Garden pergolas

Garden pergolas

What are

Garden pergolas are structures used outdoors to create a sheltered space used both as a dining area and as a shelter for the car. Alternatively, the pergola can also have a closed structure that surrounds it laterally to take advantage of this space even during the winter period. There are basically two versions of pergola: leaning or free. The leaning version is the one that rests directly on the wall of the house, a solution suitable for those who have little space available and still want to have a corner of the garden sheltered from the sun where they can eat outside. Usually the pergola is made with materials that can integrate well with the green space. In the rustic style we find the use of wood and tiles. The wood is treated with special substances that make it more resistant to the action of rain. In most cases, the space of the pergola is also tiled not only to facilitate fixing, but above all to make cleaning the area easier and faster. Alternatively, the most innovative materials used see the presence of aluminum and roofs made with natural materials, or transparent structures that block the sun but do not prevent the filtering of light. The choice of the type of garden pergola is mainly based on the style already present, in order not to totally change the image of the garden itself.


The garden pergola can also be used as a shelter for the car for those who do not have a garage. The main feature is the ability to repair the car and perhaps use this space during the summer as an area sheltered from the heat. Of course, if the garden pergola is to be used as a dining area, a table with chairs must also be purchased. The climbing plants are in this case a natural element that will become part of this space not only to close the pergola laterally and therefore have a space of greater privacy, but also to be able to have an alternative cover to the classic ones. In this case, a particular metal mesh is used that allows the plant to grow above it and thus create a shaded area. Scented plants or citrus fruits can be used, it depends on the customer's taste. The garden pergola is essentially considered an immovable element that remains fixed in that particular point and is certainly useful for completing the outdoor space.

How to choose it

The garden pergola can be made personally or purchased from a shop that also deals with the sale of outdoor furniture. The personally built pergola involves a small project capable of giving shape to the structure and also of identifying the amount of material needed to be able to make it. Anyone wishing to try their hand at this construction must also have a minimum of skills and free time to be able to build it. Going directly to a shop, the choice is so vast that it is confusing. The pergolas, in fact, are present in wood, aluminum, iron, and each can have a different cover. The size is also chosen by the customer as each will have different needs relating above all to the space in which the garden pergola will be installed. The choice can also be recommended by the retailer himself, but it is important that the customer indicates the use he will make of it.

Where to buy

The pergola can be purchased at stores that deal with outdoor furniture or do-it-yourself. If made personally, you will only need to purchase the material necessary for the construction. Leafing through the outdoor furniture magazines, you happen to find innovative garden pergola solutions. In this case it is advisable to contact the manufacturing company directly, which will indicate the nearest point of sale. In this way the customer will not have to do a long search for that particular product as he will concentrate only at the point of sale that certainly has it available. The costs related to garden pergolas are different, especially in relation to the model chosen. If the realization takes place at the craftsman, the costs will certainly be considerable as it is necessary to consider the manual work and delivery times proportionate to the size of the pergola. It is also important to remember that only at the craftsman it is possible to customize the structure with decorations or anything else, while at the point of sale you will have to be satisfied with what is on display or possibly order your pergola directly from the catalog.

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Are you looking for a multifunctional element, as far as the furnishing of the home garden is concerned? Then you will surely find the information you are finding in this section very useful, about pergolas, with a particular reference to garden pergolas, considering their internal characteristics.

In fact, we are in the presence of a product that on the one hand can greatly accentuate the privacy that can characterize the living room in your green corner, on the other hand it can guarantee a safe roof at any time of the year, using a wide range of styles. , depending on what your needs may be, from a purely aesthetic point of view. In short, not to be underestimated.