Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

With the arrival of Christmas in our thoughts the phrase: "I have to give gifts but I don't know what to get!" Some very early than at the last minute but, during this period, we all struggle in search of gifts to give to relatives, friends, acquaintances, parents; wandering through various shops and shopping centers we are offered many ideas, the windows are set up with every article, advertisement, object more or less useful and we no longer know what to choose; sometimes we start with the idea of ​​the classic gift while, in some cases, we look for the original, curious and less obvious one in order to surprise the recipients. How many places do we go to to be able to find an appropriate gift and maybe, in the end, tired of running here and there, we end up making our choice fall on a rather useless gift. Then there are also the Christmas markets scattered throughout the regions and countries that are full of many objects, ... continue

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    Santa's reindeer, you know, are magical and allow the sleigh loaded with gifts to fly; son

continue ..., typical biscuits and sweets, local knick-knacks, statuettes, etc. and, in some cases, they can be our last resort to finally find the missing gift.

In most cases, the simplest gifts to give, at least as regards the choice, are those intended for children, they always communicate their wishes to us, they suggest us with pleasure the object of their desire in order to simplify our frantic search.

We found the gifts, wrapped and placed under the tree, each with their own name, note and colored ribbon, now we just have to wait until midnight on Christmas Eve and hope for the desired or at least useful gift.

After so much waiting, the time has finally come to unwrap the gifts; we all rush to get hold of our package, quickly remove the colored ribbon and find out what's inside. When the gifts are opened, we will have those who will be delighted, those who are quite happy and those who will pretend to be, shamelessly pretending; the ones who surely will not be able to pretend will be the children, if the gift was not appreciated we would understand it immediately, they would start stamping their feet, we would see uninterrupted crying, long faces and how tall.

The race for gifts is a classic of the Christmas period that unites a little everyone, of course there are those who do it very willingly and who a little forcedly, the fact is that in this frenetic search we all feel a little closer and united in the name of this magical moment which is Christmas.