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The linden, original name Tilia, is a very long-lived tree (it even reaches 250 years of age) belonging to the Tiliaceae or Malvaceae family. It is a very large tree, up to 30 meters high, with a sturdy trunk and yellowish white flowers. It is native to Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and part of South America. It includes several species. Among those that grow spontaneously in Italy we remember the wild lime and the local lime. It is used as an ornamental plant for parks and gardens, but also as a medicinal plant. The parts of the plant used in herbal medicine are the flowers, also called linden flowers. Other parts to which officinal properties are attributed are the bark of young branches and the vegetable carbon obtained from wood. To be used, linden flowers must be collected and left to dry. You can also buy them already dried in herbalist's shops and pharmacies. The flowering of the lime tree occurs between May, June and July. The lime tree grows easily even in urban environments, adapting itself to the atmospheric pollution of these areas. It prefers full sun exposure, but does not like too humid or too dry soils. It can be grown by seed and by cutting and should be pruned during the winter to contain its development. The cultivated plants must not exceed 4 meters to allow the collection of flowers from which excellent honey is also obtained.


Linden contains mucilage, essential oils and tannins. Substances that are effective in lowering the temperature in case of fever and to promote sleep. It seems, in fact, that lime tree extracts are effective in lowering the fever in young children. But in this field the question seems a bit controversial because the experts of traditional medicine advise against administering herbal remedies to children under the age of two. Therefore, before deciding to give lime extracts to a child with fever, it is absolutely mandatory to contact a doctor who will give the right information regarding the dosage and dosage. In case of fever the lime works as a common antipyretic by stimulating sweating in order to contain the temperature rise and gradually lower the temperature until it returns to normal. As for sleep disorders, such as difficulty falling asleep or insomnia, the lime tree seems to perform the function of calming the anxious states responsible for many phenomena of insomnia. In this sense, the extracts of this plant behave like a common anxiolytic. The bark of the young branches collected in spring seems to have astringent properties, so much so that it is used for enemas useful for calming intestinal problems such as diarrhea. This part of the plant also seems to have a diuretic action. Flower extracts are also used for soothing and restorative baths, while charcoal obtained from wood is used to prevent intestinal fermentations. Linden flower pollen can trigger allergies in susceptible individuals. There are no studies on other contraindications or side effects.

How to use

To carry out their beneficial effects, the parts of the lime tree must be properly prepared. Linden flowers, to lower fever and calm anxiety, can be used as herbal teas and decoctions. The herbal tea is prepared by adding about 200 ml of boiling water to two grams, about a teaspoon, of dried lime flowers. The flowers should be left to infuse for about 10 minutes, the recommended dosage is one cup of herbal tea several times a day. The same beneficial effects can be obtained through the decoction. This remedy is prepared by boiling two grams of dried linden flowers in 300 ml of water. You have to let it boil for about 10 minutes. If necessary, the decoction should be properly filtered. The recommended dosage is one cup of the decoction several times throughout the day. The exact dosage should be recommended by a doctor. The infusion can also be used for soothing baths. For internal use it is also used to calm anxiety states, while with the decoction you can also gargle to relieve pharyngitis, stomatitis and sore throat. The decoction of young branches seems to have diuretic effects. To solve the problems of insomnia and calm anxiety states, linden can also be taken in drops of mother tincture. The recommended dose is 90-120 drops twice a day or 50 drops three times a day.

Linden: Costs of lime-based products

Linden, as a herbal preparation and remedy, is found in pharmacies, herbalists and parapharmacies. It can be retailed in dried flower bags or in the form of mother tincture drops. The lime tree can also be sold in the form of a filter in sachets for infusions and herbal teas, mixed with extracts of other plants, in packs of 15 sachets, costing about 4.50 euros. The packs of 20 sachets, with two grams of filter, cost around 7 euros. The drops of lime mother tincture are sold in bottles of 50 ml. The dye is obtained from the hydroalcoholic maceration of the flowers. The cost of this product is around 9 euros.

Linden - Tilia

Deciduous tree plant of considerable size, originally from

Europe and the Caucasus, widespread in most of Europe, the lime tree reaches 35-40 m in height. It has rounded, imposing foliage, dark green oval leaves on the upper side, light green on the lower side in autumn, before falling, the leaves turn golden yellow or light green.

In spring it produces inflorescences consisting of 4-5 small white or cream flowers, very perfumed, the petiole of the inflorescence bears a bract, similar to a leaf, able to keep the seeds in the air for as long as possible. In Europe it is widespread in the species Tilia cordata, which often hybridizes with Tilia platyphyllos in North America we find Tilia americana, with very large heart-shaped leaves and Tilia tomentosa whose flowers are poisonous for bees.

There red oak it is a fairly impressive garden tree, it can even reach 15 meters in height. As the name suggests, its main feature is the beautiful red leaves that occur in autumn.

Useful tips: oak prefers cool and ventilated environments. It resists very well to the coldest temperatures, even down to -25 ° C. The most suitable soil is the very drained one, perhaps near acidic rocks or granite.

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Albizia julibrissin

Albizia julibrissin is a small garden tree that does not exceed 6 meters in height. Its lush hemispherical flowering it has pink or yellow flowers with a very nice shape, similar to small wads.

Useful tips: L' albizia withstands the cold down to -10 ° C. It prefers partial shade exposure. It is a tree resistant to salt and pollution. Requires abundant irrigation, but without stagnation of water.

To choose the fastest growing garden tree that suits you best, in addition to aesthetic tastes, also keep in mind the size of the garden and the quality of the land.

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