M - the gardener's words - the lexicon of the garden

M - the gardener's words - the lexicon of the garden

M - the gardener's words

Find out all the words in M ​​that you find in the plants or vegetables sheets on Our website. The words from the vegetable garden, the words from the ornamental garden. The words of fruits and cultivation, the words of gestures and tools, the words of diseases and pests… All the words in the garden lexicon that begin with an "M", the list is not complete, n ' do not hesitate to ask us any questions or to point out any shortcomings, we will complete them as quickly as possible. Thank you.


Layering is a cutting technique. The technique involves burying a branch while it is still attached to the tree. It benefits the mother plant while creating new root. Once weaned, it can be detached from the mother plant. We then have a new subject. It is a technique modeled on nature. Some climbing plants do this to multiply.
Wisteria, for example, is a plant that can be propagated by layering: see how to layering wisteria.


Some trees, such as ash or beech, whose foliage wilts in the fall, but whose leaves do not fall until later, either during winter or in spring when the new foliage arrives.


Said of a leaf or a flower which has the particularity of being "provided" with a band of color, more or less important, of a color different from that of the blade in the case of a leaf, or of the petal in the case of a flower, this is the case of Manettia.


Marsonia is a fungal disease (fungus). It is also called black spot disease. It mainly affects rose bushes. Once affected, they lose their leaves and weaken. This same fungus also attacks other plants, causing anthracnose in lettuce and rust in strawberries.

Organic material :

Organic matter covers all material from the plant or animal world.


Characteristic of certain flowers whose pollen is collected by bees in order to produce honey.

Meristem (of growth):

Meristems are cells (or cellular tissues) that allow the growth of plants. There are 2 forms, the secondary meristems which allow the growth of branches, stems, leaves… And the primary meristems which allow the growth of the trunk. Without forgetting a plant peculiarity, the growth is endless.

Furniture :

Term used to describe an aerated soil, easy to work, certain plants claim this type of soil for a better development.


Downy mildew is a fungus-based fungal disease that frequently attacks potatoes, tomatoes, and grapes.


Monder is to remove the skin. Most vegetables are peeled, with a knife or a peeler, but for some of them, with extremely thin skin, it is necessary to use cooking. For example, to peel tomatoes, we use boiling water. To peel a pepper, this time it's baking in the oven followed by an oven to remove its thin skin.


Moniliosis is a fungal disease (fungus). It frequently attacks the rare stone fruit trees which see their fruits rotting just before they reach maturity.


A plant monoecious produces male and female flowers on the same plant.
See also: monoecious hermaphroditism, which combines the reproductive functions of both genera in a single flower.


Monogamous flowers are compound flowers. They contain other flowers. They are all of the same sex.


Monocotyledonous plants only show a single cotyledon during germination. (Grasses, irises, lilies ...)


Raising is when the stems get longer. Usually that's a premise for the arrival of flowers, of flowering.


Mulch is a plant cover made up of straw, flax straw, cut grass.

Petit Poilu, mess in the vegetable garden - Pierre Bailly and Céline Fraipont

A comic without text, indicated accessible from 3 years.

A great collection for non-readers who can read the comic thanks to not too busy, explicit and funny boxes. A cute friendship story like anything, "together is strength", "we forgive and we don't leave someone alone in their corner".

An exploration of the vegetable garden by small animals (ladybug, wasp, ant, snail, aphid, earthworm), nature seen up close and also from the gallery of a worm.

It's not my fault ! - Christian Voltz

An album by the famous Christian Voltz who once again demonstrates here his talents in DIY-collages-salvage. Not a lot of insects in this hike story which amuses the children a lot, but a "moral" which will interest us in the framework of the project on the small animals: the spider is not pretty and is a little scary, but it is very useful since she eats the mosquito, which set off a chain reaction that ended up hurting the farmer who had run over the spider.

Illiterate - Jean-Marc Fiess

An alphabet book made from interesting black and white animal photos.

Very pretty stickers with the little animals from the garden represented in a very cute form that can be used for various activities carried out around the theme.

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M - the gardener's words - the lexicon of the garden

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