How to create a patio in the country

How to create a patio in the country

Patio where the soul rests

Our garden plot is over 15 years old. Like all gardeners, we began to plant mainly vegetables of various, even exotic species.

They planted potatoes, grew berries, tended fruit trees. But over time, there was a craving for flowers, and then for the arrangement of recreation areas and receiving guests.

Until recently, in the center of our site there was a pile of rubble. There was a large metal box used as a workbench during construction work.

For three years, all members of our family have participated in the transformation of this corner of the dacha. Over time, a wonderful, in my opinion and in the opinion of my neighbors, front garden appeared (I call it the fashionable word "patio" now). In a space of 5 x 5 meters, limited by a white plastic fence, there are both planted in the ground and plants planted in various containers: roses, daylilies, hosts, tree peony, hydrangea, basil, bleeding center, begonias of various types. Vines of honeysuckle and calistegia climb along the arches, pots with petunias and surfinias hang there, balls of highlander lingonberry hang down.

Along the path leading to one of the arches, the bushes of western thuja, spirea and Japanese quince, which I have grown from seeds, are gaining strength and volume, and this path ends with the zest of the garden - Japanese sakura, the twigs of which were sent to me by my son from Khabarovsk. They have already overwintered, and in the spring they bloomed, though weakly.

Now this place for our whole family has become a favorite for relaxation, tea drinking, and receiving guests. But we are not standing still. The plans for the next year are the transformation of another part of the garden. I will ponder its design on long winter evenings: leafing through magazines, drawing up diagrams, choosing the right plants. In general, I will do what I love.

Lyudmila Ani,
gardener, winner of the competition

How to create an Italian garden in a small space

If you are very cramped in the area, but want to feel like a resort in the country, the Italian garden is your best option.

Holly and John, moving into their new home last year, had no idea how much they would love to be in the garden after a lifetime in the metropolis. But it turned out that their house has a very modest plot, and it is rather difficult to equip it properly. And yet, after much research, they settled on the Italian style that best suits confined spaces. It is in its diminutiveness that poetry is born, which reminds of Milan, Venice and homemade wine. Let's see how they did it?

If you want to repeat this experiment, then you should know that without paving you cannot create the atmosphere of a small European garden. Despite the fact that tiles are often the largest expense in organizing a patio or terrace in the house, it is also the most spectacular.

A cobbled courtyard surrounded by lush greenery, surrounded by an elegant wrought-iron dining group, is exactly what makes Italy Italy. Or your dacha - Italian.

To really surround the patio with greenery at all levels, they have resorted to the interesting idea of ​​placing planters with plants right on the fence. Thus, you can create not only a full-fledged vertical gardening, but also make a pattern from decorative deciduous or flowering plants. For example, staggered.

A very effective technique in landscape design is a pergola. She makes the garden more bourgeois, elegant, European. Here, instead of a small structure, a whole tunnel was built using an iron frame, but the installation costs fully justified themselves with an enchanting result.

We did not limit ourselves to the frame tunnel, and below you see a lot of plants, both potted and planted directly into the ground. Some of them are specially trimmed, others - grow wildly and create the atmosphere of a tropical garden. In addition, there is also a bench on which it is very convenient to relax in the shade.

We can learn from this an important lesson. If you started organizing some kind of space in the country (a corner or part of a plot), you should put all your efforts into it and not rush to other ideas until you finish this one. After all, one could simply put a frame, plant climbing plants and lay a path. But with due diligence and additional elements such as a suspended French candlestick, this place has become literally magical.

The front garden in this house looks like some kind of garden at the estate. As you can see in the photo above, on the left is the entrance to the site, on the right is the entrance to the house, but before you go inside, you can turn left or right, delving into the thick of heaven.

On the other side of the house, we see another patio where it is convenient to have some tea or just sit with friends. In addition, there is an umbrella from the sun, and sometimes the owners bring out a hammock with a soft mattress. On the right there is a "secret passage" to another part of the garden, which, by the way, is used not only by children, but also by adults. Small details and ideas such as this secret hole, embodied on the site, make your garden special and dear.

The dining room above is a good example of Italian-style décor. Such elegant black furniture can be bought literally in any store, but the special table was made by the owners themselves. It is he who makes the garden exquisite and original.

As you can see in this photo, taken from the second floor of the house, the site is really quite tiny and is in a very cramped position on all sides. But thanks to the thoughtful planting of plants that occupy all the tiers, this is not felt at all from the inside.

Patio: what is it

The photo gallery of any design art magazine can show how beautiful a patio is and how it can be decorated. It is worth noting that in the days of Ancient Europe, such courtyards were built behind a blank palace fence, for which a limited number of people could access.

It was there that:

  • Luxurious green spaces
  • Fountains
  • Comfortable furniture.

Here guests were received, relatives and close ones gathered. It is especially important to note that such cozy places were only in those possessions that belonged to aristocrats, emperors and the like. Rest at home in the garden can be arranged on the territory of the terrace or gazebo, which will allow you to stay outside even in bad weather, for example, during the mushroom rain, when the vegetation becomes simply unusually beautiful. It is impossible to imagine such a dacha patio will be so enjoyable, because it can be used for a romantic dinner, a children's party, and even to have a cup of tea.

Arranging a recreation area in the country with your own hands

For complete relaxation, it is important to equip a comfortable resting place in accordance with personal preferences. Therefore, further we will consider the arrangement of the desired recreation area.

Garden furniture is an indispensable participant in functional decor. It should be plastic, wrought iron, wicker, wooden, but not upholstered, otherwise dew or rain can ruin it hopelessly. For soft seating, pillows are used, which are then carried away into the house. Such furniture is not afraid of hail or rainfalls and is easy to clean.

For comfort and warmth, it is advisable to use a barbecue. Not only will it keep you warm in cold weather, it won't leave you hungry either. A safer design than a brazier is an outdoor fireplace or hearth, as it will protect you and your buildings from open fire.

Garden accessories - figurines, bells, bird baths and feeders, fountains and much more - will undoubtedly decorate the recreation area in the country with their own hands. The function of garden lighting will be performed by solar-powered garden lights, lamps and glowing stones.

As you can see, landscape design gives free rein to imagination, practically not limiting it in anything. There is no need to be afraid to make mistakes, as they can always be masked by plants, and unprofessional solutions can look quite creative.

The main thing is to get pleasure from the creation of "your" place of rest, recuperate and relax your soul.

Cosiness details

When setting up a patio, be sure to take care of the lighting. Most likely, for this you will have to provide for several street outlets or purchase solar-powered flashlights. LED strip for street lighting will look very advantageous.
use, laid along a wall or garden trellis among the plants.

It is better to choose plastic furniture for the patio, imitating rattan: It is not afraid of water, frost-resistant, does not fade under the influence of sunlight, so it will not need to be brought into the house.

It is better not to install a brazier in the patio, but to make a platform for it at a distance. If you want to enjoy the spectacle of live fire, and the patio area is large enough, you can make a place for a fire pit in the middle and overlay it with the same material with which the site is paved. Special metal fire bowls look beautiful.

One of the most important steps in creating a patio is covering the area. Various materials can be selected as the basis:

  • concrete slabs (less expensive option),
  • natural stone (looks original and original, but problems with laying may arise due to uneven forms),
  • paving decorative tiles (the most successful combination of price, quality, and in addition, a huge variety of combinations of forms),
  • garden parquet (made from waste wood and polymers, which makes this material more durable than natural wood, as it is not subject to decay),
  • decking (modern building material, visually indistinguishable from natural wood).

Regardless of which type of coverage you choose, you must perform the following steps in preparing the site for laying the base:

  • Mark the boundaries of the site
  • Remove a layer of soil approximately 10-15 cm
  • Cover up with sand
  • Compact by watering and leveling with a rake.

Next, proceed with laying the coating. It is important to remember that tiles or natural stone should be laid close to each other so that each element fits snugly against the previous one.

When building a base for a patio, you should also provide for a drain of rainwater, which is most practical to direct towards the garden or flower bed.

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