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Vertical Leaf


Senecio crassissimus (Vertical Leaf Senecio)

Senecio crassissimus (Vertical Leaf Senecio) is a succulent subshrub with erect, thick, purple stems that hold silver-grey leaves with…

NEW! 7 Tier GreenStalk Leaf Vertical Planter

NEW! 7 Tier GreenStalk Leaf Vertical Planter


NOW SHIPPING - We are thrilled to introduce our newest vertical planter since the GreenStalk Original debuted in 2014. Our family has been busy making the shallow version of the GreenStalk Original so that more leafy greens, root vegetables, and herbs can be grown in the same footprint as the Original!

  • Perfect for smaller plants and root vegetables
  • GreenStalk Leaf tiers are each 7” deep (Original tiers are 10” deep)
  • Includes 42 planting pockets
  • Holds 5.5 cubic feet (about 42 gallons) of potting mix
  • Assembled planter measures 19” wide x 56” tall (nearly identical in height to a 5 Tier Original)

The GreenStalk Leaf comes with the same patented watering system as the Original GreenStalk. Simply fill the top water reservoir to water all the tiers below at the same time. Water from daily to once every couple of weeks depending on what you plant and time of year.

Just like the GreenStalk Original Vertical Planter, the GreenStalk Leaf is made in East Tennessee with high quality, food-grade, UV-resistant, BPA, BPS & PVC-free plastic. It comes with a 5 year warranty on both the color and functionality of the planter.

You can mix and match the GreenStalk Leaf with the Original to create a GreenStalk that is unique to your garden!

7 Leaf Planters Each With 6 Planting Pockets
6 Grey Watering Disks
1 Top Water Reservoir

New! GreenStalk Leaf Planter FAQ’s

What’s the difference between the Original GreenStalk and the GreenStalk Leaf?
The only difference between the two Planters is the height of each tier. The Original is 10” tall and the Leaf is 7” tall. Because the Leaf Planters are shorter, you can stack them higher (up to 7 tiers).

What can you grow in the GreenStalk Leaf?
The Leaf Planter is great for growing smaller plants like leafy greens, root vegetables, strawberries, flowers and herbs.

Can I use the GreenStalk Mover and Plant Support with the Leaf Planter?
Yes! Our other inventions (GreenStalk Original, Mover and Plant Support) will also work seamlessly with the GreenStalk Leaf. While you can use the Plant Support with the Leaf, we recommend using the Original GreenStalk for plants that require extra support - like tomatoes, squash, peppers, etc.

How much potting mix will I need to fill the GreenStalk Leaf?
You will need about 6 gallons of lightweight, high quality potting mix per tier (or about 0.8 cubic feet).

How high can you stack the GreenStalk Leaf Planter?
You can stack up to 7 Tiers (for a total of 42 planting pockets). If you are mixing and matching tiers, this is the maximum amount of tiers we recommend:
1 Original + 5 Leaf
2 Original + 4 Leaf
3 Original + 3 Leaf
4 Original + 2 Leaf
For maximum stability, we recommend stacking the Original tiers on the bottom and the Leaf tiers above.

54 Stunning DIY Vertical Garden Ideas to Grow in Small Space

I’ve found my green fingers in recent years and, although I never thought I would, I’ve been loving helping my mom in her beautiful garden. Where I am currently living there is no garden, so I’ve had to work more with inside plants which doesn’t bother me too much as it gives me an opportunity to be a little more creative.

A vertical wall garden is something I have been thinking about creating for a long time I’m constantly admiring photos of them online and imagining where I would put one in my own home. I finally bit the bullet and decided to go for it.

The cool thing about vertical gardens is they can be applied to whatever space you have available! Big or small! You can do shade-loving gardens in the house, vertical herb gardens along the windowsill, vertical terracotta plants on the balcony, or privacy walls growing vegetables in the yard!

There are more DIYs online than I imagined, and all of them look easy enough to follow for a beginner like me.

1. Recycled Pallet Vertical Garden

I love rustic decor, and this Recycled Vertical Pallet is the perfect example of rustic done well. A lot of décor in this style sticks to dull brown colors so by adding the plants, you truly brighten it up and quite literally add some life to it.

You could mount this pallet onto a wall if you wanted to or have it propped up like in this example. They’ve used a variety of different species and colors of plants, which makes it look more natural. If you don’t already have an old wooden pallet at home, try asking around your friends and family because someone is bound to have one.

2. Succulent Frame Vertical Garden

This Succulent Frame Vertical Planter is precisely the kind of thing I have been dreaming of creating. It would look stunning in any room of the house, and because you can pick which size of frame you use you could adapt it to fit any space you wanted to.

You can find succulents in all different shapes, colors, and sizes, and they aren’t costly to buy. Another amazing thing about them is they don’t need to be watered too often, making them perfect for a vertical garden. There is no doubt you would receive endless compliments on this if you had it in your house, I also know many people who would love to be given this as a gift.

3. Wood and Leather Trellis Vertical Garden

I had always imagined a vertical garden to look much like the previous example, but I love the idea that there are many different ways you could do it. This Wood and Leather Trellis Vertical Plant Garden has the plants spread out in separate pots as opposed to arranged together.

It would be the perfect way to cover a large space if you have one that you’d like to jazz up a little. You could personalize it to suit your style and room by painting the wood and carefully selecting your pots. I would have a whole wall covered in plants if I could, but I reckon this is a little more easily achievable and simple to upkeep.

4. Steel Mesh Vertical Garden

I wish I had seen this Steel Mesh Wall Garden when I was a student it would have been the perfect way to cheer up our dreary flat without breaking the bank or taking too much time to make.

I love how simple this vertical garden is, I would even be tempted to paint the steel mesh white and hang it on a white wall, so it looked as if the plant were floating. Because the potted plants are merely hung from the mesh with detachable hooks, it would be easy to change up the plants as often as you wanted to keep it looking fresh and new.

5. Wooden Vertical Garden

If you’re looking for a proper DIY project that might take a while but will produce incredibly impressive results, then look no further than this Wooden Vertical Wall Garden. It’s not quite a one-man job, but it is something you would make once and then enjoy for years to come.

I love the contrast between the style of clean-cut wood and the more natural exposed soil and plants. The bright green leaves truly pop against the orangey wood. You could use this for vegetables or herbs and always have fresh produce within easy reach, letting it double up as both stunning decor and a practical piece.

6. Connected Box Vertical Garden

I’ve never seen anything quite like this Connected Box Vertical Garden, but as soon as I did, I could picture it in my home. It’s a little technical as it contains its own watering system, but it would be worth taking the time to set it up based on how much time you will save in the future.

Again, something I love about this DIY is how easily it could be personalized to suit you perfectly. I believe the dark wood looks beautiful against the white wall shown in this example, but if you’d prefer to keep it all white, it wouldn’t take long to paint. Flowering plants would look great in this as you would see their bright petals peeking out over the boxes.

7. Air Plant and String Indoor Vertical Garden

These Air Plant and String Vertical Gardens are incredibly simple to make, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they look pretty. If you want to add a couple of plants to a place without them being overly showy, then this could be the one for you.

There are endless patterns and shapes you could make with the string in this DIY, and I love the example in which there are multiple colors. You could go crazy and use all the colors of the rainbow or keep it minimal and stick to black and white. Because I always shamefully forget to water my plants, air plants are good friends of mine.

8. Succulent Letter Vertical Garden

I want one of these in every letter of the alphabet. Maybe not quite that many, but I do like the idea of having all my family’s initials arranged on a wall together.

You’d pay a lot for one of these Succulent Letter Vertical Gardens in a store, even then it’s likely they would be made from fake plants. Once you’d gathered together the materials required for this DIY, it wouldn’t take long to make, and as long as you keep an eye on the succulents, it would last ages. You could spell out the word ‘home’ in your entranceway for a unique and welcoming piece of wall art.

9. Shoe Organizer Indoor Vertical Garden

I love a smart upcycling project, and this Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden is a perfect example of one. Taking used things and giving them a new purpose you wouldn’t usually expect is a passion of mine, and I wouldn’t have thought to put plants into an old shoe organizer.

One problem with this DIY is it’s intended for outside use, so if you wish to use it inside you would need to figure out a way to drain the water without it ending up on your floor. This wouldn’t be too difficult. However, you’d only need to line the little pouches so water couldn’t leak through. If you don’t have a garden at home this could be an excellent vegetable patch alternative where you could grow all kinds of things from carrots to potatoes.

10. Succulent Wreath

Although I hadn’t thought of it quite like this before, a wreath is essentially a vertical garden. I always think of wreaths as a temporary thing but this Succulent Wreath, if looked after, could brighten up your wall for months.

I tend to be relatively lazy around the festive season, but last year I did make my own wreath and thoroughly enjoyed the process. It was therapeutic to sit and carefully pick out what I wanted on my wreath, and then to decide how I wanted to arrange it all. The use of succulents and other small foliage stops this from looking festive so you could proudly display your piece of art all year round.

11. Bottle Top Vertical Herb Garden

I’ve always liked the idea of having my very own herb garden in my kitchen which I could pick from whenever I please. Sadly I’ve never quite had space. If only I had seen this Bottle Top Vertical Herb Garden before now.

You could get artsy with this DIY, painting it with delicate patterns and making beautiful labels for each herb, or leave it as plain wood and keep it simple. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having sections of plastic bottles hung on my wall, but the wooden background along with the fact that the herbs will fall over and cover them as they grow has put my mind at ease. I’ll be growing mint and basil in mine for sure.

12. Wooden Vertical Herb Garden

This Wooden Vertical Herb Garden can’t be hung on the wall like the others, but it’s both stunning and vertical, so I had to include it anyway. This DIY would take a little bit of elbow grease, but the outcome would be something to be eternally proud of.

I have a little alcove in my kitchen which would be just perfect for this structure, but if you don’t have such a space, it could comfortably be propped up against any wall. Each level is highly spacious, both in length and in depth, providing an excellent environment for your herbs to flourish. Something I love about the idea of having an indoor herb garden is the fragrance that would fill your kitchen. No need for scented candles anymore.

13. Set of Drawers Indoor Vertical Garden

This dresser turned garden inspired me to believe that I could make a vertical garden out of an old cabinet I have in storage. It’s a cabinet with multiple drawers that you mount onto the wall, perfect to create a Set of Drawers Vertical Garden.

It wouldn’t be at all difficult to make, as each drawer would merely act as a plant pot. Be sure to remember to line the drawers with something waterproof or other containers to prevent any leakage. You could fill the drawers with flowers or succulents while long hanging plants would look amazing draped over the edges of the drawers. If I saw this in someone else’s house, I would become instantly obsessed with recreating it, and I’m hoping the masterpiece I want to create will have the same effect on my guests.

14. Recycled Gutter Indoor Vertical Garden

The industrial-style interior design is all the rage at the moment, and I feel some of those vibes coming from this Recycled Gutter Vertical Garden. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I love that bright silver piping against the black background and think it would make a fabulous feature piece in a kitchen.

You could use this as a herb garden, like in the example, or simply to display plants and succulents. Using a chalkboard background adds an extra element of fun to this DIY and, although you wouldn’t have to do the same, I would like to copy this idea.

15. Ladder Vertical Garden

This Ladder Indoor Vertical Garden looks like something I would see in a quirky cafe or boutique and instantly fall in love with. If you’re struggling with space in your home this is a great DIY to use as it can double up as a vertical garden and bookshelf, you could alternate each level.

As you can see, all this requires is a wooden ladder and some potted plants then you’re good to do. Potentially my favorite parts of this are the trailing plants whose leaves fall all the way down the ladder to the floor. This makes it look almost overgrown like your home is being taken over by the beautiful plants.

16. Old Jeans

Recycle old jeans and give them a new purpose! Decorate recycled plastic bottles with cut up jeans and it can be a quirky new vertical garden bed for your basil and thyme.

17. Clay Pots

Learn how to turn your ordinary clay pots into a space-saving garden that is productive and looks impressive and cool!

Your friends are sure to be inspired by the new look you give your balcony!

18. Ammunition Cans

A very unique idea that reuses rustic ammunition cans and turns them into planters for your favorite flowers, herbs or grasses!

I especially like how each is slightly off-set to make it look like steps.

19. Personalized Wooden Crates

Save those wooden crates and put them to use for your outdoor vertical garden.

You can really get creative with how you build the walls and then plant all your favorite smelling plants to enjoy!

20. Garden Pyramid

A wooden garden pyramid might just be your next weekend project to try and tackle with your handyman husband!

An efficient idea for when you’re home just doesn’t have a lot of garden space.

21. “Gutter Done”

Stop procrastinating and “gutter done!” Create a trendy feature wall on your patio while also growing fresh food for your family and your dinner parties! Recycle, reuse and re-grow!

22. Bicycle Dome

I am obsessed with this ingenious idea! You can bet what I’ll be doing this Spring! A clever and cool way to recycle while making a statement and impressing the neighbors! Your beans are sure to be happy climbing up this unique structure!

23. Framing the Frame

Add life to your boring wall and take advantage of that unused space to grow aromatic plants, herbs for your plates of pasta or air-cleaning greens!

24. Painted Soda Bottles

When dealing with plastic and paints make sure you are careful that everything is food-grade and you aren’t adding harmful chemicals into your plants! Especially if you are planning to consume them.

25. Lanterns to Light

Absolutely stunning! This DIY vertical garden project is sure to make head turns.

As well as having lots of space within the charming wooden boxes to plant flowers and grasses it also has small shelves for lanterns!

26. Dainty Rope Indoor Vertical Garden

Are you a plant hoarder but you’re slowly running out of space in your one-bedroom apartment? That’s when going vertical is a must! A DIY Vertical garden using wood boards and a dainty rope is stylish and productive.

27. Headboard

Wow! Now, this is an interesting idea! Create a unique headboard, mantlepiece or even bathroom mirror by redecorating a mirror with succulents. Love it!

28. Around and Above

Enclose your patio with vertical garden walls and a trellis above for climbing strawberries or delicious grapes to hang down where you sit. Truly luxurious!

29. Green Tee-Pee

A green oasis where you can escape your busy life and take a moment to smell the plants and be charmed to dream and smile!

30. Trellis

Now here is a practical idea! This trellis design makes it easy to remove and hang plants as you wish for easier watering and transplanting. You can also hang lanterns to light up your garden at night.

31. Hanging Terracotta

Chic and simple! This is a really great idea as to how you can add splashes of green to a boring space. They look just as great outdoors as they do indoors!

32. Ikea Hack

Turn an industrial bookshelf from Ikea into a one-of-a-kind hanging vertical garden for all your favorite plants!

33. Planter Shelf

A DIY wooden shelf that can be hung to display an array of terracotta pots filled with herbs or decorative plants. A good way to get the plants off the ground and closer to eye-level.

34. Drip Watering

Add a drip-watering system to make sure your plants are getting just the right amount of water. Happy plants, happy you!

35. Window Frame

You can start with a wooden window frame and then add shelves and planters to your liking or build the whole thing from scratch! Either way, the result is gorgeous!

36. Tower of Herbs

A tower of herbs that can fit on a patio deck, a balcony or even in a sunny spot inside the house!

You don’t need a big yard to grow fresh food and eat well!

37. Herb and Spice Rack

Instead of filling your herb and spice rack with store-bought containers of dried herbs and spices, fill it with the plants themselves and always have fresh garnish!

38. Hanging Paint Cans

Such a cool project! Have fun painting the paint cans to match your home’s color scheme or make it a fun project with the kids! A great way to reuse something old and turn it into something useful!

39. File Rack

I really love the idea of reusing something old and transforming it into something new to give it a new life. Not only does it look creative and cool but it’s also better than just throwing it away.

40. Tiered Terracotta

This is a project to create a vertical garden without any difficult-to-use tools! Simple, effective and beautiful! A great way to add extra flowers to any boring space.

41. PVC Pipe

Very clever! The elbow joints of PVC piping could very easily become a planter for fresh greens and herbs. Paint them and mount them on a board and voila! A vertical garden!

42. Conduit Piping

It just goes to show that a little bit of creativity can go a long way! Look at those yummy lettuces! You could be growing food even on a small balcony.

43. Cedar Boxes

The handmade cedar boxes look charming against the fence. Definitely a very efficient use of space!

44. Mesh Garden Wall

A mesh screen filling the gap of a wooden frame becomes a wonderful feature wall that you can decorate with flowers and aromatic plants.

45. Cutlery Containers

A fun Ikea hack that makes use of their cutlery containers for a different indoor vertical garden project. Strung between curtain cables this is a simple and effective project.

46. Chicken Wire Cones

These planters are made of chicken wire and can be hung vertically anywhere they fit! They use moss for better plant health and an aesthetic attribute.

47. Staircase Garden

A clever idea for using a staircase frame as a planter box vertical garden! You can get al your carrots, radishes and strawberries in for the Spring!

48. Vertical Balcony Garden

No space is too small to grow a garden! If you don’t have the horizontal space, go vertical!

49. Privacy Wall

This privacy wall flower garden design can just as easily be done with terracotta pots and live plants as cut flowers in vases.

50. Trellis Planter

You can also just plant directly into a trellis planter and then hang it up on your balcony to give different levels to your garden.

51. Shower Caddy

There’s no limit to creativity! Take a look around your house and see if you can come up with an idea for a unique vertical garden using normal household items.

52. Free Standing

What I love most about this image, besides the actual planter, is the cute and creative design they’ve come up with for the actual pots! Way too much fun!

53. Art and Plants

Okay now here is a super fun project that you can do at ladies’ night this week! Let your imagination soar as you paint some wooden boards and then get your green thumb out planting your favorite succulents in charming buckets!

54. On Wheels!

A vertical pallet garden for al your favorite herbs, aromatic plants, and colorful flowers. The best part? It’s on wheels so you can easily move it to get the best shade or sun, depending on what you plant!


I like the idea of having an indoor herb garden and love the look of the Wooden Vertical Herb Garden, even if I would have to rope someone else into giving me a hand to make it. The Succulent Frame Vertical Garden is something I’ve always wanted to make so I will be having a go at that too.

So, now that you are inspired it might be hard not to get carried away! Your balcony will become a garden oasis, your front yard will have more plants going up then in the ground, and your kitchen walls will be decorated with sweet-smelling herbs. So get your garden gloves out and have some fun!

My home is going to look more like the outside than it does the inside once I’m done trying out all the vertical wall gardens I like. Luckily, many of these DIYs can be made by up-cycling things I already own so I can refresh my space in a cost-effective way.

3. Vertical Garden DIY Using An Old Ladder

If you have a front porch that needs an update, then here’s an easy way to make a vertical garden that is perfect for a porch! I think I will have to do something like this at my house!

Rachel at Shades Of Blue Interiors has simple instructions that anyone can follow to create your own ladder garden. This would be perfect for an easy diy vertical herb garden. I can imagine it planted with lemongrass, citronella, and marigolds to help repel mosquitoes on your porch.

I really love how this ladder garden turned out.

Watch the video: Vertical Leaf Filter with Drop Bottom Door