of garden flowers and other floristic compositions that may contain pests. Ventilate the room only with a mesh on the window. And then you can enjoy the beauty of the home flora all year round.

4. Rye flour for washing dishes

Another remedy that will not harm you or your site is rye flour. Few know that our ancestors also used it as a dishwashing detergent. Sprinkle dry rye flour on greasy dishes and scrub with a sponge. Small particles of flour will absorb fat - all you have to do with a sponge is to rinse it off the surface of the dishes and rinse the plates with clean water.

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