Giant blueberry

Giant blueberry

Question: Giant blueberry

I planted a giant blueberry seedling together with other berries in a large pot, the directions said to put it in acid soil, which I did by buying the appropriate product, to expose it to the sun, regular watering without leaving the soil wet bottom, but immediately the leaflets have become brown, evenly and then also the branches, finally it dried quickly, while the other plants have yielded fruit. I live in Modena city, what did not go well, as I love blueberries and I would like to replant them if possible. Thank you

Answer: giant blueberry

Hello Teresa, welcome to our website our website, the site where gardening enthusiasts can find answers to their curiosities. The giant blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosus L.) is a highly productive blueberry cultivar that needs the cultivation characteristics indicated by retailers. Acid plant native to the undergrowth needs a soil with a pH below 7 to grow better. Blueberry irrigations must be frequent especially in the summer because if we want to have a good blueberry harvest, the plant must absolutely not undergo water stress. A good habit to maximize the production of blueberries is also to give the plant some fertilizer either by irrigation (watering with water mixed with liquid fertilizer) or by adding manure or other fertilizers. Finally, as regards the sun exposure of the blueberry we can say that this plant grows well at low altitudes and in the plains even in areas not excessively sunny but to have a good production it is always better to let the plant take more sun in order to maximize photosynthesis and therefore the vitality of the plant through the production of vital substances.

In his case, these three fundamental aspects for the health of the plant have been carefully respected and therefore the problems that are causing the blueberry wilt could be two. The first problem could be an excess of water with irrigations. The amount of water to be supplied to the plant must be related to the period, the season and the daily temperatures. We must therefore increase or decrease watering depending on whether the days are more or less hot, trying to never leave the soil soaked for several days.

A second problem, which is often little considered by gardeners but which is instead fundamental for plants, could be the transplant depth and the position of the plant's collar in relation to the ground. The collar is that area of ​​the plant where the stem begins, an area that must absolutely be at ground level. Blueberry plants planted too low in the ground or too low in the pot, even a few inches below the rim, do not grow as they should and often face problems such as shriveling, wilting and death. We therefore advise you to plant the blueberry with the collar always at the level of the ground or of the pot to avoid the repetition of unpleasant consequences.

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