5 useful tips to help you beautifully equip a small summer cottage

5 useful tips to help you beautifully equip a small summer cottage

To the dacha, a person leaves the bustle of the city to enjoy the silence in nature. And, of course, I want the site to be well-groomed and comfortable, because after working on the beds it is so nice to take a break and enjoy the beauty around.

It is not so difficult to decorate a small territory so that it becomes a real paradise for the whole family.

Remember to plan your space carefully

Think over the layout of the site in advance, divide it into zones: recreation, playground, vegetable garden and garden.

If you bought a dacha for relaxation, then in any case, do not give up the beds. You can plant fresh herbs and herbs for yourself, and in the garden - apple trees, cherries, currants, flowers.

Create a small cozy corner for yourself

To create it, you need a table with chairs or a sofa. Look for a place near beautiful flowers, in the shade of trees, where you can simply sit and admire the nature, dine outside, or read an interesting book.

Choose garden furniture made from moisture resistant materials. It can be easily removed for the winter in a house, shed or other utility room.

Install a swing or a hammock between the trees, where you can abstract from all thoughts, and just swing or sleep.

Use flowing lines and shapes to increase space

When planning a site, you should refrain from clear angles and geometric shapes. This will visually increase the space.

Make winding paths. It is better to draw out the outlines of flower beds with hardly noticeable, low. Create flower beds at different levels, by the way, instead of flowers, you can plant greenery according to the same principle.

Arrange a small pond in the country

If you make a small pool, it will become a pleasant place on the site, around which the flower beds will create coziness. In addition, it will add coziness to the summer cottage. Additionally, you can decorate the reservoir with a decorative stone and make a backlight for the dark time of the day.

If conditions permit, then launch small fish into it. In the evening you will be able to sit side by side and look at the water, which bewitches and soothes.

Do not forget about vertical structures on which plants can wriggle beautifully.

In the courtyard of the summer cottage, use all the corners of the territory. To do this, plant plants next to all kinds of structures: arches, gazebos, along which they will beautifully curl.

Make a living green hedge out of the fence, the foliage will hide the appearance of a brick or mesh, and will help to increase the space of the summer cottage.

Phytowalls and vertical flower beds have recently become popular. You can equip the veranda with them, thereby freeing up more space on the site.

A properly organized space will make even a small area very cozy and functional at the same time.

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How beautiful to equip a dacha

A budget version of a country house and the adjacent territory can be done independently, without resorting to the help of specialists. To do this, you just need to arm yourself with some knowledge of landscape design, which experts are ready to share. Ordinary summer residents are also not averse to sharing their successes in arranging gardens, laying out flower beds, dividing the site into zones, arranging reservoirs, decorating paths and much more.

Having collected all the tips together, we will consider how best to equip a place for a country vacation for the whole family, called a summer cottage.

A tall bed as a way to get an intensive harvest

Even if this is a very time-consuming process at first - the construction of the frame itself and watering the beds, but it is she who will allow you to forget about the bad climate and low yields.

Aluminum barrels and containers of suitable shape - good and easy to transport material for creating tall beds

Garden beds, fenced with stone

The high bed is always under the rays of the sun, which contributes to the warming up of the soil layer, so it can be planted in April without fear of freezing, and the lower mesh will prevent the invasion of moles and mice. A not too wide frame (within 150 cm) will allow you to care for the garden from both sides. If you divide it into two strips 80 cm wide, you can even make a greenhouse with your own hands by holding the film over both plantings. It is worth noting that it is the high beds that give the earliest harvest, first of salads, and then of fastidious vegetables. The only problem is more frequent watering, since water does not stay in such land for a long time.

High beds
(photo 1)

You can try to grow tall beds with fragrant herbs in an urban setting. They will also become part of the decor.
(photo 2)

Despite all the difficulties at the beginning, the planting justifies the efforts put into it and serves for a long time, without bringing much trouble, and the garden has a beautiful appearance.

Digging into a smart bed for fragrant herbs is only needed once, before planting seedlings. Then she requires a minimum of attention and care.

Free-form smart bed

Interesting photos: the stages of setting up a summer residence.

And the main legacy in this dacha is the stove, which is more than 100 years old.

Beautiful dacha photo of the living room.

Every spring, a petunia is planted on the veranda in a pot - and every year it is more and more.

The terrace next to the house is actively used in summer.

From the side of the border of the plot, the terrace is fenced with a decorative fence.

Waiting for the harvest in high beds.

Evening time is the most favorite time in the country.

Millions of cheerful gramophone petunias blossomed in boxes under the windows.

Construction of a new porch, because the old man's floor froze over in winter.

This is what the finished porch looks like.

The next project is to replace the old floor throughout the house and insulate it with OSB slabs.

The floor was insulated, the floorboards were changed, and now the house is much warmer.

The large dining table can accommodate the whole large family during the holidays.

A rug made of old T-shirts, in the grandmother's way.

Everyone in the family loves this old house.

Because the family spends more and more time at the dacha, it was decided to expand the house by adding a new bedroom to it.

The bedroom is on a concrete foundation, the base is a wooden frame, OSB slabs plus insulation.

Because there were no paved paths in the garden and in bad weather this created problems, in the summer they started laying paths in the garden.

A small paved area for a gazebo was added to the paths.

Mosquito repellent, light curtains - and you can sit in it all day.

While the construction was underway, the flowers did not fail, and everything also bloomed exuberantly without much care. We also waited for the harvest from high beds.

The kitchen also needed updating.

The new kitchen is beautiful and functional.

And the garden pleases with its views and aromas.

Most flowers are unpretentious and grow without much hassle.

A beautiful dacha with your own hands is the result of more than one year's work, we hope these photos will inspire you to equip your own beautiful dacha.