A small pond from a geofilm in the courtyard of the house

A small pond from a geofilm in the courtyard of the house

  1. Alina

    4 years ago

    At first, we also did not know how best to make a small pond in our country house. We had a seating area there, and when it's hot, the pond is just right. All manipulations are almost the same as in the video, but the design around the finished pond is different. More greenery was added so that the shadow formed and was not so hot in the heat. And the water is not so silted in the shade. And now the mini-pond makes the whole family happy every summer.

How to make a large pond in the country with your own hands

How to create a large body of water on the site? The location of the pond will be the same as for the small one, in this they are no different. If the area of ​​the site is small, then you should not make the pond large. When choosing the size of the water area, it is important to correlate the following: your own desires or capabilities.

If, nevertheless, the reservoir turned out to be huge for the site, then a small island will help to get out of this situation - it looks very cute and interesting. We will also consider the following criterion, the site is large and a composition of a small number of reservoirs will look better on it, which can be connected by a stream. You can also finish the masterpiece with a bridge, throw it over a pond and decorate with flowers.


After the main architectural details take their places, it is time to equip garden paths with your own hands. No matter how much you love to walk barefoot on dewy grass, paths must be laid. Otherwise, after a couple of months, the entire lawn in your yard will be trampled. This is unacceptable because greens play an important role in landscape design.

So, garden paths can be straight, winding, with one or more ledges, if you are lucky enough to live in hilly terrain. The ascent must be completed with steps, which can also be very different in configuration (photo).

The design is made up of little things. Even the general appearance of the yard landscape depends on the material from which the garden paths will be laid. They can be laid out with paving slabs, natural or artificial stone and even small gravel. The main thing is that the material fits into the overall concept. The design of a private courtyard should look cozy and not clichéd.

Watch the video: How to make pond and fountain at home ടയർ കണടര കള നർമകക. Reuse Tyre. Good share