What Is Pantone – Planting A Garden With Pantone’s Color Palette

What Is Pantone – Planting A Garden With Pantone’s Color Palette

Need inspiration for your garden color scheme? Pantone, the system used to match colors for everything from fashion to print, has a beautiful and inspiring palette each year. For example, the colors for 2018 are called verdure. Meant to invoke gardens, vegetables, and earthiness, it’s the perfect group of colors to inspire your new flower bed, or your entire garden. Read on to learn how to use Pantone color palettes in the garden.

What is Pantone?

Pantone has a color of the year, which for 2018 is a stunning purple called Ultra Violet, but it has also arranged several palettes for the year. Pantone’s Verdure palette is earthy, vegetal, and inspired by cottage gardens. The colors include rich greens, pale blues, and pretty purples, as well as cream and light yellow. Together, the colors invoke health and growth, perfect for garden design.

Whether you want to use the latest color palette or a particularly favorite one from yesteryear, incorporating these colors into the garden is easy.

Color Palette Garden Designs

Use the Verdure other Pantone color palette as a jumping off point to inspire the direction for a new bed or garden area, or use your chosen palette religiously, challenging yourself to use only the outlined colors to determine what you grow.

But don’t limit yourself to using the palette only to direct plant choice. Pantone color palette garden designs can also be applied to your outdoor living spaces and for any non-plant elements in the garden. For instance, paint your terracotta pots for an easy change on your patio. Choose the cream, lavender, or berry colors on the current or whichever you are using.

Use the colors to select a patterned table cloth for your patio table or to choose a couple of new throw pillows for your chaise lounge. The pale blue in the Verdure palette, for instance, is a great choice for painting wooden furniture or trellises that need a little pick-me-up.

Choosing Pantone Colored Plants

The best part, of course, in using the Pantone palette in the garden is to get inspired in choosing what plants to grow. The olive and celery greens in the 2018 Verdure palette can be mimicked with a number of plants. Look to plants that are known for variety in foliage, like hostas, coleus, and dracaena. You can even find flowers in these shades of green, like green-to-white hydrangea and green hellebore.

The purples in the Verdure palette should be even more inspiring. Choose purple-blooming herbs like lavender, rosemary, Thai basil, and sage. Flowers like blue poppy, forget-me-nots, vervain, and allium also add a pretty shade of purple or blue. Annuals in purple, like petunias, are great for edging beds and for containers. And now may be a great time to be inspired to choose a purple-flowering shrub to anchor your garden. Consider lilac, butterfly bush, or rose of Sharon.

To add some cream and yellow to the garden, choose a white allium, white or cream roses, lily of the valley, gerbera daisies, daffodils, or white clematis. A flowering tree that produces pretty, creamy white blooms is also a great addition to a Verdure inspired garden. Consider southern magnolia, dogwood, or Japanese crape myrtle.

The ideas are endless and bound only by your preferences and chosen color palette.

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Similar Colors Pantone 19-0230 Tpx Garden Green

As we mentioned, Pantone selected two different colors for their 2021 Color of the Year: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray.

Why Pantone Picked These Colors

According to Pantone, these “two independent colors highlight how different elements come together to support one another . . . Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the union of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating is one of strength and positivity. It is a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.”

While complementary, these shades are quite different. Ultimate Gray is “emblematic of solid and dependable elements,” according to Pantone—like pebbles on a beach, rock formations, and other natural elements that can stand the test of time. This color “quietly assures, encouraging feelings of composure, steadiness, and resilience.” Meanwhile, Illuminating is a bright shade of yellow. This cheerful hue has a sense of vivacity, warmth, and power.

What These Colors Mean for 2021

The folks at Pantone were feeling optimistic when they chose these two colors. While they knew we needed a sense of dependability after the tumultuousness of 2020, they also felt like we needed a sign of hope. That’s what they hope these colors will represent in 2021. Fortitude and happiness. Dependability and hopefulness. Strength and joy.

How Modsy Designers are Using Illuminating and Ultimate Gray

Check out two of our designers’ takes on both of these two colors below.

Look #1: Sophisticated & Cheerful

Modsy Designer: Katherine B.

Katherine’s Inspiration: “Yellow can be seen as a youthful color, but I wanted to make it feel a bit more sophisticated.”

How Katherin Used Illuminating: “This shade of yellow is very bright, cheerful, and energizing. But, because of its boldness, it can easily take over a room. So, I wanted to balance it with navy blue, a more subdued and grounding hue. (Though, you could also pair it with black or brown, which would also offer that grounding element.) I went for more classic furnishings while keeping the overall space colorful and cheerful. Since the yellow is so bold, I kept the patterning very simple because I didn’t want anything clashing for attention in this space.”

Look #2: Bold & Moody

Modsy Designer: Karina L.

Karina’s Inspiration: “I wanted to capture the energy of this color throughout this space, while only using the color itself in a small area of the room.”

How Karina Used Illuminating: While I wouldn’t recommend using Illuminating as a color for a full wall (it would be far too intense), I did have fun placing it in an unexpected accent area—the interior of the archway. Painting an archway is a fun way to bring in a bright and bold color that you may not want to commit to on a whole wall. The overall vibe of this space is fun and moody, with the bold patterns and pop of yellow bringing energy and color throughout.”

Check out some of our other favorite yellow room designs for more ways to use this color!

The Look: Calming & Understated

Modsy Designer: Katherine B.

Katherine’s Inspiration: “I wanted to play the Ultimate Gray up with lots of rich neutrals, like leather, deep brown wood, stark blacks and whites, and even some tans—embracing a neutral color palette, but creating a space with a ton of depth.”

How Katherin Used Ultimate Gray: “This space is full of texture but has a simple color palette which makes it very calming. Gray is an understated color—so by adding depth to it with other neutrals and textures, it becomes more of an integral part of the design instead of just another color on the wall. Ultimate Gray is a soft hue, making it a perfect choice for a neutral paint color. While I went with an overall neutral color palette, you could easily pair this with brighter and bolder hues. It has undertones of warmth, making it an excellent color choice for any style.”

Hungry for more? Check out all the Pantone Colors of the Year from the past decade, plus our designers’ takes on Classic Blue, the Pantone 2020 color.

Use It In Your Home

Gray House With Yellow Front Door

This image was originally featured in HGTV Magazine.

According to Pantone, decorating with shades of yellow and gray enhances intuition, originality and resourcefulness. And since we’ve all spent ample time in our homes lately, creating positivity with decor is a must.

Simple ways to incorporate Pantone’s 2021 colors: layer gray and yellow into table settings, refresh a couch with new pillows or display yellow flowers in a vase. Yellow paint also makes for a peaceful bedroom or a warm home office. Or, for an extra-welcoming entry, try painting your front door yellow. And don't shy away from grounding, gray accessories.

Get inspired! The options are illuminatingly endless.

“This is a color combination that gives us resilience and hope,” adds Leatrice. “We need to feel encouraged and uplifted this is essential to the human spirit.”

Liven up traditional decor by adding a dose of this springy green to a conventional navy, white, and teal color combination. Look for accessories like pillows and rugs to work this fun shade of green into your home.

Benjamin Moore Fresh Grass green adds subtle contrast to a space with a serene color palette. Although this shade of green can be a bright pop of color, it blends beautifully with lighter, soothing shades of white and pale blues.

Incorporate this lovely hue into softer color combinations via throw blankets or lush green plants and flowers.