Nursery of fruit and ornamental plants "Slavyanskaya Usadba"

Nursery of fruit and ornamental plants

Fruit and ornamental nursery "Slavyanskaya Usadba" founded in 2006. On the territory of 4.5 hectares, we are engaged in the production of seedlings of fruit, berry, ornamental plants, seedlings of flower and vegetable crops. In our nursery there are zoned crops and varieties that are adapted to the climate of the North-West region (our plants winter outside). We offer seedlings of various ages with closed (in containers / pots) and open root systems (digging from the field).

Assortment of the nursery:

- About 50 varieties of apple trees (summer, autumn and winter varieties, decorative and columnar apple trees);
- More than 15 varieties of pears;
- Saplings of plum, cherry plum, cherry, sweet cherry, sea buckthorn;
- About 40 varieties of strawberries (strawberries);
- More than 30 varieties of currants (black, red, white, pink);
- More than 10 varieties of gooseberries;
- About 15 varieties of honeysuckle;
- About 20 varieties of raspberries;
- Seedlings of blueberry, cranberry, actinidia;
- More than 70 types of ornamental crops with a wide variety of varieties;
- More than 400 varieties of perennial flowers;
- About 250 varieties of annual flowers;
- Hanging flower pots with ampelous flowers;
- Seedlings of vegetable crops;
- Green crops, aromatic and medicinal plants

Leading specialists of the nursery are candidates of agricultural and biological sciences with many years of experience in production, who will help you in choosing plants and answer your questions.

For the production of plants, we use modern technologies and strictly adhere to all agrotechnical requirements, which allows us to grow high quality planting material, thanks to which many buyers have become our regular customers.

In 2010 our the nursery received a gold medal of the International Agroindustrial Exhibition-Fair "Agrorus-2010": "For the creation of a new modern fruit and ornamental nursery with zoned, promising and restored landraces of seedlings of the North-West of Russia." ...

Heuchera saplings in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg

Catalog of nurseries in 2021, where you can buy Heuchera planting material. Choose plants acclimated to your region

Pushkin, pos. Alexandrovskaya
Mon - Sat 09: 00-18: 00

Gatchina district, village Paritsy, st. Bolshaya, 69A
from 9:00 to 20:00 without lunch and days off

Nizhny Novgorod, st. Znamenskaya, 1
email address mail: [email protected]

St. Petersburg, Academician Baikova, 2
Mon-Fri from 8-00 to 17-00, lunch from 12-00 to 13-00

St. Petersburg nab. Obvodny Canal 197, st. Kurlyandskaya, 20
e-mail mail: [email protected]

Vsevolozhsky district, Yukki village, Leningradskoe highway 72a
e-mail mail: [email protected]

Mon-Fri 10.00-19.00

St. Petersburg, 6th Upper lane, 12
daily from 10: 00-20: 00

Tosnensky district, village Novolisino
daily from 9 am to 8 pm

St. Petersburg, st. Novoorlovskaya, house 27
mikaspb.ru, vk.com/mika_land
Mon-Fri: 10.00 - 19.00, Sat: 10.00-17.00

Vsevolozhsky district, Kuyvozovskoe rural settlement, Leskolovo site

Gatchinsky district, Gatchinskoe highway, 700 m to the village. Thais
from 09-00 to 20-00

Vsevolozhsky district, pos. Agalatovo, Priozerskoe highway, 18 km
Daily from 9-00 to 19-00

Vsevolozhsky district, pos. Leskolovo, area 61
daily from 8:00 to 19:00

Lomonosov district
e-mail mail: [email protected]

St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Kuzminskoe highway, garden of the Agrarian University
in social networks https://vk.com/id326376196

Vsevolozhsky district, pos. Leskolovo

St. Petersburg, Irinovsky pr., 9
daily 9: 00-19: 00

St. Petersburg, Kolkhoznaya, 3
daily 09: 00–20: 00

St. Petersburg, Primorsky district, pos. Fox Nose, st. Hilly, 16
Mon-Sun 9: 30-18: 30

Gatchina district, Vekkelevo village
Mon-Thu: 9-18 Fri-Sat: 9-19 Sun: 9-15

Flowers, tomato and pepper seeds, strawberries

St. Petersburg, st. Vedeneeva, 2
Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 18:00

Gatchina region, gardening Builder
daily from 11:00 to 20:00, except Sun

St. Petersburg, Moskovskoe shosse 162 (next to the traffic police post, entrance from Moskovskoe shosse)
from April to October

It is very easy to buy Heuchera seedlings in the nursery. It is enough to come to the address indicated in the table and choose the one you like from the whole variety. Payment for the selected product, as a rule, is possible both in cash and by card.

The price for Heuchera planting material in different nurseries may differ, so you need to check it on the spot, or by calling in advance by phone. Also, the cost of seedlings is usually indicated in the catalog on the official website of the nursery. There you can also see all the offered types of geyher with photos and characteristics and slowly choose the option you need.

Heuchera seedlings from the nursery are accompanied by certificates of conformity to the variety, which confirms the good quality of the planting material.

Almost all nurseries where you can buy Heuchera provide services for the delivery of seedlings: by courier to the place, pickup, mail or transport company. Please check shipping information in advance.

If the nearest nursery does not have the necessary planting material, you can order Heuchera seedlings in the online store with delivery by mail or a transport company.

If you want to buy inexpensive Heuchera, then buy seedlings at the end of the sales season, usually at this time, discounts up to 50%.

We really hope that we helped you find a suitable Heucher nursery, where you will purchase the planting material you need.

Usually in nurseries you can buy Heuchera seedlings: Amethyst Must, Berry Marmalade, Black Beauty, Hollywood, Georgia Peach, Kan-kan, Creme Brulee, Lipstick, Mahogany, Midnight Bayou, Milan, Mint Julep, Obsidian, Otom Leaves, Peach Pie, Plum Royal, Chocolate Raffles, Electra, Electric Lime, Green Spice, Apple Crisp. And also seedlings of Geyherella: Alabama Sunrise, Hansmoak, Golden Zebra, Daiglow Pink, Yellowstone Falls, Sweet Tee, Gold Strike.

Nursery of fruit and ornamental plants "Slavyanskaya Usadba" - garden and vegetable garden

Residents of Krasnodar, do not forget about exhibitions in the Exhibition Center "KrasnodarEXPO", for example From October 29 to October 31, 2010, the 10th specialized exhibition-fair of floriculture, planting material and seeds, home garden care products, beekeeping - "Kuban estate - Fall".

Where it was possible to buy seedlings of coniferous, ornamental and fruit crops. Perennials, bulbs, etc., as well as indoor plants, incl. and exotic.

The next exhibition "Kuban Estate" will be held on February 18-20, 2011.
The 11th specialized exhibition-fair of the landscape design and suburban construction industry, floriculture, planting material and seeds, care products for homesteads and farms.

Unfortunately, many exhibitors did not have business cards with contacts, so we can provide addresses of only some of the exhibitors.

Planting material for seedlings of fruit, ornamental trees, shrubs and roses.

Private nursery, 17 years of experience in the cultivation and sale of seedlings of fruit trees, bushes and roses. A wide range of varieties of apple, pear, plum, cherry plum, apricot, sweet cherry, cherry, peach. A large selection of the latest varieties of roses of domestic and foreign selection.

Address: Krasnodar region, Krylovsky district, st. October, st. Leontyev, 138

Tel .: 8 (86161) 36-3-59 8-918-62-64-860. E-mail: alena_rozi (@) list.ru
Naumenko Gennady Vladimirovich and Olga Vasilievna.

Nursery of decorative flowering crops.

- Drawing up design projects and estimates
- Individual selection of plants for your site.
- Implementation of professional complex garden care.
- Sowing, watering or covering the lawn.
- Construction of fountains, waterfalls, decorative ponds, grottoes, streams.
- A large selection of planting material of our own production.

Address: Russia, Republic of Adygea, Maykop, st. Promyshlennaya, 58
Tel .: 8-906-438-28-77, 8-961-818-80-20
fax: 8 (8772) 57-54-77
E-mail: www.arhont-resurs (@) mail.ru

Saplings of fruit trees and bushes (wholesale and retail).

Address: Krasnodar district, Tbilisi district, x. Shevchenko, st. North, 73
Tel .: 8 (861) 58-630-31, 8 (918) 01-203-32
Vasin Vyacheslav.

The farm is engaged in the cultivation of seedlings of garden strawberries (strawberries) and berries. About 20 varieties (Pandora, Bogota, Comrade Winner, Vesnianka, Mitseshindler, Clery, etc.). Seedlings - both at exhibitions and from the field.

A wide range of ornamental crops.

Saplings of roses.
Coniferous plants.
Deciduous shrubs and trees.
Large size.
Seedling of summer plants.

Address: Russia, Krasnodar, x. Lenin (Industrial Zone)
tel .: +7 (861) 242-0368,
fax .: +7 (861) 266-9084
e-mail: info (@) rozovsad.ru

Outdoor plants from Poland and Holland, as well as our own production.
Landscaping, landscaping of territories, summer cottages, offices, maintenance work all year round.
Grape seedlings of elite varieties.

Address: Krasnodar, st. Uralskaya 93/2
Tel .: 8 (8612) 36-16-18
E-mail: iflora (@) kvtb.ru

Cut flowers department
Flower bulbs: Dahlias, Gladioli, Tulips, Crocuses, Lilies, Begonia, Hosta and more.
Seedlings of flower crops: Lobelia, Calibrachoa, Diascia, Euryops, Tsinia, Cineraria, Celosia, Fuchsia, Torenia, Tagetes, Scovola, Sedum, Sanvitalia, Salvia, Rudbeckia, Plectranthus, Petunia, Penstemon, Nezelavinia, Nevia , Coreopsis, Coleus, Calistefus, Isotome, Dichondra, Delphinium, Gubastic, Dahlia, Carnation, Gatsania, Veronica, Verbena, Brakhtikoma, Bidense, Begonia, Balsamin, Ayuga, Argirantemum, Alternantera, Ageratum.
Potted plants
Outdoor plant nursery
Pots and accessories, primers
Gardening department

Website: http://www.flowers-south.ru
Flowers of the South
Phone: 222-44-70 Fax: 220-07-85
Krasnodar, street Krasnykh Partizan 2/1

st. Atarbekova, 1.
Phone: 220-07-80 220-07-81. Fax: 220-07-85

Buy / sell planting material! The area of ​​goods for the home and garden at competitive prices on avito! Fruit nursery in vsevolozhsk seedlings of fruit and ornamental crops, project, landscaping, prof. Leaving planting growing - growing planting material of grapes. Saplings of the best modern European - forest nursery - nursery. The forest nursery offers coniferous and deciduous trees from the tree nursery. Teryaevsky plant nursery. Sale of planting material and seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs.

, chrysanthemums of Ukraine - sale. Chrysanthemums - sale of planting material in ukraine. Buy cuttings, mother plants of chrysanthemum. 12 kg of potatoes from each bush! No weeding and hilling. Incredible growing technology. Growing and selling. Our main activity is the cultivation and sale of quality products. Do you have your own farm?

Learn 5 secrets to make your work easier! Aerosad for growing plants buy aerosad home garden for growing plants. Free delivery, growing strawberries according to the method! All about growing strawberries at home using the klubnikoff method seeds Russian vegetable garden in bulk in Moscow, bulbous plants, onion sets, seedlings, lawns, delivery, discounts growing of planting material growing planting material - problems and solutions on the forum agroxxi planting material planting material trees and shrubs from our own nurseries ... Oyster mushroom mycelium oyster mushroom cultivation is available to everyone! Oyster mushroom mycelium., Training video, DVD courses, and more. Order catalogs gardens of russia!

Legendary catalogs of planting material for 2014. Order for free! , cultivation of mushrooms sets of planting material for the cultivation of oyster mushrooms, champignon, shiitaki; sale of planting material - sale of planting material for urban landscaping, parks and garden plots -, catalog of plants. Catalog of plants. Planting material catalog. Photos of plants and flowers. Manufacturers Association. Just 5 km from the Moscow Ring Road, growing and selling plants for private landscaping. Plant nursery in Moscow. Plant nurseries in the Moscow region, Tula region and Belgorod - decorative seedlings.

Planting material

Seeds, bulbs, tubers. Fruit seedlings. Ornamental plants. Large size. Seedling. Lawns. Houseplants.

Agro nursery "Tatiana" grows elite planting material in Len. area. A large selection of conifers, including large-sized ones: mountain pines, cedar pines, blue spruces, junipers, larch trees, Serbian spruces, terry lilacs of more than 40 varieties. meristemas.ru e-mail: [email protected]

More than 200 names of fruit trees and shrubs perennial flowers (more than 370) deciduous and coniferous villages. and a bush. in a container (more than 500) deciduous and coniferous der. and a bush. from the ground (more than 150). Plants in the ground cover more than 12 hectares. Greenhouse complex, container site. m-green.ru

Sale and planting of large trees. Growing and selling annual seedlings, perennials, shrubs, trees. Landscaping (from design to implementation). vitapark.rf

Linen. region Gatchinskoe highway,
1 km to the village. Thais
Tel. (812) 953-49-47

Private nursery. The whole assortment of plants: fruit trees, conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs, perennial and annual flowers, as well as related products for the garden.
magic-garden.ru, vk.com/club37164178

Plant nursery. Seedlings of flowers, perennials in containers, ornamental shrubs and conifers. Fruit trees and shrubs, roses and vegetable seedlings are sold only on site in the nursery. pitomnik.spb.ru

GAVRISH, nurseries
Tula region., Aleksinsky district,
village Botnya.
st. Centralnaya, 2
Tel. (48753) 741-98, 741-34

Seed breeding company. Production of planting material for ornamental and fruit plants. The Aleksinsky nursery specializes in growing large-sized planting material. pitomniki-gavrish.ru

Gamsonovskiy per. 2,
Tel. (495) 967-90-68,
In St. Petersburg (812) 994-08-76

Lawn production: roll lawns, lawn grass seeds, fertilizers. gazoncity.ru

Direct supplies of planting material from Europe. Selling plants wholesale and retail. Landscape design, winter gardens, installation of automatic irrigation systems, landscaping and gardening works. greenplants.ru

A large selection of planting material, adapted to the climate of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, from the best nurseries in Europe. Conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs, lianas, perennials. greenlab-shop.ru

Ornamental plants, large-sized plants, perennials, fruit plants, summer flowers, English roses. Gardening tools, soil, fertilizers. Garden clothes. Gardening equipment.

Planting material for landscaping and gardening. zgarden.ru

St. Petersburg, 6th Upper Lane, 12, Len. region, Vyborgsky district, village Roshchino, st. 12 Sovetskaya, tel. (812) 456-70-84, (911) 948-34-58

High-quality planting material grown in the North-West region: decorative conifers, deciduous, perennial and annual flowers, fruit and berry crops. Saplings have a very high survival rate, less "get sick" during transplantation. Soils, greenhouses, garden decor. kedr812.ru

Sale of ornamental trees and shrubs, perennial flowers, fruit trees and shrubs. Garden tools, soil, plant protection products, fertilizers, design and landscape work. landart.ru

Plant nursery of the landscape company "Kaskad" - an individual approach, qualified advice, a large selection, excellent quality, excellent prices. spbkaskad.ru

Alexandra Shulekina

The main specialization is rare and rare species of trees, shrubs and perennials in our gardens. Grapes suitable for growing in the Northwest. Aquatic plants. Seedlings with a closed root system on request, including by mail. sadspb.ru

St. Petersburg, Peterhof highway, 27
tel./fax (812) 490-66-75

Garden center. Planting material from Holland, Belgium, Finland. kolos.sp.ru

St. Petersburg, Vitebsky pr., 85/3
trading platform:
Kievskoe highway, 27 km,
Tel. (812) 640-85-67, 925-47-98

Sale of ornamental plants; production and sale of pine bark mulch; planting of trees and shrubs; general landscaping and landscaping of the territory.

Sale of seedlings and high-quality planting material: roses, fruit trees and shrubs, coniferous and deciduous crops, vines, perennials, annuals, bulbous and aquatic plants. Seedlings of flowers, seeds of lawn grasses. mikaspb.ru

Nursery and online store. Sale of seedlings of fruit trees, garden strawberries, ornamental shrubs OKS and in pots. Large selection of perennials for flower beds and alpine slides. In the spring you can buy seedlings of summer plants, cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. mirzeleny.ru

SPb, pos. Fox nose
st. 1st Polyanskaya, 1A,
Tel. (812) 434-94-38, (981) 721-72-72

Growing and selling ornamental plants - conifers, trees, shrubs, perennials - to create a "hedge", shady alleys and flower beds of any kind. Plants for alpine slides, reservoirs, landscaping of squares, city streets and restoration of forest park zones. gorzelenstroy.com

St. Petersburg, nab. Bypass channel,
11, lit. BUT
Tel. (812) 274-99-15,

Arrangement of all types of lawns. The whole range of landscape services. gazonynw.ru

OSTANSKINSKY state farm of decorative gardening
Moscow, Prudovoy proezd,
13, bldg. 7,
Tel. (495) 602-39-41,
(495) 616-77-56

One of the largest manufacturers in Moscow. Own production: perennials, pot and bulbous plants, summer seedlings. Cutting tulips, hanging pots. Landscape design, beautification and gardening, floristry, phytodesign, vertical gardening. osds.ru

Our online store offers unpretentious ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials for the garden, grown in the Leningrad region. piterpit.ru

Inexpensive planting material adapted to the climatic conditions of the Non-Black Earth Region for summer cottages, household plots, landscaping and greening of city streets, restoration of forest park zones, creation of landscape compositions, alpine hills and hedges. e-pitomnik.ru

In St. Petersburg

pos. Fox Nose, Hilly St., 16, tel. (911) 232-76-80,

Over 500 plant names: deciduous and coniferous crops, herbaceous perennials, fruit seedlings, vegetable and berry seedlings, aquatic plants, aromatic and medicinal herbs. All planting material is intended for the northwest, grown in Pskov. and Len. region pitomnik-spb.com

POLY-GARDEN, private nursery
Linen. region
Kingiseppsky district,
village Ivanovskoe, tel. (921) 301-79-73,

An extensive collection of perennials, including rare collectible plants. All planting material was grown in Leningrad Oblast. and is well adapted to the conditions of the Northwest. poli-sad.nethouse.ru

Linen. region,
44 km. Kievsky highway,
near the city of Gatchina
Tel. (812) 272-42-07,
(911) 929-04-92

LLC "Rassada.ru", being a partner of the greenhouse farm "Schneider" (Holland), offers seedlings for growing: rooted cuttings of summer-planted summer primroses and viola-rooted cuttings of perennials and seeded perennials. rassada.ru

The largest plant nursery in the Leningrad region and St. Petersburg. Sells a wide range of trees and shrubs, including exotic and rare plants, as well as large trees and bonsai. rosselhozpitomnik.ru

St. Petersburg,
st. Vedeneeva, 2
Tel. (812) 449-30-20

Unique lawns and grass mixtures, landscaping and landscaping, trees and shrubs, landscape design. Suburban real estate construction. spb.gazony.com

SP Miroleeva A.N.
Sverdl. region
Artyomovskiy Forest Nursery,
d. 6 of. 2.
Tel. (34363) 269-12,

Nursery of fruit and ornamental plants "Slavyanskaya Usadba" - garden and vegetable garden

Information about nurseries of the Far Eastern Federal District, which includes:

1. Amur region
2. Jewish Autonomous Region
3. Kamchatka Territory
4. Magadan region
5. Primorsky Territory: Primorsky and Ussuriysky regions of the Far Eastern Territory.
6. Sakhalin region
7. Khabarovsk Territory
8. Chukotka Autonomous District
9. Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

addresses, assortment and quality assessment of nursery planting material can be left in this topic.

Fruit nursery "LPH Makarevich"

Apple tree. Large-fruited varieties: Northern Sinap, Aurora, Scarlet Anise, Atlantka, Spray of champagne, Bogatyr, Jonotanovoye, Juicy Zelenka, Red early, Monastyrskoye, Autumn striped (Streifling), Bellefleur - Kitaika, Melba. Ranetki: Ranetka Amber, John Downey, Pepinchik Krasnoyarsk, Ranetka Purple. Pulukulturki (ranetki + large-fruited apple trees): Altai ruddy, Aboriginal, Avgustovskoe Far Eastern, Amur red, Amur yielding, Eastern Antonovka, Baganenok, Gislop, Gornoaltaiskoe, Eastern Grushovka, Far Eastern early, Naliv Amursky, Pepin Amurma Glory of Primorye, Tonkonozhka, Ural liquor, Amateur.
Pear: Amur autumn, Far East, Thumbelina, Space, Lel, Primorskaya beauty, Severyanka, Tema, Horup, Apple-shaped.
Plum: Alma, Amur rose, Antonina, Cherry Column-shaped, Annushka (yellow), Annushka Pshenetskiy, Volna, General, Duche, Krasnomyasaya, Impossible, Svetlana Primorskaya, Fast-growing, Pacific (Pineapple), Harvest, Khabarovskaya yellow, Khabarovskaya yellow , Shiro. Cherry sliva GAYOVATA.
Apricot: Academician, Amur, Amur early, Primorsky ruddy, Seraphim, Khabarovsk, Yubileiny.
Honeysuckle: Zagogulinka, Tatiana, Olyona, Berel.
Black currant: Epic, Vologda, Dachnitsa, Zusha, Cantata, Large Zotovoy, Orlovia, Selechenskaya, Ussuri, Exotic, Yadrenaya.
Red currant: Red Cross, Red Early, Marmalade. White currant: Belyana.
Peach: Autumn Large.
Gooseberry: Emerald, Rodnichek.
Grapes. Vaccinated: Aleshenkin, Edna, Amirkhan, Avgustovsky, Agat Donskoy, Ukraine, Wilder, Kanadik, Kodryanka - 218, Campbell, Mars, Muscat Donskoy, Solnechny, In memory of Dombkovskaya, Tukai. Own-rooted: Alpha, Adele, Marshal Foch.
Kuril tea. Chokeberry (Aronia). Hydrangea paniculata.

Address: 1. Own retail outlets:

* Nursery. Primorsky Territory, Rodina Gardening Society. 15 km from the city of Ussuriysk, before reaching 2 km to the village of Zarechnoye.
(From Ussuriysk, travel by bus No. 123 to the stop "SNT Rodina. Fruit nursery"), every day, from 9 to 18, it is recommended to pre-specify the time of your arrival by phone call, 15 km from Ussuriysk near the village of Zarechnoye, directions.

* Central market in Ussuriik, daily from April 10 to May 10, from 9 to 16, adjusted for the weather, directions

* Vladivostok, Vtoraya Rechka, agricultural fair Berezka, specify the opening hours by phone
* Agricultural market in the suburbs of Vladivostok, (in the area of ​​the settlement Trudovoye), specify the working hours by phone

2. Gardening shops of Primorsky Krai

Pavilion “Seeds. Green source ", indoor market" Nekrasovsky ", pavilion No. 5. tel 8 908-440-06-59
Shop "All for dacha", Magnitogorskaya, 13, t. 31-25-64
Shop "Magic World", Ostryakova Ave., 24, t. 8 (4232) 70-49-42

Semyon chain stores:
Shop "Seeds", Prospect 100 Let Vladivostok, 35, t. 33-28-02
Shop "Seeds", Partizansky prospect, 17, t. 42-04-02
Shop "Seeds", st. Kalinina 273, market opposite the "Green Island"

Shop "Usadba", st. Frunze, 65 tel. 8 (42337) 35-999
Shop "Russian Garden", pl. Lenin, 7 t. 8 (42337) 47-8-53

Shop "Dachnik", st. Ostrovsky, 25 tel. 8 (4236) 14-37-95.

Shop "For home and garden", st. Kalininskaya, 11, area of ​​the central market. 8 914-798-96-51

Shop "Dachnik" st. Borisova, 10 8 (42352) 21199
Shop "Dachnik", st. Krasnogvardeyskaya, 69/2

p. Kavalerovo:
Store "Fortuna", st. Blacksmith, 40, tel. 8 (42375) 9-47-24.

The base of Severotorg: "Blooming Garden" store, tel. 8-914-715-42-48.

Central Market, tel. 8 (42356) 3-26-26, 8-951-004-61-94.

Shop Dachnik st. Leninskaya, 6 tel. 8 (423630) 93-92

Nursery of fruit and ornamental plants "Slavyanskaya Usadba" - garden and vegetable garden

Karelian "Garden Center" is a wholesale and retail sale of garden products. We are the largest supplier to the Karelian market of packaged seeds of vegetables, flowers, lawn grasses and planting material for landscape design and gardening. There is always a wide selection of packaged seeds, flower bulbs, garden tools, household goods, seedlings on sale.

We trace our history since 1997, when the first retail store was opened in the city of Petrozavodsk. Active sales and a constantly growing assortment made it possible to double the retail network in two years, and a year later a wholesale base was created and the development of the wholesale market of the Republic of Karelia began.

Further development of the association was due to an active search for new interesting suppliers and manufacturers. Since 2003, we have been carrying out direct deliveries to the Karelian market of goods from manufacturers from Holland, Poland, the Baltic States and Russia.

The Karelian "Garden Center" today is a new shopping center at 20 Shuyskoye Highway.

The Flowers shop offers a wide range of potted plants, artificial flowers, plastic pots, ceramic flower beds, forged and plastic stands, accessories for indoor floriculture, decorative glass and vines, souvenirs and gifts.

In January 2018, a greenhouse complex was opened.

In the same period, the company began its own production of potted plants and seedlings.

the "Usadba" store is goods for home and summer cottages:

  • organic and mineral fertilizers
  • soils, drains, decorative crumbs, composts and soil deoxidizers
  • top dressing and growth stimulants, preparations for pests and plant diseases
  • covering and mulching materials, hotbeds and greenhouses
  • hand tools, hoses and watering devices

We offer more than 2 thousand types of seeds, including lawn grasses and green manures!

We also offer gift and everyday crockery.

Shop "Landshaft" - a nursery of flower, ornamental and fruit plants

Bulbs and roots of flowers of fruit, berry and ornamental plants are constantly on sale.

  • products for baths and saunas
  • electric and wood-burning ovens
  • heating briquettes and firewood and much more

Now you can buy everything you may need on your personal plot and country house in the new shopping center "Garden Center" on Shuyskoye highway 20, tel. 63-41-60 (multichannel)

Watch the video: Biohof Bursch und sein frisches Gemüse aus dem Gewächshaus