Travel stories

Travel stories

How many times upon returning from a holiday do we begin to tell all the people we meet about our experiences and how much we have lived. Through this section we give the possibility to all those who wish to tell about their journey in any part of the world it has taken place.

It doesn't matter if you're not a skilled journalist or writer. None of us are. The important thing is that you feel like sharing your travel experiences, as you would tell them to a friend when you return from a vacation.

You can become a permanent or occasional collaborator of Elicriso and be a point of reference for those who, having decided to go to a certain place but not knowing it, would like to exchange opinions and impressions with others who have already lived that experience.

Don't worry if you haven't been to exotic or faraway places. Even your favorite holiday area, near the house, can hide an adventure and be a trip that hides an incredible story to tell.

Therefore, if you wish to send us the stories of your travels or the impressions of a place or people that have particularly fascinated you, send it to [email protected] (photos are welcome).

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Travel stories