Wood-burning oven for the garden

Wood-burning oven for the garden

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The garden wood oven is an outdoor oven that works with wood and therefore has a completely different ignition and cooking times from an electric oven. At home we are all used to using the electric oven that comes with the kitchen. However, when you decide to buy a wood-fired garden oven, you need to be aware of having to relearn how to measure the amount of heat so that the food does not burn. Wood is a natural fuel so this particular cooking method undoubtedly gives food a very particular taste, more intense than an electric oven. Obviously, lighting the wood oven for an unfamiliar person could be difficult especially the first few times. It might be useful to let yourself be explained and advised by a person who has already used this type of oven for some time. Since it is an external oven it can only be used during the summer period, but in any case it means having an excellent advantage as the dispersion of heat is certainly faster than that of an oven inside a kitchen. Furthermore the wood-burning oven for the garden completes the area dedicated to lunch, and can also be associated with a barbecue and an outdoor kitchen. For greater convenience, it is advisable to set up a space entirely dedicated to everything necessary for the culture of food, also adding a sink to it.


The wood-burning oven for the garden it reaches quite high temperatures which last for a long time. This allows you to cook considerable amounts of food, so it's a great option when you decide to invite friends over for dinner. Many think that the garden wood oven can only be used for cooking pizza, but in reality this is not the case. All the food that is cooked in the electric oven can be cooked in a wood oven and moreover, if it is also equipped with a warming plate, what is cooked as a second course can be kept warm. The shape of a wood-fired garden oven can be square or rounded. It will be up to the customer to decide which model seems to be the most suitable from an aesthetic point of view for his garden. The oven can have a variable size, and on the basis of this, the number of pizzas or bread that can be baked is established. Anyone with special needs must immediately notify the retailer, so that he can only present the models of wood-fired garden ovens that can satisfy his requests.

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Each wood-fired garden oven belongs to a specific category. Let's start with the basic model, where only the oven is present. It is a rather small structure for its dimensions, with a wood compartment that always comes in handy. This model is chosen above all by those who have the particular need to have only one oven in the garden or by those who do not have the space to install a more complete structure. The oven can be flanked by a grill used for the barbecue, which can be lit with either wood or charcoal. There may also be a side area with a rather useful support surface for the various accessories. The construction materials are however all chosen to be resistant to the external environment, but they differ in style. There are wood-burning ovens for the garden that also have a small roof made with rather rustic-looking tiles, others made with different materials to adapt to a more modern garden.

Garden wood oven: Where to buy

The wood-fired garden oven is sold in shops displaying barbecues and DIY stores. Alternatively, those wishing to make it themselves will have to purchase all the necessary material before starting the realization. The costs differ according to the size of the model chosen, the complementary accessories, the materials used for its realization. By carefully evaluating these three specific characteristics, everyone will orient themselves on the model that best meets their needs. Those who have a large enough space can afford to buy a complete model and have the possibility of using an oven and a barbecue with a single structure. It is also possible to purchase complementary accessories from retailers to improve its performance. You can replace the grill of the barbecue area, or buy closures for the oven surface if they are not present. The wood-fired garden oven will allow you to discover ancient flavors because through this means of cooking food is tasted differently than in a traditional electric oven.

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