How I attracted hedgehogs to the site

 How I attracted hedgehogs to the site

I think every summer resident has heard more than once about what help a hedgehog can provide at a summer cottage. This small animal feeds on beetles and insects, caterpillars and ground beetles, slugs, snails, silkworms. There are many ways to get rid of pests in your garden. And breeding hedgehogs at their summer cottage is one of them.

The hedgehog also ruins mouse nests, reducing the number of rodents, and prevents the spread of snakes in the territory.

Scaly ones avoid possible fights with a forest predator. Hedgehogs can be attracted by leaving some food for him on the site. For example, put a saucer of milk. But it is better not to put milk - it is harmful to the health of the hedgehog. To protect you from mistakes, I will tell you how I brought wild helpers to the site myself. He needs a shelter, which should be in a quiet secluded place, to protect him from dangerous foxes, martens, eagle owls and other predators. I have become such a place behind the bathhouse. I rarely go there, like my household members, so the atmosphere is always calm. A house for a hedgehog can be made from different materials: brick, boards, box. I folded a small hut out of branches and covered it with a layer of leaves. In specialized stores, you can really find a ready-made home for these wild animals.Whichever option you choose, the entrance must be kept small so that pets cannot enter. At my dacha there are no dogs or cats, so there were no problems with this. Now we will discuss the treat. Under no circumstances should a hedgehog be given milk. They will accept such a delicacy with great pleasure, but the drink will negatively affect not only the digestion of the animal, but also its teeth. Therefore, it is best to pour clean water into a small bowl. In the wild, hedgehogs often have difficulty quenching their thirst, so your help will be invaluable to him. In this case, the saucer should be massive and heavy so that the hedgehog does not overturn it.

Meat, fish, cheese, bread, cookies, nuts, raw and boiled eggs are suitable for feeding.

You can use boiled pasta and cereals. The hedgehog's diet includes fruits and vegetables, but, as a predator, he prefers protein foods. The animal should be provided with food in early spring and autumn, when it prepares for hibernation. To survive the winter, a hedgehog must weigh at least 500 grams. Put food in the evening, as hedgehogs are nocturnal predators and go out in search of prey after sunset. If you did everything correctly, but did not see these forest animals in your area, perhaps they are just cleverly hiding. Examine the house, make sure that there are signs of the presence of a hedgehog: the food is gone, the saucer has been moved. These animals prefer to rest in damp secluded places, for example, in a compost heap or a mountain of last year's leaves. If everything is rummaged, you have waited for the arrival of the welcome guests.

After you have attracted a hedgehog to the site, it is important to take care of his well-being.

For example, there is a small pond on my territory. There is a risk that the hedgehog will slip, fall into the water and die. These animals are amazing swimmers, but he will not be able to get to the shore on a slippery surface. Therefore, I put a small board on which the hedgehog would climb onto dry land. If there is a netting on the site, make sure that the animal can freely move under it. If a hedgehog gets stuck in such a fence, he can get injured and die. Check the piles of leaves or compost before sticking a pitchfork in there for a hedgehog or his cubs. During the winter, add straw and leaves to the hedgehog to ensure it sleeps comfortably. Store fertilizers and pesticides out of reach so that he doesn't accidentally get to them and get poisoned. All these actions will not take much time and will not be difficult, but hedgehogs will regularly delight you with their presence, help and other advantages of such mutually beneficial cooperation.

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So, to get rid of the snake on the site, you need:

  • Try to catch. Snakes love strawberries, so let these beautiful and delicious berries be the bait. Burnt milk can be used. In the evening, put a container with strawberries and hide from a visible place, but so that your view is not blocked, just in case, put on rubber boots. If the snake crawls, then carefully but boldly cut it with a bayonet shovel and in no case take the snake in your hands. Of course, this method is not the most humane, but still as an option ...
  • You can also try to get rid of snakes on the site with the help of store-bought chemicals, having tasted which, the snake dies after a while. However, this drug must be attractive in order for the snake to refuse the cherished delicacy in the beds and crawl to the bait.
  • Lure hedgehogs to the area by placing a container of milk on the ground. Hedgehogs eat snakes and mice, but they will not refuse tasty berries either, so as they say, think for yourself. The only thing that is the indisputable advantage of hedgehogs over snakes is that they are not poisonous and, in principle, are safe for life.

  • Snakes do not like noise, so you can get rid of them on the site with the help of a rustling film hung around the perimeter on poles near the ground itself, since they will not hear the sound through the air due to lack of hearing. Feeling hesitation, snakes will prefer a quieter place. You can use the turntables that are used in the fight against moles. Moles are not the only ones running from vibration.
  • Clear the area of ​​weeds, mow all the grass as low as possible, remove last year's foliage, do not leave weeded grass in a heap on the area. If the house is on stilts, then it is better to fill the territory under the house with concrete. Snakes love to hide, so they will be uncomfortable in a clean and noisy place.
  • Get rid of moles, mice, rats, frogs and other small reptiles and rodents, as snakes love to feed on them.
  • If there is unnecessary rubber, burn it. The snakes on the site do not like the smell of burnt rubber and ash.
  • Along the perimeter of the site in the spring for prevention, treat the soil with saltpeter, ammophos or garden herbicides. If there is some abandoned neighbor's plot near your infield, then scatter rags dipped in the preparation that you will use to fight snakes over it. Crushed mothballs, which are usually found in new shoes, can still be deepened into the ground. Snakes also dislike the smell of sheep, so strings of raw sheep's wool hanging everywhere will help get rid of snakes in the area. On neighboring abandoned sites, prevention is required every month.
  • If there is a children's sandbox on the site, then at a distance of 2-3 m from it along the entire perimeter, treat the soil with herbicides or saltpeter.
  • Treat the adjacent territory to a dry closet or summer shower with herbicides. The smell for a person will be felt only for 3 days, but on a snake it will act much longer.
  • If you need to save logs to build a utility block, then place the lumber under the shed and again treat the entire nearby area with herbicides. A canopy is also possible.
  • If you like to sleep in a tent in the country, then be sure to check it and sleeping bags for snakes.
  • If you live in a country house, then it makes sense to have a yagd-terrier dog that will choke snakes and vipers. This breed of dog can also attack a person, so putting on a muzzle will help you avoid problems with your neighbors. Some mongrels can catch snakes too, but there are some who are afraid of them, so decide.

If, through negligence, it happened that a snake (viper) bit you, keep in mind that in no case should the bite site be pierced, cut through, cauterized or pinched with a tourniquet. It is necessary as quickly as possible, in the first 10 minutes, to reduce the concentration of the poison in the blood by sucking the poison out with the mouth or glass for 10-15 minutes. Extracted poison by mouth, spit. If swelling starts, stop suctioning. After such manipulation, rinse your mouth with a solution of potassium permanganate or water.

Take suprastin to reduce the allergic reaction (edema) and take a horizontal, still position.

Within 60 minutes, if possible, contact the first-aid post to administer the antidote; at a later date, this manipulation will be useless, and the bitten part should be motionless during transportation.

Hedgehog - assistant in the country

Having chosen for themselves a convenient place in the garden, hedgehogs build a nest. Now, from spring to autumn, they will be real helpers in the fight against garden pests of plants. In late autumn, hedgehogs climb into nests and hibernate until spring.

What do hedgehogs eat in the garden

Many plant pests are a real treat for hedgehogs and are readily eaten by them. These thorny animals, without any stretch, can be called biological enemies of garden pests, since they eat them in large numbers. In the menu of hedgehogs, snails occupy a large place. Perhaps this is also because snails are easy to catch.

Hedgehogs eat slugs and grape snails, although the latter cannot be attributed to pests. Hedgehogs also include insects in their diet. Hedgehogs are of great benefit to garden plants, eating the voracious caterpillars of the scoop. Each hedgehog can eat several dozen caterpillars in one night.

Their menu is very diverse, unfortunately, they do not hesitate to use earthworms useful for the garden, as well as berries and fallen fruits. By the way, hedgehogs do not eat ladybirds, which gardeners love so much. Hedgehogs love milk and drink it willingly.

But they should not offer it, since even in a diluted form, it causes diarrhea, from which the animals can die. It is best to give a hedgehog to drink with plain clean water poured into a container with low sides or into an ordinary saucer.

Hedgehogs in the country

From the above it follows that the hedgehog is an assistant in the country. And although not everything he does in the garden is unambiguously useful, there are still many more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore, a few tips on how to attract these assistants to the site. It will be especially easy to do this for those who have a forest next to the dacha.

Set up a house for future neighbors in the most unspoiled and tranquil part of the garden. You can buy it at a pet store or make it yourself from planks or thick plywood. In shape, it will look like an inverted box measuring 40 × 40 × 15, with an opening on the side for an entrance in the form of a hemisphere with a radius of 12 cm.

The top wall of the house can be made opening by placing it on the hinges. On top of the house you need to put cut branches, dry leaves, leaving the possibility of passage into the house. You should regularly leave some food next to the house and ... wait. When the animals show up, they should not be disturbed.

This is especially important after the birth of little hedgehogs. Since in a restless environment, the hedgehog can leave the kids, and they will die. Sometimes you can see a hedgehog in the snowy grass, although at this time he should be in hibernation. This happens when the animal becomes cold in the place chosen for hibernation, and it looks for a new warm shelter for winter sleep.

Protection of hedgehogs in the garden

Having found hedgehogs in the garden, you need to take measures so that they are not in danger. For example, hedgehogs can die if they eat granular insecticides designed to control snails and slugs. Hedgehogs can get caught in the nets that protect plants from birds.

It is almost impossible for them to free themselves from such nets on their own. Therefore, the nets must be hung at a sufficient distance from the ground. If you have a pond in the country with sheer smooth walls, then you need to provide a ladder from the boards to get out of the water.

Despite the fact that hedgehogs swim well, only on it will he be able to get out of the water. If you accidentally find a family of hedgehogs with little hedgehogs during some garden work, then you should not immediately continue the work. Wait until the pups are 2 months old and can leave the nest on their own.

Hedgehogs are helpers in the country and our friends only when we ourselves take good care of them and nature.
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Snake detection

Reptiles are active mainly at night, so it is difficult to find them at other times of the day. Yet their presence can be detected. Snakes are found in places where there are rodents, as this is their main food. They live in burrows that are dug in overgrown swampy places, in cool and slightly damp ground.

You can understand that snakes are found on the site by the skin they shed. It is to this place that they will certainly return.

It happens that these unwanted inhabitants end up at the dacha when delivering building materials. But their most favorite place is compost or garbage pits, manure heaps. Organic matter gives off heat during decomposition; this is a suitable corner for breeding offspring. Snakes find approximately the same conditions in dark sheds - here they also equip their nests.

Important! Snakes are most dangerous in the spring, with the onset of molting and egg-laying. The next period of their aggression is at the end of summer.

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Benefits and Potential Harm

Spiny animals are the best at killing garden pests. They feed on snails, slugs, worms, caterpillars, insects and their larvae. In one night, a small animal is able to exterminate several dozen parasites..

Hedgehogs destroy snakes and mice. With their appearance on the site, the number of rodents will sharply decrease and there will be no need to be afraid of collisions with snakes and other reptiles. Thorny animals do not spoil the crop, so many gardeners prefer to lure them to the site and not use pesticides.

But this neighborhood also has certain disadvantages. Hedgehogs are often infected with helminths, ticks, fleas. An animal can be a carrier:

  • encephalitis
  • Lyme disease
  • rabies.

All these diseases can be transmitted to humans, so you cannot pick up hedgehogs and try to stroke them. If the animal still has bitten, you should immediately go to the hospital. Sometimes hedgehogs run straight into the house. In this case, they should be carefully covered with a bucket, and then slowly pushed out into the street and the prisoners released..

You can put on thick mittens and take out thorny animals in your hands.

How to make a house for a hedgehog in the country

A comfortable home for a hedgehog can be easily made with your own hands. Take a small wooden box (as for vegetables) measuring 30x25x25 or make one from planks. Also, from small boards, make an entrance to the house in the form of a tunnel. It should not be too wide for cats and dogs to get in.Drill a few small holes in the walls of the house to allow air to enter. Put dry leaves inside the house and place it in a quiet corner of the garden near some buildings. Cover the top with brushwood, slate, grass or leaves.

A hedgehog house can also be made from pallets, stones or bricks. The animal is unpretentious about interior design. The main thing is that his home is well protected from wind, rain, snow, as well as badgers, foxes, martens, eagle owls and owls, which can harm a thorny animal.

Some pet stores sell ready-made wild hedgehog houses. The structure can be made of vines, it resembles a wicker basket with an entrance to the "hole". There are also wooden houses, which are similar in shape to a human dwelling.

Do not forget to put bowls of food and water near the house.

Do you welcome such an unusual neighborhood? Share your opinion in the comments and tell funny stories about the adventures of hedgehogs at their summer cottage.

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